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GMOD ported fast food pack for XPS (REM) by DigitalExplorations GMOD ported fast food pack for XPS (REM) by DigitalExplorations
In a hurry to eat?  That's what fast food is all about, folks.

I ported all of this from GMOD to XPS for my own use, but am sharing it with the rest of you, since some of you were inquiring about what I had previewed a while back.  Some of this stuff may have already been ported by others; my apologies there if so.

You get everything you see in the preview pic.  Everything has been tested and works in the latest version of XNALara XPS.  Some resizing may be required.

To download, click on the Download button at the upper right.



1) If you're looking for McDonald's® fast food, Sasuke-Bby already has an XPS pack out for that.  Go look it up.  :)

2) The only Oriental fast food included is the standard GMOD box of fried riceThere's plenty of other Oriental fare out there that's already been released by others, and a simple dA search will find it for you.  xKarma-kun and KoDaCran are two great sources, and both have other types of food as well.

3) I only have the three TexMex items for now (the two different tacos and the burrito).  I plan on adding more later as I get the models.

fox105 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2019
Great work! ^-^ Thanks for sharing
SmakkoHooves Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
CrushedMacaron Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2018
Yum :love: It even has Chinese food :hungry:
Burger shot bag :lol: Thanks much :)
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