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Rush Hour
Description: Doubles the Pokemon's Speed
How it Works: It is basically a Speed Version of Pure Power/Huge Power
To avoid this ability from getting too annoying, it is given to older Pokemon who were shafted by players before for being too slow, Flareon gets it, as well as Gyarados and Seaking, but it is rare. My car-based Pokemon, Karkid and Engirush get it too.

Name: Drainage
Description: Draining moves deal more damage
How it Works: More damage is dealt and HP recovered by leeching moves such as Absorb, Drain Punch, Giga Drain, Leech Life, Leech Seed, Vampire Fang, Leech Line, Mega Drain, and Parasite Latch. My vampire bat pokemon line, Screeling, Fanguish, and Vampelord get this ability.

Name: Fire Spell, Water Spell, Grass Spell
Description: Loses weaknesses when suffering
How it works: When the pokemon receives a status effect such as poison or paralysis, the pokemon also won't receive super effective hits anymore. These are starter-only abilities like Blaze/Overgrow/Torrent, and they are rarely found.

Name: Soul Absorb
Description: Ghost moves recover HP
How it works: Gives Ghost-type immunity, and absorbs offensive ghost attacks, recovering the defending pokemon's HP, as an added bonus, a pokemon with this ability will regain Leftovers-equivalent HP when it KOs an opponent. Zoruno, Vulpix and Ninetales gain this as well as they become Fire/Ghost types in my game, My sponge Pokemon, Soakeep gets this as well as Volt Absorb, and Frosslass get it too.

Name: Moon Curse
Description: Activates at Night
How it works: Works when Starry Night weather is activated by a Pokemon ar when it really is night, basically, it boosts all stats but in exchange, confuses the pokemon who has the ability. The confusion lasts until Starry Night's effects end. My werewolf pokemon line, Lycub, Lycain, and Lytarth get this ability.

Name: Desperate Hitter
Description: Strikes before stricken
How it works: A pokemon with this ability will always attack first if it is about to be attacked with a move that is super-effective to its type. Even if the opponent is attacking with a Quick Attack move, and even if the attacker is faster in stats. Slow Pokemon with lots of weaknesses get this, Like Mareep's line, and more. It gives them a chance to hurt before fainting.

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Submitted on
July 21, 2007