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Exploration trip to Neptune with special focus on its ring system. SciFi wallpaper for free use as background image on your personal PC.

Wallpaper (widescreen and normal sizes) available here:…

I am available for commissions. Feel free to contact me:

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Whale rider in the sky

If you want to see more of my work or read my fantasy comic go to [link] or

All Done
It's all done and ready for ape-

flats all bit done
the flats are all but done- i had started highlights and had gotten into it when i crashed.... so save often...that is todays lesson boys and girls-
should have this piece done soon.

update- colors
Almost done with the flats

Just another lazy afternoon ..... a perfect day for a ride.

Color to come

Another new print

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i would work on this more but i canot . bring myself to care 
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(Music: Fox Amoore feat Lilypa - Walking in the Air)

I have not painted myself since 2014, I don't know why, but I hate doing it.
However, after a magical photo-session
with Marianna Insomnia I felt like a real witch! So here is my #witchsona

photo by Marianna Insomnia by IrenHorrors

Hey if you like my bat kittens you may like this piece with them I made last year Pixel: Bat Cat Bullet Black
Samhain Kittens by IrenHorrors  
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A year ago, in 2014, I decided to draw a sketch a day. During the whole year.

Firstly I have to say: I didn't expect that this project would get so huge and would have so many supporters <3. It was amazing to see how it was growing, it really motivated me to keep going and to improve everyday.

It turns out that the most difficult part of the project wasn't drawing everyday but drawing something BETTER than the day before. To be a better artist than you were the day before.*
Here, I tried to sum up what the project meant to me. Some doodles simply didn't fit in, others were redrawn entirely. Also, added only the originals. I do like fan arts too but they don't have the same impact on me. 

There were so many messages, so many comments asking for me to stay. Not trying to make a drama out of it but I really thought that people joined just to see how the project would end. I'm so glad to know that's not true for many. Thank you all. Again. :heart:

Well, I'm not deactivating this dA account. I'll probably change its name but I'll keep uploading my art here. :)

The only thing is: it won't be a daily challenge anymore. I've been working with black&white Moleskine illustrations for over a year and I really want to explore other medias (some of you already know that I'm trying to learn watercolors, for instance) as well as creating bigger and more complex drawings that wouldn't be able in 1 day.

Also, I'll make the doodles available for purchase as soon as possible too. I'll try to make a calendar for 2015. That will be my priority in January. 

The familiar black cat is staying too btw! \(^w^)/ 

As for the 365 Days of Doodles project, I'm really terrible at saying goodbye but this is the moment :c

This is the doodle that literally took one year to be finished <3

*I noticed that a lot of people are trying the 365 days challenge this year and that makes me so happy! I'll write a journal in a couple of hours giving you guys some hints to stay strong drawing during 365 days. (:

*EDIT: Wrote the journal: How to draw during 365 days

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My personal favorite doodles: 

#312 DeviantART by Picolo-kun#295 Itadakimaaaaasu!! by Picolo-kun#200 Samurai Jack by Picolo-kun#177 Muse by Picolo-kun#161 Leftovers by Picolo-kun
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Large scale (over 20k pixels wide) futuristic vision of Shanghai. Multi-leveled highways and enormous  towers, filled with living areas, shopping malls, parking spaces and entertainment centers. The air is filled with floating pagodas and vehicles heavily influenced by traditional Eastern style. First painting out of three, more to come.
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--- SORRY for the re-upload, there was some confusion regarding when the images can be released ---

concept art work I did for Guardians of the Galaxy 2. So much fun !!!!

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My third DD!!! Thank u so much :iconerikshoemaker: !!!
Copyright Tag for Deviants 3 by rclarkjnr
Copyright © by Genesis Raz von Edler/RazielMB. All rights reserved.
My Artworks are registered and protected by
My artwork may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published or uploaded in any
way without my written permission.

Seal ~copyright by GeneRazART
Copyright number F4SX-IGDT-ENUE-GWED

Stock credits:…   ~…… ~…
Everything else is painted and my own resources.
Tools: PS CS6, Knoll Light Factory and Wacom Intous.

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This signed print is available in the Changeling Artist Collective's Tolkien auction, "There and Back Again" Click here to bid!

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