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Welcome to digitalART-ists!

Guidelines/FAQ and Folder Explanations

Guidelines/FAQPlease make sure to read these rules carefully before contributing to our Group.
:pointr: 1. Membership Guidelines
:pointr: To be accepted as a Member:
To send a Member Request, Click on the "Join Our Group" button at the top of this page.
Memberships are accepted automatically, whether you want to contribute to our gallery or just watch is up to you :3
:pointr: To be accepted as a Contributor:
:bulletblack: - You must create digital related art
:bulletblack: - You must be willing to vote on artwork and make sure it is up to our standards
:bulletblack: - You must have an eye for quality to judge featured submission proplerly (Don't choose 'yes' by default!)
:bulletblack: - You must treat all Members and Admins with respect. So be nice to everyone :3
:bulletblack: - To be considered, send a note to the group
:pointr: 2. Submission Guidelines
Please submit work that you are proud of, don't spam the group with doodles.
Make sure you submit to the correct folder. Art that doe
Folder detailsHere you can see a list of ALL folders with a short description°
This should clarify our folders, if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask!
:bulletblack: Featured
We choose the best pieces of the Feature me? Folder to be featured each month
:bulletgreen: Feature me?
Submit your best work here to be considered for a feature
:bulletgreen: 3-D
This folder is for 3D models and everything related to this! (MMD counts too.)
:bulletgreen: Abstract, Fractal
Everything Abstract and fractal-like goes here~
:bulletgreen: Animals
Anything animal related goes here
:bulletgreen: Animation
This is for .gif and flash-works or everything related.
:bulletgreen: Anime, Manga
Submit your Anime and Manga art here. (realistic paintings go into the paintings folder)
:bulletgreen: Anthro
Art of anthropomorphic characters goes in here
:bulletgreen: Comics
Upload you comic-strips/pages etc here! if you do a whole series then only


:bulletred:The comment section on our page is NOT meant for advertisement. If you advertise your commissions etc, your comment will be REMOVED!:bulletred:

:bulletblack: Join the group if you are interested
:bulletblack: Submit into the right folder -> MATURE ART GOES ONLY IN THE MATURE FOLDER
:bulletblack: Please no very messy pictures, doodles and WIPs go in the Work in Progress folder
:bulletblack: Be nice to other members!
:bulletblack: If you have a question, complaint etc, please message us.
:bulletblack: If there is a problem, (for example with folders) tell us and we'll try to fix it as soon as possible.
:bulletgreen: Feel free to invite some friends, or advertise the group



We are the current Admins of DigitalART-ists. If you have any questions or concerns, please message LadyKuraiArt or weilis










Alright some of you may have noticed we are missing a few months, things have been busy, but we're trying to get things back on track!
The feature and critique Journals may become bimonthly occurances, we'll see how it works out.
Anyway, onto the Features!

As always, these are the artist from our "Feature me?" folder who stood out the most!
If you would like to be featured here, submit to that folder and we will pick our favourites from there :)

As there are a lot to show, there are quite a few features at the end of the Journal aswell.
Here we go!



Remember me? by Lunameyza Connection by Lunameyza Morning Stroll + Video by Lunameyza



Angel by milyKnight Little mermaid by milyKnight Symbiosis by milyKnight



:thumb816015772: :thumb818229147: :thumb818004900:



The Revenge by KartStudioDigi Greatest Water Dragon by KartStudioDigi Nabil Dark Elf Commission by KartStudioDigi



Rush in the silence by pulsid111 On The Edge by pulsid111 Nowhere to go by pulsid111


And here's the promised extra pieces we want to showcase!

Little Wolf by MrCloverfour
Garden of Soul by Asanee04
space lion by DogeDays Jupiter by yiheitong
Vanish to the clouds by nekogitan Daedalus|Oc by FurutaArt
#2 by Shpoon-McFlurry CONCEPT VIEW 2 by mangaNzN
Grey Beauty by muhreee Christmas Eve: Teemo and Tristana by cchaos98 ych by mirova-y
Misty Forest - speedpaint by simonerizio Another Day by AshnoAlice Dream about the future by Fiendcute Seeking Refuge by VITOGH
bridge repaint by RRokas Commission: Magical Laboratory by ExitMothership
Demon Witch by Riversouls Intrapersonal Realism by DangoFloat
A Calm Day in the Jungle by AugustinasRaginskis

That is everyone for this time!
Please go check out all these amazing artists and have a wonderful day!

More Journal Entries


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