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Threads of Friendship: #11

Just thinking about it tires me out. It is also very expensive.
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Coming soon?



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too bad that this is dead.
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Are you dead ? :'(
sigh, guess this was canceled. :(
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Ah yes

"Coming Soon"

We meet again.
Hello darkness, my old friend.

Dammit, I was enjoying this too. ;a;
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Well then, let's bust out the wine... :D
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Doesn't she mean "chow mane"?

Sorry but not sorry.
It's far less exhausting than planning meals every day. I could barely ever manage to plan one a week.

I'd say that planning one meal is at least as exhausting as going out for four meals.
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Just make one big meal Monday and have food for the rest of the week for left overs! It's easy.

or you can be like me and have this meal plan:

Monday- Spaghetti

What kind of Spaghetti? Chili Spaghetti.
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I think there is a certain skeleton who would love to live with you 
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Me and Papyrus would get along well.
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Papyrus's Tears :iconsays3plz:You... you are a master spaghetti chef!
I can only eat lasagna at most four days in a row, though. And then I've got to ask myself why I made this huge lasagna for only myself, and I've still got to plan a different meal.
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You could make something that could be made into a different meal the next day. Like roast, or potatoes. It's just a thought, I know the way me and my family work isn't going to work for every body.
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Wait if no body cooks... than how is the takeout/resteraunt food made?
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You eat hay, fruits and vegetables. What's there to cook?
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So you're saying... they'll be eating out a lot ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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And I bet Coco is rich enough to buy those outside food rather than make your own, it saves time too but cost more money.
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What about the chefs though?
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Lol, that was cute, and very expensive to do that every day.
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Darn right, saves time but a very costly approach. Luckily, I best learn how to cook my own food, no matter what.
Heck, I'll cook. She gon fall head over heels when she taste mah special fried chicken.... wait....
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