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Mary Poppins: Element of Fun



Mary Poppins dispensing wisdom the only way she knows best.

Saw a web news article listing the Top 10 worst Halloween costumes.  Sexy Mary Poppins made the top of the list.  The article mentions the contemporary practice of ladies dressing in nothing but lingerie and a few props and that passing as a Halloween costume.  Though I don't disagree with the article on that point (nor entirely mind the practice), it goes on and criticizes the concept that Mary Poppins could even be sexy!  In my book Mary Poppins is incredibly sexy.  First of all Julie Andrews is a great looking dame (pun intended).  On top of that you know under that straight laced, British exterior, Ms. Poppins hides some serious pent up sexual tension.   It's not what's on the surface, but what lies below the surface that is intriguing.  It's the same idea behind the sexy librarian, or sexy teacher.  On top of that she's magical, so the possibilities with her are literally limitless!  So, I do apologize for destroying some of your childhoods with this series, but I also hope you enjoy a character that I hope you can agree is both wonderful, and sexy.  Our Ms. Poppins.  

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- 0.5mm Pentel Mechanical Pencils
- Pigma Pens
- Colors in Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 2 
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I agree that Mary Poppins can be sexy, it's just a bit of a mind-fuck is all.