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Not just contributing color flats this time, guys. This time I did the pencils, inks AND color flats! (Whoo hoo!) I'm tired. Gonna nap now. Forever.

I guess I'm still technically contributing...the point is GO READ IT! 

Please check it out the full comic, written by Ted Kendrick and color composited by James Strecker at All the comics in the series are there for viewing or free download as a CBR file. Just click the Issues tab.
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Cover 4 by Digital-Jedi

Check out my friends at JTSEntertainment and The Watchtower Database and their fan comic which continues the adventures of the DC Animated Universe where Justice League Unlimited left off. Issue #4 is online now with contributing colors by yours truly.
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React-thumb-spider-man-homecoming by Digital-Jedi

To my handful of followers, and the few passersby, I'm currently creating regular content for my YouTube channel in the form of reaction videos and some upcoming scripted video series. If you'd do me the courtesy of subscribing, not to mention, checking my videos out, that would be much appreciated. Digital Jedi Master on YouTube
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I finally finished this a while back, but didn't get a chance to Journal about it till just now. Seems a few DA members think, that we think, that Liea will ACTUALLY be a Disney Princess. Like we think she'll be part of the official line up. Let's just clear up that we know that already, and that we don't think it will happen, nor do we necessarily think it's a good idea. Just like when people draw Kida or Eilonwy, they know full well they aren't part of the lineup, nor do they necessarily think they one day will be (if they're really thinking about it.) But they're Disney, and they're princesses. And it's a thing to draw, with some level of uniqueness and distinction from the solidified lineup. Just like pictures of Bill & Ted surrounded by Daleks. Or Mr. Spock wielding a lightsaber. Or Anakin Skywalker raising his two kids with Padme. Sometimes, a drawing is just a drawing. And it's kind of a shame that had to be explained.

The New Disney Princess by Digital-Jedi
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A flock? A divine? A murder? Eh, whatever you call it, a bunch. I'm drawing a bunch of Princesses. It's taking forever. But it's also the biggest pictures I've ever worked on in terms of content. Never drew this many people in one frame before, and it's taking forever. It's also been a lot of fun. Who knew?

I posted a bunch of Sneak Previews of the Princess Progression here and on Facebook, as well as my other social media haunts. (e.g. Google+, MySpace, Twitter, etc.) Feel free to give them a look and I'll update you on when the final piece is finished.

Disney Princess Preview 0 by Digital-Jedi Disney Princess Preview 1 by Digital-Jedi
Disney Princess Preview 2 by Digital-Jedi Disney Princess Preview 3 by Digital-Jedi

I'm also thinking of starting this comic strip up again. Any thoughts?

Pwnd! #1 - This is Where They Duel by Digital-Jedi Pwnd! #2 - Thrifty by Digital-Jedi Pwnd! #3 - WTF!? by Digital-Jedi Pwnd! #4 - If That's Balanced by Digital-Jedi
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Feel free to "Like" me on Facebook. My official Fan Page is Because I require validation and crave attention. Also, the internet said I should.

Aside from that, you might find some sketches and artwork I haven't included here. And learn about the other stuff I do for "fun".

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I'm going to add a Gallery of some images I did in the early 2000s, to kind of put my existing art style into contrast with what I was doing then. I was just getting ready to get married then, and I'd only just started working in Photoshop and learning what I could do. Got my first scanner around that time, since I was a decade away from getting my first tablet, and I was attempting to figure out how to ink with a mouse. I'm not sure why I never discovered a tutorial on how to use the Pen tool, but it never came up and I discovered the pen tool over ten years later. I was going through an artistic change at that time, trying really hard to find my style a little disgusted with my sense of anatomy, even though that's something I had put a lot of work into.

As I'm prone to do, I like redrawing significant art pieces. Especially if I though they were something special at the time, only to have perspective when looking at them years later. So in addition to that Gallery, I'll periodically post a few pieces I felt like updating and link back to each other. It's just one of those things that makes me feel like I've made progress over the years.
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So I guess this is the time right towards the start of your most productive phase where you go through a bit of depression. Always happens. The trick will be if I stay in the slump or pick myself up after it's passed. The draw-something-a-day thing is still in effect, I've just had a little trouble getting the pose I'm working on just right. I've learned that if you just can't get it, you need to to move on to another project. It won't come if you force it.
Hey, I'm drawing again. Hooray for me. I'm almost a productive individual. Almost.