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Math's Demise

I've murdered my enemy.

In celebration on graduation and never having to do math again, here is it's torturous death, in photographs!
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This looks so satisfying!! It gives me hope to finish mine. Besides that, it's just plain a cool looking image.
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I love taking pics of fire, it always turns out great. Let me tell ya, my friends in math class LOVED this pic. THe teacher even loved it :)
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OOOHHHH! Fire! lol
I'm a math wiz, so...uh...I can't say much.
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I'm in Math Honors, despite my age.
Actually I'm in Honors for a lot of things. Funny I could care about my grades less.
So if you need help, ask me if you want.
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What's funny is that I was in Honors too. I just hated it so much I didn't apply myself, thus...BAD GRADES!
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Oh my, it got you that good. Several other students became like that. Wonder why? Too much pressure I guess.
Another thing I don't get. Why don't I care, but get the highest grades anyway? Better brains than nothing at all I suppose.
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bwahahaha >D you're evil. i like.

no, seriously :heart: i love the colors X3~ it looks like something of a movie about 18th-century-people burning stuff in secret meetings... like... secret documents... or something
*has an overactive imagination xD*
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OH YEAH or some book that is perverting their young children's minds!
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sweet. down with math!
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Reminds me of a campout shortly into a summer vacation. I brought my biology book and "sacrificed it to the camfire god" :evillaugh: I felt the same way about math when I took statistics in college. That was the last math class I'll ever have to take! Yeah!
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Isn't it wonderful!?
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