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Gill Sans Text - More Icons



This is just a small collection of extra icons to go with the Gill Sans Text Dock Icons that a few people seem to like. The original idea isn't mine - I just used the PSD that comes with the original collection to create these ones. Includes 128x128 PNG and ICNS for:

Adobe Help, Adobe Lightroom, Acrobat Reader, Adobe Updater, AppleScript Editor, Coconut Battery, Divvy, Exposé, Fraise, Garmin BaseCamp, Garmin Map Install, Garmin Map Manager, Garmin Web Updater, Google Earth, GrowlTunes, Handbrake, KeePass, KeePassX, Kiwi Twitter, Last.FM, Mac App Store, MacKeeper, Mirage2, Money3, Mozilla Thunderbird, Network Utility, Office 2011 folder, MS Outlook, rubiTrack, smc Fan Control, Snippets, Stickies, TeamViewer, Tower and Watts.

Created for use as Dock icons for apps that weren't included in the original collection. Maybe they'll be useful for someone other than just me, not sure. :)

Since I didn't create the original idea I don't care if you use or modify these but please respect the original author's rights and give fair credit whenever possible. Thanks!

The original Kobhens Iconset is available here: [link] and the arcticTransfuse collection inspired by that one is available here: [link]
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What about one for Spotify?