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Digitalists is the official Digital Art group representing the Digital Art gallery at large. We will try to provide a place in our gallery for all kind of digital artworks that can inspire other artists to improve their art skills or just fall in love with Digital Art.

:bulletblue: The importance of hashtags :bulletblue:

Help us find your work!
Please use at the very least the hashtag #digitalart
Other examples of hashtags that you can add depending on what your work is: #digitaldrawing #digitalpainting #digitalillustration #pixelart #emote #emoji #3D #vector #typography #fractal etc.
More information here:

:bulletblue: Group guidelines - Starting now :bulletblue:

All join requests are automatically accepted. So no need to thank us ;)

  • Due to the considerable amount of deviations that we need to vote on, we changed the number of submissions request to the group to 2 submissions per month.
  • Submissions are subject to a vote.
  • Quality over quantity.
  • We will judge the skill, quality, composition, design, effort and the overall impression of the submitted art.
  • Mature content is accepted, but be aware that we abide by DA's Etiquette Policy
  • No obstructive watermark.
  • Completed works only. No WIP [Work In Progress] or sketch.
  • Proper stock credit must be given for photomanipulations.
  • No works using images from any search engine such as wallpaper sites, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Google, Bing, mystockphotos.com, lenagold.ru, freeimages.com etc.. Legitimate stock resources sites required.
  • We reserve the right to decline some artworks if necessary. If your Join Request or Deviation is declined for any reason, you may ask via note inquiring why.
  • When requesting feedback of a declined piece or join request, kindly do so in a polite manner, and with a productive, positive attitude. That being said, please know that due to the amount of deviations that we have to go through, we can't assure you that we will provideásome feedback if a deviation is declined. If the team senses hostility from any member of the Group with regard to an inquiry about a Join Request or Deviation being declined, we reserve the right to stop communication about said inquiry and will leave the request without a response.

:bulletblue: The group's folders overview :bulletblue: Blue Arrow Left ONLY FOR VIEW - Closed to members.


  • Members' Artworks: Dedicated to our members' digital artworks, new or old.
  • Older than 3 days with less than 100 favs: Dedicated to showcasing art and artists who are underexposed/undiscovered. To be considered underexposed, the art must have less than 100 Favourites and be older than 3 days at the time of submission. This number is subject to change.
  • The purpose of this folder is to help bring attention to art/artists that are currently undiscovered and underexposed within the community.
  • Ads and Promotions: The title is self-explanatory. This folder is made to help digital artists promote their work and hopefully help them have more customers. This folder is a work-in-progress and contains subfolders which are the following:
-> "Informative Commission journals and works": Deviations and/or journal that include commission details such as pricing, visual examples of what the artist can do etc. No commission artworks in this folder as it would fit the "Under 100" or "Members' best artwork" folders better.
If you are not part of the group but would us like to promote your work, send us a note and we will see what we can do for you. :heart:
  • Resources: Contains stock & effects, brushes, tutorials, F2U (Free To Use), journals and deviations such as how-to's, did-you-knows, etc. related to digital art, from both CVs and the community.
  • Contests, Challenges and Events: Contests and events going around DA that are all medium or digital art related. They must either be journals or deviations that are used as covers to promote them. Contests/Challenges/Events entries should go to the "Members' Artworks" folder.

Blue Arrow Left The Group's Favorites folders

  • Featured: Closed to everyone.
  • [year] contests and challenges: If a Digital Art CV organizes a contest or challenge, they can use this folder so that the contestants submit their entries there.

Blue Arrow Left Upcoming events at @Digitalists

Feature journals, polls, challenges, forum threads, contests and hopefully more. Stay tuned!
@Digitalists reserves the right to modify/edit/delete its Guidelines, Layout and Folders to better reflect the Group.
Blue Star Divider F2U
Cover image by @TheGalleryOfEve.
More Journal Entries

Welcome to Digitalists!

Digitalists reserves the right to modify/edit/delete its Guidelines, Layout and Folders to better reflect the group.

More information about the group here


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