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Not quite sure if I'm finished with this yet...

In one of my college classes, I had to choose an artist to create a portrait of using text ONLY. I chose Michelle Branch, and the words used are the lyrics to her song, "Breathe."

Feel free to use this for non-commercial use only.
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this is awesome my art teacher just introduced me into this and i think i did a fair job with mine, but its hand drawn
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Beautiful piece of work ... keep it up ...
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wow nice i really like it :) although maybe I would suggest another font, arial is a bad one. have u thought how can u relate the font to the artist or the song? just a thought :)
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Thanks for the comment!

I used Arial as a challenge for myself - since it's such a simplistic font, the tough part was to get it to behave intricately. Also, since idea of Michelle's song is simple, I thought it was a good fit.

Had I been working on a Mac at the time, I probably would have used Helvetica. Besides, there were class requirements that restricted the use of decorative fonts.
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thats allright then, don't worry about Helvetica being a devorative font since it's the most "empty" typeface ever made!:D if you are interested in knowing more there is a documentary about it called Helvetica. Again, great job keep it up :)
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I really admire your work and if i may say lucky to have such a beauty by your side
your gallery is just great!
I wish your life-time happiness and hope that you never lose that spirit.
Beautiful work
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ooo, this is great! :D
i love it ^^
may i ask how you did it?
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This is amazing!! I really love it xD
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you're welcome ;)
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