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Our Dear Celestia

I've been wanting to do this comic since the Season 2 finale, but things kept pushing it onto the back burner. I had hoped to finish it before season 3 started, but that just wasn't happening.

This comic takes place right after the Royal Wedding. I remember how floored we all were when our Alicorn-Sun-God went down. Then I started thinking about how SHE would
have felt about it. As usual, that led to lots of exposition.

I suppose this comic works as a bit of a companion piece to my Goodnight Luna comic, [link] but really it's made to stand on its own.

Now maybe I can go back to playing Guild Wars 2.

Edit: I've added the original script and thumbnails to my Scraps folder, [link] since it seemed like the kind of thing people might be interested in and it literally took me two minutes, so why not?

Edit edit: Youtube voiced version done by MindlessGonzo and IMShadow007! [link]
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I feel like Twilight's point of "We failed before too" is really moot.

Especially later in the show. The Mane 6 failed a couple of times(and needing someone to truly save the day) but its outnumbered by how they kept saving the day.

Meanwhile Luna and Celestia fail and fail and FAIL whenever some bad guy attacks. Be it get taken out or can't do anything(or worse, choose to not help to "train Twilight").

Twilight mentioning that everyone has a role that helps save the day doesn't really fix the problem for the sisters. Luna and Celestia originally the one who go and directly stop the bad guy, not being able to do that at all anymore and have to rely on others to ultimately do that is really bad.

It makes Luna and Celestia look like ultimately failures.

Seeing Celestia actually devestated about her loss to Chrysalis makes me wished they did that in show.

Its bad enough the writers kept having Luna and Celestia get taken out(needing to be rescued and/or forced to rely on others save everyone) or unable to directly do anything but the fact they are brushing it aside makes it worse. These failures really should affect Luna's' and Celestia's confidence, not them brushing it off like its trivial.

I feel like Luna would take it worse due to how she failed Equestria greatly due to Nightmare Moon but is unable to truly make up for it due to she is either sidelined or just taken out again and again after she got back from the moon.

Sorry about the rant but.. how Luna and Celestia are handled in the show really ticked me off.

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Celestia a not use her full power agains Chrysalis and point of victory, Chrysalis a use the love of Shining armor to beat Celestia and a not get the time to fight back, if be using her full power is a high risk to hurt the ponys in the room and shining armor who be right beyond Chrysalis! many fan belive Celestia a use her full power but is not true, if be true chrysalis will lost and will not the time to use the love she a steal! Celestia a underestimet Chrysalis and this be her mistake but if luna will be in the room the battle will be a other story! this way Chrysalis a set a trouble in other town far away for luna away to deal with it! she Know she can fight two alicorn Princess!
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Of course, it was the right choice. It was either that or doom the entire nation. If not others.

Actually the Nightmare Moon timeline in Cutie Re-Mark says otherwise.

It shown Equestria was completely fine despite it was night all the time for a few years.

Makes sense due to Nightmare Moon/Luna wanted their night to be loved, it will be redundant if it ends up killing everyone.

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I think Celestia is great she shouldn't look down on herself I think I think she's great she's beautiful she's nice she's also looks after others before herself I don't care what others think the most prettiest and strong pony ever
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Clap Clap Clap Love Love +fav Meow :3 Meow :3 Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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wait the crown is in FRONT of her ears??? i always thought it was behind....
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This Comic always brings tears to my eyes showing how far both have come and even the teachers can have doubts and failures and that we must sometimes be reminded of who we are.

Also anyone know the song that plays in the youtube video?
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Wow, that was very deep. I think more people have to listen to speeches like this.
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Such sentimental heart-to-heart talk! I love it! X3
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me to i love this comic
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I love this comic to pieces. DigitalDasherBot, I salute you; you've made something truly special.
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some ppl seriously need to listen to twilight here.
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Joshscorcher would be proud
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Indeed he would :3
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i think Luna is best Princess but this is just soo true! we do need every single person in our life to work together and save the day.
JaymieDaggerBark's avatar
Tia is best princess!
moonshadowluna's avatar
Oh please, she sits on her plot all day! Luna actually does stuff. Tia could not even defeat the queen of the changelings!  Luna is best Princess! 
JaymieDaggerBark's avatar
Luna is overrated!
Celestia is best princess! 
moonshadowluna's avatar
Please, she redeemed herself from nightmare moon! what has Celestia ever done that was so great?
JaymieDaggerBark's avatar
Yes, She kept Equestria save for a thousand years!
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