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The deep is mine by JoJoesArt
X LEGEND.|FairyQueen by HiroUsuda
Demon Queen by r-chie
Old friend by milyKnight
Digital Painting
Hawkeye - Kate Bishop PLUS by GENZOMAN
Summer Memories by GENZOMAN
Double Dragon 2 by GENZOMAN
Double Dragon 1 by GENZOMAN
Digital Landscape and Matte Painting
Colossus by ElenaDudina
Castle Stock by ElenaDudina
Green field by ElenaDudina
Bridge Stock by ElenaDudina
Drowning Melifina by tidgepot
001 by xtiagocarvalho
Waves by smmiller09
War Lord by PetuGee
Manga Anime Drawings
Roxie in beach by GENZOMAN
Team Skull Pokemon OC by GENZOMAN
Miki Jounouchi - Relaxing at pit stop by GENZOMAN
Caliope - Humankind by GENZOMAN
Xeno Crisis by GENZOMAN
Floating islands by ElenaDudina
Dehumanize by CThersippos
Abstract Illustrations
Carbon by CThersippos
Below by CThersippos
Color by CThersippos
Infucatus Spin by CThersippos
Photomanipulations - Mixed Media
Passageway by ElenaDudina
Circles by ElenaDudina
Dancing in the moonlight by ElenaDudina
Lady of the apples by ElenaDudina
Vectors - Vexels
Black Underwear by CThersippos
Asian by CThersippos

Mature Content

Low Key by CThersippos
Elegant by CThersippos
Fractal Art
Timeout by FreakofNature81
Heart II by CThersippos
Hearts by CThersippos
Picasso's Web by CThersippos
3Dimensional Art
OMEN OF SORROW - Dracula vs Quasimodo by GENZOMAN
WIP, Concepts and Studies
Pokemon - Punk Girl by GENZOMAN
GW2: Sylvari by Manticora-Miorro


Hello members,
Alice here, I'm the owner and the creator of this beautiful group.

I'm receiving tons of comments about problems with submissions.
Here's the deal: Submission are CLOSED at the moment.


Because I'm alone here. I had a moderator to help me in the past, but we are not in contact anymore.

So now I'm here, I'm going to finish my university degree in engineering and architecture, there were tons of submissions to be selected and I couldn't handle all alone.

So I had to close submissions. That is why.

SO... do you want Digital Gems submissions to be opened again? Then help me.

I'm looking for gallery moderatos. About three-four gallery moderators who can help me choosing the right deviations for this group.

I'm looking for people who can vote and choose ONLY THE BEST deviation around here.
I'm looking for people who can write news and features.
I'm looking for people who take this as something to do and don't leave this group to its destiny.

Do you want to apply?

Write me a private note here and let me know. We can talk about it.

This is the only way I can re-open submissions here.


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General Rules


:bulletgreen: Anyone who works with Digital Art is welcome to Join the group, simply click on the Join button, and your request will be reviewed.

:bulletgreen: If you're not interested into submitting art to this group, but you still want to see our news, you can Watch us!.


:bulletblue: Only groups member can submit art to the galleries. Once you joined the group and your request is approved, click on the gallery, select the appropriate folder of your artwork and submit it.

:bulletblue: At the moment, only ONE submissions per week is allowed.

:bulletblue: There are many folders in our gallery, please select the appropriate folder for your artwork.

:bulletblue: Please no extreme nudity or violence in your artworks. This is a group for everyone.

:bulletblue: Please consider Quality over Quantity. This is not an elitary group, however the group mission is to collect the BEST pieces of digital art around here. We are looking for the Jewels of the community.

:bulletblue: Pageviews and visits are not counted, technique, emotion, storytelling and like this are important here.


:bulletblack: Photomanipulations/mixed media: the work should have a sense, a storytelling, or transmit emotions. Elements should be very well blended and the overall photomanipulation technique has to be good.

Please stop sending photomanipulations of eyes shots. We are plenty of them, and at the very end they are really similar each other. So, unless you have an amazing, impressive and really unique photomanips of an eye, your piece will be declined.

:bulletblack: Digital painting and Manga Art: here we are looking for good technique work. So artworks with anatomy problems, with fake rendered elements such as photoshop flare or clouds, will be declined. The piece should be well worked in all its aspects, from the subject to the background.

:bulletblack: Speedpaintings: as speedpainting we intend a copmlete but even rough painting done in a small time, 1 hour, at least 2 hours. The illustration SHOULD HAVE A SENSE, even if is still rough and not detailed, the image shold seems "completed" at the same time. Sketches will not be considered speedpaintings.

It happened that a deviation expires when submitted to the group. I've set the maxim period for a pending deviation to a month before it expires, but it seems this not working always. It happens deviations expires before the end of the 30 days. If this happens, do not worry. We will examine your submission and, if it is accepted a submission request will be sent from us to you, to add the image to the gallery; you only have to accept it from your message centre.
If your submission has expired and you don't receive any submission request from us, it means that we have examinated your work and we have declined it.




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