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XPS Canned Food Pack (Portal mod) by DigitalExplorations XPS Canned Food Pack (Portal mod) by DigitalExplorations
Today I am celebrating the impending publication of my latest book, The Hunt for Resident Evil 1.5, by doing something I said I'd wouldn't do anymore:  I'm releasing free models for XNALara XPS.  These are in OBJ format but will work with XPS -- which means they should easily port into other posing software such as Poser, Daz Studio, etc.  Port away!

There's plenty of normal food out there for XPS fans to use with their various projects, especially of the Asian variety; however, there's a rather serious omission in all of that.  How about food for long term storage, or that your characters can go buy in their favorite XPS store?  Hopefully this canned food pack will help offset that problem.  There's 83 (!) different varieties of canned food here (two are not pictured) -- or rather, 83 unique and individual labels for each can of food.  There's more than one of certain kinds of food, and more than one of certain brands, but other than that I tried to mix it up as much as I could from what labels I could find and adapt during one afternoon's worth of Google searching.  You've got fruits and veggies, you've got fish and meats, mushrooms, creamed foods, soups, various pastas, at least one can of tamales -- a lot of different things.  I also tried to favor old-style can labels as a nod to all of you Fallout series freaks out there (wink).  All are based on the stock Portal can of beans model, and you can easily make more by adapting its stock texture (just as I did).

To download, click on the Download button at the upper right.
GGX-444 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Nice one if you need help for ww2 canned food i can search for you 
SkullsKnight Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2018
thank you for the canned food pack. :clap:
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