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Primero español.
Second english.

:star: Bienvenidos sean todos :star:

◄ Guía para subir obras ►

¿Cómo y dónde subir obras?

Bien, primero, asegurate de ponerla en la carpeta correcta. Tenemos folders para casi todo.

También puedes hacer una sugerencia para una nueva carpeta, sólo debes mandar una NOTE a algún administrador (Fundador o Co-Fundador). Pero sólo a uno. Si no te responde dentro de un limitado tiempo de 24 hrs entonces puedes dirigirte a otro. No consultar a dos administradores al mismo tiempo por favor.

¿Qué tipo de obras no se admiten?

- Que reflejen odio hacia alguna persona y/o cosa de manera seria y casi cruel.
- Que refleje racismo u homofofia o burla hacia alguna de estas.
- Que no tenga la suficiente calidad, tanto en dibujo como en coloreo digital.
- Que sea hentai (nota: Se acepta del tipo erótico e incluso sensual, algo artístico pero no hentai o del tipo 'heridas').

¿Razones de baneo?

- Robar arte y subirlo como tuyo.
- Cuestionar las normas de subida de obras.
- Amenazar, acosar, molestar, insultar a algún usuario del grupo.

Otra cosa: No tengas miedo en preguntar, la administración es MUY paciente y no se molestará en ayudarte o contestarte dudas o consultas que tengas.

Preguntas Frecuentes

¿Por qué borraron mi obra/trabajo/coloreado?

- Quizá la subiste en "FEATURES" y recientemente se dijo que no se admitían más trabajos ahí. Resumen "NO SUBAS TRABAJOS A LA CARPETA DE FEATURES" o posiblemente tu arte no cumpla con las normas y reglas.

- Debido al largo flujo de dibujos a diario y la falta de moderadores frecuentes, las subidas se han limitado a 2 por semana. asi que escoje tu mejor obra para subir, y asegurate que este en la carpeta correcta sino tendras que esperar hasta la siguiente semana.

- Quizá tu obra NO es un coloreado digital.

- Es hentai o pornográfica.

- La subiste a la carpeta equivocada.


:star: Welcome all of you :star:

How and where to upload work?

Well, first, make sure you put in the correct folder. We have folders for almost everything.

You can also make a suggestion for a new folder, simply send a note to an administrator (Founder and Co-Founder). But just one. If no one do not respond within a limited time of 24 hrs then you can go to another administrator. No two managers consult at the same time please.

What kind of works are not allowed?

- To reflect hatred toward any person or thing in a serious and almost cruel way.
- Reflecting racism or homophobia or mocking any of these.
- Not having enough quality, both in drawing and in digital coloring.
- Hentai with Yaoi or Yuri -all in the same work- (note: type is accepted and even sensual or erotic, something artistic but not hentai or type 'wounds').

Reasons for banning?

- Stealing art and upload it as yours.
- Question the Rise of works rules.
- Threaten, harass, annoy, insult someone in a group.

:star: Another thing: Do not be afraid to ask the administration is very patient and not bother to help or answer you have any queries you have.


Why delete my work/coloring?

- Maybe you went to "FEATURES" and recently said that more jobs were not admitted there. Summary "DO NOT UPLOAD WORK TO FOLDER 'FEATURES'." or maybe your art is not following the rules.

- Since we have a large amount of drawings daily, submits have been limited to 2 per week, so make sure to upload your best drawing in the correct folder or you will have to wait until next week.

- Maybe your work is not a color digital.

- It's hentai or pornographic.

- You submit your work to the wrong folder.


You can join us =) and have fun.





Artistas favoritos

Excelentes coloreadores de manga ^^, artistas que valen la pena visitar, así que... ve sus perfiles y revisa sus obras. Es una recomendación de...

:iconblush--plz: Disfrútenlos.



Natsu by Nagadih
Nanatsu no Taizai 112: Gowther by AR-UA
Akatsukis - Naruto V3 by MarxeDP
SasuxSaku kiss by Arumy
Sasuke recordando 2 by LiderAlianzaShinobi
Naruhina - Let's paint LOVE by Dhiary
IchiHime by TempestDH
New Ichigo - Strong Eyes by Avenger94
Final Getsuga Part 1 by Nagadih
The Final Getsuga Tenshou by Nagadih
One Piece
Ace and Luffy - One Piece 572 by goldenhans
one piece 580 by Lord-Nadjib
One Piece - 06 by dmc-br
Fairy Tail
Perfect couple by haosama
fairy tail 209 : zeref by marcolorde
Ageha Squeezing by haosama
Fairy Tail  Natsu saves Erza by RJDART
Card Captor Sakura
sakura blossom by haosama
THE SYAORAN by haosama
Familia Li feliz by Chibilina
Dragon Ball Z
the beginning of an Adventure by theCHAMBA
Explosion Planetaria by themnaxs
GOKU VS VEGETA by adapaasderel
Goku and Gohan time Room by Riseofbungle
kiriban - Inuyasha and Kagome by kayshasiemens
Otros -Anime-
Childhood friends! (Asumi and Akemi) by MyangHime
PKMN Senshi: Legendary Beasts by YoukaiYume
Kitty TM by FlurKitty
Full Metal Alchemist
FmA 106 - Ed vs Pride by NanoCigT
Kuroshitsuji wallpaper by Rukiii
:: White as Snow, Red as Blood, Dark as Night :: by SiZNArt
Digimon 02 - Black Wargreymon by famira
Hair painting tutorial by Dianae
Dibujos y Linearts
Kabuto and Madara Lineart xD by matheus-san

Visitantes de otro mundo!!

Bienvenidos sean todos, incluso los visitantes. Espero que gusten de las obras expuestas aquí.

Un saludo.
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Totoro Stamp 1 by Toonfreak Hello HUMANS by Virus-Xenon Totoro Stamp 1 by Toonfreak

Well, time past and I was not doing anything here, I wanted to close this club but I didn't want to left anyone out.
Maybe there are someone really likes this club of Digital Color so I stay. But I'm still trying to do some work,
not too much, just something :')

FieldOfStars Stamp by Seiorai

New thing:
- All the submits are automatically up in any folder you choose.

Please submit your art in the correct folder

That keeps the good order in the blog.

- We need contributors, if you want to help sometime with the group, you are welcome.

- You can speak english or spanish, but you have to know a little bit of both.

FieldOfStars Stamp by Seiorai

If you have any question, let me know :)

That's all, have a nice day or night.

Thank you by hase-illustration
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