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Mythic Necklace
DES: A mysterious neclace that gives the wearer power over energy.
USE: Evolution
EX: Mismini -->attach Mythic Necklace and lvl up-->Misdreavus-->Dusk Stone-->Mismagius
How to get it Mythic Jewel + Energetic Pearls.
What it looks like: It looks like that necklace thing Misdreavus wears.

Morning Sun
DES: A beautiful stone that reminds one of the dawn.
USE: Evolution
EX: Riolu-->Morning Sun-->Lucaria
How to get it: Sun Stone + Shiny Stone + SDawn Stone
What it looks like: Uhm, I'll see if I can post a sprite soon.

Mutation Stone
DES: Emits dangerously powerful radiation, only a few Pokemon can gain benefit from it.
USE: Evolution
EX: Rattata-->lvl 20-->Raticate-->Mutation Stone-->Ratinaga
Meewile-->Mutation Stone-->Mawile-->Mutation Stone-->Meduwile
Tentacool-->lvl 30-->Tentacruel-->Mutation Stone-->Tentacrown
Weepawg-->Mutation Stone-->Worgoth
How to get it: You must enter the Gamma Cave, with the Radiation Suit equipped, preferably with a team of poison-resistant pokemon, for the cave is filled with radiation and simply walking in it will poison your pokemon or do damage. The heart of the cave holds an outcast who cares for Pokemon who wandered into the cave and were poisioned by the radiation, he is a tough trainer who will give you a Mutation Stone every time you can defeat him.
What it looks like: It's literally a stalagtite glowing a sickly green color.

Stone of Dark Nights
DES: Shadows seem to gather around its vicinity, giving it an eerie feeling.
USE: Evolution
EX: Widdlebug(F)-->lvl 20-->Illumise-->SoDN-->Miradark
How to get it: Dusk Stone + Moon Stone
What it looks like: It's small, spherical, and gives off a shadowy purple aura .

Stone of Light Days
DES: Lights seem to gather around it, giving it a warm feeling.
USE: Evolution
EX: Widdlebug(M)-->lvl 20-->Volbeat-->SoLD-->Spirilight
How to get it: Shiny Stone + Sun Stone
What it looks like: Like the counterpart, SoDN, except it has a bright yellow aura.

Hero's Mask
DES: A strange mask that can fit any entity.
USE: Increases the holder's evasion. But is mostly used for evolution.
EX: Plusle-(attach Hero's Mask and use Light Stone)->????
Minun-(attach Hero's Mask and use Dark Stone)->????
Pachirisu-(attach Hero's Mask and Level Up)->Basharisu
How to get it: Help the local hero (depends on your version) defeat the local villain(depends on your version) and the hero will give you a Hero's Mask. (This a repeatable side quest with random scenarios)
What it looks like: Remember those masks The Incredibles wear? It looks sorta like one of those.

Rainbow Stone
DES: A marvelous stone from which emanates the seven colors of the rainbow
USE: Boosts a pokemon's stat of your choice. It can be combined with other items as well.
How to get it: Fire Stone+Water Stone+Thunder Stone+Leaf Stone+Awakening Stone.
Sometimes you will find one in the mining area.
Your rival will also give you one after she loses a bet at the PokeCarnival.
What it looks like: A stone colored like the rainbow, it sparkles a little bit.

Regal Crown
DES: A beautiful colden crown fit for a monarch!
USE: Lowers the opponents accuracy. Attach to certain pokemon and level them up to evolve them.
EX: Eevee-(attach Regal Crown and Level Up)->Regaleon
Leenin male-(attach Regal Crown and Level Up)->Leoking
Leenin female-(attach Regal Crown and Level Up)->Leoqueen
How to get it: Hero's Mask+King's Rock+Rainbow Stone
What it looks like: I'll post a pic soon

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August 8, 2007