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So... got a new job; got a new car; baby girl started "big girl school"; mommy started a new job; we bought a new house....!!

Hectic times; but I've got a lot of new work that I'll be posted soon... stay tuned ;)
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  • Eating: BACON - Always... bacon!!!
After quite a hectic week; this weekend has been really relaxing!

I think I should definitely listen to Linkin Park more often though; managed to get through about 90% four private projects and one fully completed - See it here ->… ;]
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  • Eating: BACON - Yeah moar bacon!!!
  • Drinking: Windhoek Lager
allo allo!

So it's been a while; as always, between my updates... at least they're all done now; well almost! :)

Have a browse through and let me know what you think.

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Productive week for a change! Got all my 'work - work' caught up... back up to date with most of the freelance goodies... added 2 new deviations... created a new dA ID and Twitter background (@jcacchioni incase you're interested) and have just finished another dA creation which will be uploaded over the weekend with a bunch of other stuff ;]

Feels goooooood! :D
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  • Drinking: Coffee... as always >_>
This is more of a reminder than a Journal entry ;] Really need to try make up / find some time to get my Gallery updated... Looked at the work and laughed out loud at just how old it is ^_^

Anyway; Saturday 24th... you and me DA... it's a date ;]
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  • Watching: Ninja Warrior (lol)
  • Playing: No time!
  • Drinking: Coffee :D