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Alraba Pokemon ??? Jestette
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Published: June 29, 2007
I haven't finished Jestette's flavor text yet. And its number in the 100 is currently undecided.


Type: Ghost/Sound
Height: 4'10"
Weight: 34 lbs
Flavor Text: Said to be the spirit of a dead court jester reincarnated as a Pokemon. It attracts curious prey by twitching the bell-like parts on its head, making a soft jingling sound. It will then stun the prey with either its claws or its piercing shriek. If you hear maniac laughing in the night, it is probably a Jestette's freakish cry.
Evolution: Shuppet -> Banette -> Jestette
Evolve Banette by attaching Spirit World Bell and trading

I was reading Hamlet for school and I was at the Yorick monolouge when I thought of the idea for Jestette. So if I could have a Jestette, I'd call it Yorick. ;D

Jestette belongs to me. >:D
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DigiX101Hobbyist Artist
Best Banette Evo I've ever seen. X3

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DigiX101Hobbyist Artist
NP. All of the others were just like... Revamps. This is a TRUE evo. :D
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Suu999Hobbyist General Artist
Cool, I'm reading Hamlet too! Nice concept!
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NanoDarkkHobbyist Digital Artist
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I WANT ONE. <333 Though to me it look more like a secondary choice evolution to Shuppet. |D;;; I love the idea though, I adoreeee the hat! <3 He's cute! 8D
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Yeah, I might make a few changes to it to make it look less like a Banette with a hat. xD
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