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Legal Stock Sites - Photo resources@Supernatural-art @All-Artists @HighQualityArt @Digital-Art-Club @PsychoArtistUnited Hello Hope you are all having a great day. It came to my attention some problems about what sites are legal stock providers and which are straight out thieves. I have made a very extensive research to make sure I'm not making a mistake by declining images with not confirmed sources. Please read very carefully, I will not battle about this later. All this applies to my groups.Sketchy sites with no clear sources statements are not even considered.First please read the basics of © Copyrights terms. -Copyright laws are powerful tools that protect art and artists and can prevent the misuse of set artworks. More about Copyrights ©-Fan art as love is different than fan art for sale. More about fan art ©Google Is not a stock site, is a search engine that shows you images from all the websites online.This means, You are taking other artists Photography to use as your own.Which is a copyright infringement and illegal.READ THESE BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION!NOT LEGITIMATE STOCKS AND HOW TO REPORT THEM by @Wesley-Souza DEVIANTART USERS SHARING STOCKS WE DO NOT ACCEPT by @Wesley-Souza PICSART APP CONTENT IS ILLEGAL. HOW I DETECT STOLEN STOCKS.UPDATED LIST OF DA BANNED STOCKERS. Using other peoples art is called art theft and is despicable when making money out of it too.Your premium content is illegal, that post is illegal.FAQS:Click on the titles for full journals!:faq157: Permissions: We start with the idea that pretty much everything you use in a creative work that doesn’t come originally from you and that comes from someone else must be used with the permission of the original owner. Stock, even free stock, comes with a license. The license is a real contract.Stealing: Under the law, taking or using someone else’s creative expression is typically “Copyright Infringement,” which is, truthfully, a lot more complicated than just saying something was “stolen.” Copyright infringement is unlawful.:faq306: You must obtain written permission from the proper and legal owner of any work which you wish to use, credit alone does not replace this requirement. Failure to obtain proper permission for the use of works protected under copyright can leave your DeviantArt submission vulnerable to being removed if we receive a claim of infringement against it. Explicit permission is not required when you choose to use valid stock resources. Please check your sources carefully to ensure that they are valid stock and please be certain to obey all rules, terms and conditions which may be attached to that resource. Please note that images found on search engines such as Google are likely not stock images unless explicitly stated otherwise.This list is updated every month, a few sites we recommend that we know are legal sites and some that are clearly illegal. If you know someone reposting things that dont belong to them, report them! Help us have a clear path for our imaginations to flow!And if you have a legal site we haven´t listed, feel free to leave it in the comments for us to check!SITES WE Stockvault (only with the written permission of the owner) Changed to Adobe (affiliate to istockphoto) (I don´t fully trust this site, so I always do a google image search and often find the right owners then) They are now reposting photos from photobash.orgflickr (Flickr has a search engine like Google (not a valid source), that has all types of images in one place for you to find, BUT according to all sites i read, you can use the advanced search on the site to look up relevant Creative Commons-licensed photos and artwork. Be careful when using CC-licensed images to ensure that you follow the terms of the license completely.)MorgueFile (is too good to be true for me, be careful when using, make sure to do a image reverse search)STOCKS WE DO NOT ACCEPT:Public domain doesnt always mean free to use and we don´t agree with any site who re-shares photos of other websites as Public domain just because they are on the internet. I understand what Public domain means, it doesn´t mean I approve it in My groups.What the other groups policy is, I DON'T CARE nor will change anything here. So if you don't like it, feel free to leave the groups listed above.Celebrities photosAre not stocks. I know they are public domain most of the time, but we will not accept them.PNG sitesAre the biggest thieves among us, they are all the same most likely managed by the same people (I found most are created in asia or india) I use the site to track owners and report them to their Hosting sites.I find my own stocks there more often than not, we will not be accepting any of those sites, please take a look a our list gathered by several deviants around DA for guide if you are unsure. Most sites offering stocks like this, are illegal sources, the better the stock looks, the more likely is its cropped from another art or stolen form other stockers like me.Screenshotsof other peoples photos that are not stocks.of games are not stocks.They are not there to be used by us as we wish, its still someone else´s Artwork.3D showrooms of productsVR or Virtual photos made with 3D showrooms (cars, phones, places) are not stocks. They are literally a product museum.3D Game programsUnless they specify in the terms of use, these are not stocks and can not be taking out of the game or website as you wish.Nor can they be used to make a 3D mash up or manipulation as your own, unless you have the license to do so (usually environments platforms/renders allow them to be used outside the site). Game characters screenshoted from games are Not stocks.Source film maker doesn't seem to be for art, just animations according to their terms THEFT Gfxspot and the similar Mayhemwikimedia.orgshop.scrapbookgraphics.comRenders of any type or siteAny wallpapers pluspng.comoscraps. imageafter.compublic domain recopilators. webdesignerlab.comSnipstock (they admit they use public domain images and they dont credit) (It is a compilation of other sites like Pixabay and Unsplash without crediting any owner of the photos.) (recopilates DA stocks)  AmonStock deviantart (crops pixabay stocks.) PICSAR APP IS ILLEGAL (compiles artworks around pixiv and others, calles them wallpapers and says crediting is enough) (states they dont control what is uploaded and ©) compiles brushes all over the webs.maxpixels compiles pixabay images, some are not stocks either. Do google reverse image before using.,The Art Theft DiscussionJuly 7, 2015Art Theft The Art Theft Discussion
Art Theft DiscussionTopicsStealingTakingCopyrightPermissionFan ArtMoral RightsProtectionResolving Disputes

StealingArt th



Please keep in mind we are a Digital Art only group :w00t:
Feel free to send a note if you have any questions and dispute!
:bulletred:We decline directly works in the wrong folder.
- Digital Art only.
- No W.I.P , Sketches, Scraps
- No journals, No adds.
- No commissions sheets advertisings, No adoptables filled with $ or add.
- No sexual content. No V/P showing.
- Your works only.
- No excessive gore or violence against children or animals.
- No Insults of any kind.
- Credits to all stocks with direct links.
- We affiliate with all groups!

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If you would like to affiliate with us please write us a note.
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Helloooo Time to featured you guys!
Hope everybody had a nice day.
Welcome new members and watchers! Thank you for joining and thanks to the contributors of our galleries for letting me show your amazing works here.
So today, as each week I will open a space for all the members to get one work featured. This space is to help you out to get more exposure.
Demand NFT Art-Theft Protections from OpenSeaHELP US SIGN THE PETITION.
Sketch and progress 1/1
same old energy
Lonely Angel
The book illustration .
The game is over.
Knight of Conquest
who will you be adoring?
Death of a flower
FFXIV Endwalker Contest-Fire of freedom
Playing with food
drenched 2021
Good Vibes
[Comm] Cyan 2
Kisara Tales of Arise fanart
Fullmetal Alchemist
Big frog
Ariel by Joaslin
The Blue Fairy
Endwalker (XIV Contest Submission) Still Version
Blue eye
Unusual Night - Alt
Dungeons and Dragons: Antheia'AnRaza
The show
Rosemaris Ninil MUL-NABU (Commission)
Order of Elemental Chaos cover
Ceremony of Eternal Bonding
Maybe We're Already Gone
Is this a marble
Beginning of the End
Quercus - DTIYS from Instagram
a r e s
Onmyoji - Oguna and Doujo
You Want Some Aye
Gas Eater
Netherworld Venus_adv
[NFT] Maressa
Soul Collector
Blood of the Night
Bard Of Sharlayan
Chinese Zodiac.:Horse:.
Endora [OC Agni/Ifrit]
Water Spell
Frog Dragon
Creature design No. 2
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Necromancer - Fantasy Art by Helge C. Balzer by helgecbalzer
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Fractals and 3D art
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Wallpaper for Ko-Fi members 01 by Nissolia
Wallpaper for Ko-Fi members 02 by Nissolia
How To Paint Momiji's Eye by art-germ
Moon Design Updated by CherokeeGal1975
Sinking In The Ever Changing River (contest)Greetings, lovely patients and casual visitors stopping by the AsylumIt’s that time of the year again, Halloween is upon us and hopefully you all will feel inspired by this year's theme. Most of you have been terribly quiet these months, and even if I appreciate calm and order while I walk around the halls, I hope all my patients are still alive and well behind their room's door. Now without further ado, let me illustrate the contest:ThemeSurely many will be familiar with the aphorism: "It is impossible to step in the same river twice". Panta rhei (Πάντα ῥεῖ) literally 'Everything flows' is a concept attributed by Plato to the pre-Socratic philosopher Eraclitus. His philosophy was based on the thesis of the universal flow of beings and was well illustrated using the image of a river which keeps flowing. Everything is becoming an nothing stays the same. Therefore change is inevitable. But what happens when the change is imposed to us abruptly by forces outside our control and we cannot cope with it? Well, let me introduce you this little monster named Metathesiophobia.Its name means literally 'fear of change', and even if many of us grew familiar with it since the beginning of 2020, it's not young at all. In fact the fear of change followed us since we evolved, and taught us to be wary of the unknown, because it could lead to our horrible death... possibly inside the stomach of a wild beast. But I'm digressing.If a person is unable to process and accept changes, especially when they are particularly stressful (death of a loved one, divorce, moving, major illness/injury, loss of a job) this fear of change may grow and turn into a destructive phobia which will impair their life with symptoms such as: -Heart palpitations-Rapid breathing, -Shaking/trembling-Sweating-Nausea or gastrointestinal distress-Insomnia-Dry mouth-Thoughts of death-Choking-Feeling of dread.If left untreated, this phobia will gradually cause the patient to avoid any change and to experience panic attacks when things won't go the way expected. Monotony will be all they will ever want. As a result it will greatly hinder their life as they will not be able to truly experience all that life has to offer, and it may even lead to loss of relationships and jobs. Treatments of this phobia include Exposure Treatment, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). Even working out, yoga and meditation or anti-depressants and anti-anxiety may be adviced to help preventing panic attacks, but they will just help dealing with the symptoms and not with finding the root of the problem.So, let me ask you, my lovely patients... what decision will you pick? Will you be following the Ever Changing River? Or are you currently treading water? Show me your vision, how change impacts you and your art.Rules Here are the general rules to abide by:I. You have to be a patient The-Lunatic-Asylum to enter the contest. Not a patient? Click "Join the Group" on our homepage and embrace the insanity!II. All medias accepted. This includes all visual media (drawn or taken with a camera), literature and artisan crafts.III. Start date: 13rd of September End date: 30th of November Time zone: GMT (conversion clock here IV. New entries only. Your deviation have to be submitted from 21st of September to the 11:59 pm of 30th of November.V. Add to top of your description what your work was done for The-Lunatic-Asylum (type @ followed by the name The-Lunatic-Asylum, no space) Thank youVI. Entry have to be your own. No line arts, no bases.VII. For photomanipulations: If there was used any resource (such as stock photographs or textures) they have to be credited in your description.VIII. If there are collaborations the prize will be given to just one of the participants and then they'll have to divide it.IX. Please respect the theme during your creative process. In this case it's all about change and/or the fear coming from it.X. The judges can inspire you with a work, however, they do not count as participants and cannot win.XI. Submit in 'The Arena' folder. You can enter as many times as you want but you can win only oncePrizes (prize donors are always welcome and they are eligible to win)Warning, to make the competition fair we need at least 5 participants to pick one winner, and more than 10 to unlock a second prize (judges contributions do not count), so please don't be shy!-First prize: 200 points from @IllyDragonfly/ a poem from @IllyDragonfly All winners will be featured at The-Lunatic-Asylum 's front page and their winning works will be put in the 'Featured' showcaseJudge(s)@IllyDragonfly Dr. A. Psychic, Forensic psychiatrist and Medical director@SinistrosePhosphate C. Syn, D. Div., guest consultant (if he comes back in time, fingers crossed)EntriesCannot wait to see what your twisted mind will come out with, don't be shy and start creating...shellshock369 ,kiaxeven,“Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.”― Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley,
Midnight Harvest - Halloween contest WINNERS,Good morning!Hope all is going well on your side of the world.The best season of the year is here:@supernatural-art @HighQualityArt @Digital-Art-Club @All-Artists @PsychoArtistUnited Are hosting our contest this year!,START: 1st October.ENDS: 31 October 23:55.THEME: Anything that comes to mind with the words above, must be halloween related.It is a broad topic difficult to explain well, but if you saw horror movies where there are cornfields and strange things at night it would be something to explore¨Cosecha de medianoche ¨relacionado al halloween. es un tema amplio difícil de explicar bien, pero si viste películas de terror donde hay maizales y cosas raras en la noche seria algo asi. >>ENTRIES<< And we accept any type of prizes we can get Feel free to send a note or comment for anything you want to donate. You will be add to our Donators List have one work submit in the VIP folder at @HighQualityArt and featured in all my groups You can still participate even if you donate prizes.We will accept the following types:Digital art: 3D, paintings, manipulations, mixed media, vector, pixel.Traditional art: Drawings, Photography, Craft.,Up to 2 entries per member.Has to be New and made only for this contest after the 1st October. Add in the description area "Made for Midnight harvest Contest ".Send your entry link to me by note so I can add it to the folders. Only 1 entry per member by folder. The work can be any kind of visual media except Literature. Fan art is welcome.Credit all the resources used and write them in the artist comment with a direct link to each one of them. (not just to profiles.) Check the forbidden sites list Legal stock sites. ,1720 where donated! First placeSpecial features at @supernatural-art Special features at @HighQualityArt Special features at @Digital-Art-Club Special features at @All-Artists Special features at @PsychoArtistUnited Points from the donation pool 1000 300 from me. 200 from @pocketbeetle Llama from me.Llama from @pocketbeetle One exclusive stock from me.One Painting Of A Character commission by @MyMelodyOfTheHeart Second placeSpecial features at @supernatural-art Special features at @HighQualityArt Special features at @Digital-Art-Club Special features at @PsychoArtistUnited Special features at @All-Artists One Painting Of A Character commission by @MyMelodyOfTheHeart Points from the donation pool 500 Llama from me.Third placeSpecial features at @supernatural-art Special features at @HighQualityArt Special features at@Digital-Art-Club Special features at @PsychoArtistUnited Special features at@All-Artists Points from the donation pool 220 One Painting Of A Character commission by @MyMelodyOfTheHeart Llama from me.,,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,...
Characters - Portraits - Designs in general
NONEIN - The Spiritist by InnocentPrime
Genisis by suomar
Apollyon by runandwine
Spring by NelEilis
Digital Artworks, Paintings, Pixel,etc. 1
A D O R E by AbdulrahmanTaha
Characters - Portraits - Designs in general 2
Lockdown Challenge I - Destination Unknown
Ancient Chinese Town by NANAsodium
Characters - Portraits - Designs in general 3
Squid game #067 by Annyaonweb
Lockdown Challenge II - A moment of Madness
Psychotic episode by alienorb
Lockdown Challenge III - Your Dream
Dreamers by jasminira
Digital Artworks, Paintings, Pixel,etc. 2
Digital Artworks, Paintings, Pixel,etc. 3
let the sunshine in by R9A
Digital Artworks, Paintings, Pixel,etc. 4
The fast attack of the samurai by mr0spot
Digital Artworks, Paintings, Pixel,etc. 5
spring moth by vinehajstra
Digital Artworks, Paintings, Pixel,etc. 6
adopter: candy corn -closed!- by waifupanda
Digital Artworks, Paintings, Pixel,etc. 7
Supergirl by workinsane
Digital Artworks, Paintings, Pixel,etc 8
Desert Base by WolfgangLeBlanc
Digital Artworks, Paintings, Pixel,etc 9
Zombie Rat King by Silinde-Ar-Feiniel
Digital Artworks, Paintings, Pixel,etc 10
Love-Me-Chain!! by Mo0n13aby
Digital Artworks, Paintings, Pixel,etc 11
Summer by Sticklet
Digital Artworks, Paintings, Pixel,etc 12
Slayer Jinx by ZAKUGA
Digital Artworks, Paintings, Pixel,etc 13
Saiki by ZoomSix
Digital Artworks, Paintings, Pixel,etc. 14
Burned to the ground by EpicLoop
Digital Artworks, Paintings, Pixel,etc. 15
Snegurochka by petiteantoinette
Digital Artworks, Paintings, Pixel,etc. 16
No, the moon by leojamesarts
Digital Artworks, Paintings, Pixel,etc. 17
[OC] Watch Duty by 2blee
Digital Artworks, Paintings, Pixel,etc. 18
Starpiercer's Flag (Jerde version) by HorsesPlease
Digital Artworks, Paintings, Pixel,etc. 19
Invocation Day by Xarcahn
Digital Paintings 20
Owl Song - Fanart by BethellisHeavelyn
Digital Paintings and Drawings 22
[Commission] Bach Thach An by rolloutroad
Full Digital Paintings 21
Cursed Pirate - Sea of Deceit by emmagucci
-Slow fall to Freedom- by Acerbical
Creepy Halloween contest 2018
Mask of an assassin by DamienDed
Midnight Harvest - contest OPEN
A disturbance in the night by cocojonelle


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