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Vai The Angel

I am so in love with this guy and his music. From his glorious fingers fly the most beautiful music notes in creation. He is the most brilliant songwriter and guitarist I've EVER laid eyes upon, and most likley no one will ever surpass his beauty and glory in the guitar category. With speed and poise he puts forth the most wonderous guitar solos and chords. *Sigh* He was looking at me in this pic *Dies* :jawdrop: One day his wife is GOIN DOWN and he shall be mine :fork:

SO anyway this pic is pretty much me deciding that he is way too wonderful to be a regular guy. He must be an angel *Sighs*
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Very cool, I like the stars a lot. My only complaint is that the lens flare seems a bit cheezy
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haha yeah I know, that was the point :) The whole thing was meant to be cheezy, like "oh man he's so perfect he could just be an angel" kinda thing ;P
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I saw your avatar, knew you had to be a Vai fan. I just saw him not too long ago with Eric Sardinas, what a show. I've seen him a few times now, his shows are always top notch, and I refuse to wear earplugs. What's your favorite Vai song? I like "Die to Live", it's fun to play. My favorite though is "Bad Horsie", that's fun to play as well, but I can't get it perfectly right. What an incredible sound!
I love finding deviants with shared interests, and you're one of the few Vai fans I've found, care to watch swap?
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Sure thing! *puts you on devwatch*
Any fan of Vai is a friend of mine! If you ever do any Vai art, you should join my guitarist art club!!!

Anyway, YES I saw Vai and Sardinas. I am in the process of shrinking and framing the pics I took to post here on my account!!! They will be done soon too :)

My fave Steve songs: It's so hard to pick because they all rule so much ^_^ But I really really really like "Die to Live", "The Audience is Listening", "Just Cartilage", "Speeding", Bangkok, "San San Nana Byoushi", ...OH MAN if I keep going I'll be here all day. *_*
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I'm working on a Vai piece now! It's a photorealistic painting, such as my other photorealism pieces(go see my gallery to see what I mean). He'll be floating and playing in the clouds.
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NO FREAKIN WAY. I am working on a drawing of him floating around and playing in the clouds RIGHT NOW.

Great Minds think alike!
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BUT mine is going to be either painted or colored pencil because I still haven't gotten good on photopaint yet :P
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this is awesome!!! he truely is an amzing guitarist
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Yes he IS amazing :)
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I'm a huge fan too. :)
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*sigh* He's so great. EVERYONE should be a huge fan!! :)
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