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For this Challenge:
by Cathleen Tarawhiti
Book cover challenge - Laura

Deviation Tip! : Here is a nice tip for adding a texture. Convert your texture black & white / or simply desaturate it fully before adding it over your image. Then, use blend mode Overlay (or Soft Light / Screen / Multiply depending on what you like best). Overlay is unique when using tones of grey. You will find that a Grey texture will never add a color cast over your art. This is special because you may have the color just right already and simply want a certian 'cracked' look, or ceramic or peeling paint look, but you don't want the added color cast on your image, only the look of 'peeling paint'. If you don't know how to make your texture black and white (or grey) follow these next easy steps in photoshop and here are some I made for you to try: FREE 15 Grey Textures

How To: Open texture > then click Image >Mode > Greyscale (be careful NOT to click Save so you won't 'save over' your pretty colorful texture) But you could SAVE AS with a new name, that would be safe.
Add To Your Own Art: Click Select > Select All > then Edit > Copy and then on top of your Art click Paste.
Next (with this texture layer selected) change the Blend Mode  to Overlay (which is at the top of your Layers Pallet) or to one of the others I mentioned before.
Now lower the opacity to where you like it. You can erase parts you don't want. That's it! Enjoy.

Thank you to everyone who provided stocks... your photography and hard work is so much appreciated!

Model: Laura Thomson by CathleenTarawhiti
Laura 17
ALL Doves (3 stock photos) also from CathleenTarawhiti
Doves Flying 1: Doves 3 stock
Doves Fly 2: Doves 2 stock
Doves ground: Doves stock by CathleenTarawhiti

Clouds Bkgnd: Sand and Sky Premade by EveLivesey
Dock & water: 57 by annerirestock
Lamp: Premade Background 3 by DarkYarrow
Veil Skirt: Gothic Veil.. by PrincessInHeaven
Texture from Brook Shaden :…

Inspired by: The Mysterious Man by i-am-JENius by i-am-jenius
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Wonderful atmosphere!!!