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Ubuntu Unity 5.0 Mock-up

Unity is the desktop shell Ubuntu has created for its computer operating system. This is what I hope to see it become. Ubuntu may be late to the transparency game but that doesn't mean it can't be the best at it. Let me know what you think. Made on Ubuntu with Inkscape ~ W'salaam - Peace
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This was done 4 years, I'm afraid I've not no idea where that wallpaper is from now
I wish the system panel could auto hide. Looks great by the way.
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If Canonical ever makes Unity and its codebase more stable and looking like this, I'd switch back to Ubuntu from my rock-solid Debian Wheezy
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This is really cool, nicely done. :happybounce:
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I do like it, but it mimics gnome shell too much...
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extreme.............. Excellent............
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superb!!!!! excellent!!!
Looks GREAT. I hope Canonical takes a look at this.
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reminds me of maemo...
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whoa looks amazing!!! probably similar to what it will actually be we'll have to find out when it comes out!
I would use the same edge angle of the apps for the separator
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I love the clean look of this. Perhaps make the edges sharper (less round) especially for where the menubar meets the panel/dock.
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Assalamu'alaikum. How to create this mockup, my dear brother? I need the tutorial. I think you can make it. Wassalam.
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i like this one, please announce this to ubuntu team!
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where can i get the wallpaper :D
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I like the original unity already :D I love unity, I love scopes and the lenses! all in one place.
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Looks like I got the Unity version number right then :)
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Hopefully canonical will get there head out of there ass, and not screw up 12.04 like they did 11.10... blending the status bar into the launcher is a good move, espescilly since the Ubuntu button is in the launcher, that just seems like a smart, over to do this... well ubuntu's mystery concept will be released in a few days. :D
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look like a fusion between unity and gnome 3.... i like it....
Amazing Mock-up...
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I like it very much but it begs the question what the panel would look like when the launcher is hidden behind a window? I would suggest a comprimise of the 11.04 and when the panel hides it displays the logo like it did in 11.04...keeps the same design like above though only with the curve being hidden with the launcher.

Although if the line always displays like it does on 11.10 then the curve could stay and that might look cool.

Very very good mockup though.
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i really hope they use this
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