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Our Table
Our Table
     We would all gather there, around that lonely kitchen table. Whether it was dinner or breakfast, we would be there. Sun, sleet or snow; we wold end up around that table. Even if it was just to watch Mr. Rodgers have a wonderful day in his neighborhood, we were always at that table.
     Even as we got older we kept coming back. In from the cold to greedily slurp hot coca from Mom's earthenware mugs. Entertaining friends with random "art" projects, and board games. Even when we were distraught over whatever growing pains we were going through, that kitchen table saw a lot of use.
     Despite its use, hindsight will not let me see any signs of it. I can still see the egshell white of it's surface stretched out from the bay window it was built into.  The wood trim, and its amber stain stretching to the pillar which supported the othe end. In this wooden pilar was an  alcove in wh
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Hour's Universe
     As he turned the hourglass over, an entire universe formed in his mind. He bore witness to the formation of stars,  planets, even entire galaxies. He saw life form in the murky depths of the oceans, and over time spread across entire landmasses. They grew in complexity, and evolved intelligence.
     Civilizations rose and fell. Technology advanced, from the stone age to space, and beyond.  He saw art develop and become specialized, separating into individual forms, genres and sub-genres. In time the lines between them became blurred until they had become one again.
     In time, even the universe itself collapsed. Vanishing back into the nether from which it was formed. He looked back at the hourglass, pondering the infinite complexities he had seen. As he watched the last grain of sand fall, his universe was all but forgotten.
:icondigital-ronin:Digital-Ronin 1 0
Mammal War: Chapter 2
As soon as the group exited the restaurant, Robert said, “Well, you've seen the Kretak Grill, and L'mar's house...”
Keri blushed in both surprise and embarrassment. She realized that place must have been one of their homes. She did not, however, expect it to be L'mar's. She didn't know what to do to shake the feeling she had.
Robert smiled at her and led the way, talking about the various shops and buildings they passed. There was another restaurant, a bookstore, an electronics shop, and a clothing store. Robert appeared to be enjoying himself talking about the various businesses he would frequent. Occasionally he would ask Keri about her hometown, only to either have the question partially answered, or completely avoided.
“So what about your house? What's it like?” Robert asked.
“Oh, it's ... well, it's quite elaborate, I live with my dad, who works for the government,” Keri answered, and then realized what she had let slip.
“That would be back in yo
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Mammal War: Chapter 1
Keri checked to make sure all the systems were running smoothly. She knew this would work; she needed to make this work. But of all the people to reject her offer, D’Rek Azbaki, her own father turned her down. That’s why Keri had to prove them wrong, prove her own father wrong; Keri had to travel back in time to see the Mammal War.
What Keri knew of the Mammal War was quite limited, even for a saurian. She knew that before her kind came to dominate the planet, there was another race, a race of intelligent mammals. Supposedly they were all wiped out in the war, but there were always rumors of strange creatures wandering the steppes at night. They were rumored to have pink scale-less flesh and sparse patches of fur.
The portal's systems checked out, it was ready. Keri picked up the remote and activated the gateway, making sure to set the coordinates to the very start of the war. She wanted to make sure she recorded everything. As the portal flashed open Keri's heart leaped with
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Mammal War Prologue
"But why?" Keri asked "It's not like I'll be interfering with anything!"
The scientific council looked down on their female member, and one of the members spoke, "We have recently found some artifact that-"
"NO! I don't care about your stupid artifacts anymore," her outburst caught the entire counscil off guard, they didn't expect Keri to stand up for herself.
"Besides," she continued, "What would be more accurate then viewing history yourself?"
Just before the council leader could speak, his aide walked in and handed him a secret communiqué. The elder read it, and showed visible signs of shock.
"Keri, wait here, something new has been uncovered, and I fear for what it might mean," ordered the council leader.
But the girl would not listen, she turned and left. She knew she was going to try out her time machine, no matter what anybody said. She called them all morons and cowards in her head. She had been working on her machine for quite some time now, and she didn't care what evide
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Been working a couple of years at my new job, haven't had any good time to catch up with all you good people. I end up sleeping a lot when I'm home, or decompressing with a good game. I really do want to come back fully, but that will have to wait for a while longer.


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