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No Ai by StarsColdNight

Legal Stock Sites - Photo resources@Supernatural-art @All-Artists @HighQualityArt @Digital-Art-Club @PsychoArtistUnited Hello Hope you are all having a great day. It came to my attention some problems about what sites are legal stock providers and which are straight out thieves. I have made a very extensive research to make sure I'm not making a mistake by declining images with not confirmed sources. Please read very carefully, I will not battle about this later. All this applies to my groups.Sketchy sites with no clear sources statements are not even considered.,Sitios de recursos fotograficos legales e ilegalesSeptember 4, 2022@Supernatural-art @All-Artists @HighQualityArtFirst please read the basics of © Copyrights terms. -Copyright laws are powerful tools that protect art and artists and can prevent the misuse of set artworks. More about Copyrights ©-Fan art as love is different than fan art for sale. More about fan art ©Google Is not a stock site, is a search engine that shows you images from all the websites online.This means, You are taking other artists Photography to use as your own.Which is a copyright infringement and illegal.A direct copy of another artists work will be declined, even if it was in a different medium/style unless it was part of a challenge accepted by set artist. You can be inspired by that art and create something different as your own style, but direct copy won't be accepted.A direct copy infringements that artist's copyrights & ownership of their art. The creator of the photograph, i.e. the photographer, usually holds the copyright to the photo and unless they've expressly given permission for its use, making a painting based on a photo would infringe the photographer's copyright.You can find royalty free images on specific websites here Legal Stock Sites - Photo resources.Unless an image is listed as royalty free you would be contravening international copyright law by using it to copy from.Using other artists Artwork is infringements of that artist's copyrights & ownership of their art. You are basically stealing from them and Your post is illegal and direct ©copyright infringement.READ THESE BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION!NOT LEGITIMATE STOCKS AND HOW TO REPORT THEM by @Wesley-Souza DEVIANTART USERS SHARING STOCKS WE DO NOT ACCEPT by @Wesley-Souza PICSART APP CONTENT IS ILLEGAL. HOW I DETECT STOLEN STOCKS.UPDATED LIST OF DA BANNED STOCKERS. Using other peoples art is called art theft and is despicable when making money out of it too.Your premium content is illegal, that post is illegal.FAQS:Click on the titles for full journals!Permissions: We start with the idea that pretty much everything you use in a creative work that doesn’t come originally from you and that comes from someone else must be used with the permission of the original owner. Stock, even free stock, comes with a license. The license is a real contract.Stealing: Under the law, taking or using someone else’s creative expression is typically “Copyright Infringement,” which is, truthfully, a lot more complicated than just saying something was “stolen.” Copyright infringement is unlawful.You must obtain written permission from the proper and legal owner of any work which you wish to use, credit alone does not replace this requirement. Failure to obtain proper permission for the use of works protected under copyright can leave your DeviantArt submission vulnerable to being removed if we receive a claim of infringement against it. Explicit permission is not required when you choose to use valid stock resources. Please check your sources carefully to ensure that they are valid stock and please be certain to obey all rules, terms and conditions which may be attached to that resource. Please note that images found on search engines such as Google are likely not stock images unless explicitly stated otherwise.This list is updated every month, a few sites we recommend that we know are legal sites and some that are clearly illegal. If you know someone reposting things that dont belong to them, report them! Help us have a clear path for our imaginations to flow!And if you have a legal site we haven´t listed, feel free to leave it in the comments for us to check!SITES WE Stockvault (only with the written permission of the owner) Changed to Adobe (I don´t fully trust this site, so I always do a google image search and often find the right owners then) They are now reposting photos from photobash.orgflickr (Flickr has a search engine like Google (not a valid source), that has all types of images in one place for you to find, BUT according to all sites i read, you can use the advanced search on the site to look up relevant Creative Commons-licensed photos and artwork. Be careful when using CC-licensed images to ensure that you follow the terms of the license completely.)MorgueFile (is too good to be true for me, be careful when using, make sure to do a image reverse search)STOCKS WE DO NOT ACCEPT:Public domain doesn't always mean free to use and we don´t agree with any site who re-shares photos of other websites as Public domain just because they are on the internet. I understand what Public domain means, it doesn´t mean I approve it in My groups.What the other groups policy is, I DON'T CARE nor will change anything here. So if you don't like it, feel free to leave the groups listed above.Celebrities photosAre not stocks. I know they are public domain most of the time, but we will not accept them.PNG sitesThese sites are the biggest thieves among them. They compile and share everything without care, even artworks with copyrights protection. You risk a lawsuit.They are all the same most likely managed by the same people (I found most are created in asia or india) I use the site to track owners and report them to their Hosting sites.I find my own stocks there more often than not, we will not be accepting any of those sites, please take a look a our list gathered by several deviants around DA for guide if you are unsure. Most sites offering stocks like this, are illegal sources, the better the stock looks, the more likely is its cropped from another art or stolen form other stockers like me.Screenshotsof other peoples photos that are not stocks.of games are not stocks.They are not there to be used by us as we wish, its still someone else´s Artwork.3D showrooms of productsVR or Virtual photos made with 3D showrooms (cars, phones, places) are not stocks. They are literally a product museum.3D Game programsUnless they specify in the terms of use, these are not stocks and can not be taking out of the game or website as you wish.Nor can they be used to make a 3D mash up or manipulation as your own, unless you have the license to do so (usually environments platforms/renders allow them to be used outside the site). Game characters screenshoted from games are Not stocks.Source film maker doesn't seem to be for art, just animations according to their terms IMAGE SOFTWARE GENERATORSBeware of usage and copyrights. -Wombo: It has no real information on usage other than they own what you make there.I believe the original sources of the final image are from around the webs too, from free domains most likely & read a example of image outcome Also you are not allowed to sell it as NFT according to users agreement.-Dall-E: You own the content as you see fit, but they also have the whole permission to abuse it too They do not warrant any type of insurance of where the images you create come from originally. Open source libraries can mean a lot of things but this needs to be noted before using. I'm not convinced those are created by the software without real photos from somewhere either. I've tried the simple word Fear and the results are basically crops and morphs from different photos. Some even resemble the Scream memes and movie cartels.Examples: my result versus what reverse image search came up with, that is clearly the same photo just morphed and color changed. Example: This result came up several times just morphed differently and the reverse image came up as this one.Most results on the word Fear are very similar to each other like these. -Midjourney: seems to be similar to Wombo, we will accept them as long as modifications where made to the final prompt. Unedited version are not your art, is more like the AI art of your words. If you didn't paint something on the final prompt, we wont accept it.For example Sun Priestess --> generated images and combined later.Or hand painted on top of the Ai image to add more details, items or definitions like Habitator Scars -Stable Diffusion works the same as midjourney. PhotobucketPhoenixrisingstock THEFT Gfxspot and the similar Mayhemwikimedia.orgshop.scrapbookgraphics.comRenders of any type or siteAny wallpapers pluspng.comoscraps. imageafter.compublic domain recopilators. webdesignerlab.comSnipstock (they admit they use public domain images and they dont credit) (It is a compilation of other sites like Pixabay and Unsplash without crediting any owner of the photos.) (recopilates DA stocks)  AmonStock deviantart (crops pixabay stocks.) PICSAR APP IS ILLEGAL (compiles artworks around pixiv and others, calles them wallpapers and says crediting is enough) (states they dont control what is uploaded and ©) compiles brushes all over the webs.maxpixels & compiles pixabay images, some are not stocks either. Do google reverse image before using.Garrys Mod software, according to their terms of use, you may only use them as painting references or make videos in Garrys Mod world. has literally no information on usage other than they own what you make there and I believe the sources of the outcome image are from around the webs & read a example of image outcome ,The Art Theft DiscussionJuly 7, 2015Art Theft The Art Theft Discussion
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Warning userNever, in my almost 10 years here on deviantart did I make a journal like this. I was about to not write it, but I hate injustices and hypocritical people. Besides that I wouldn't want you to happen the same he did to me and other people.A few weeks ago I was making a video about journals to explain something to a friend who didn't know how to do it from a group, I wanted to use my own group as an example, so I started recording what I was doing on the screen, but I saw something particular, the front of the group was not as I had left it, I saw that one of the contributors wrote a journal feature. I thought: Oh, ok... It seemed strange to me because on this group nobody posts journals, we are all busy people but we love to share our art. I thought it was a nice gesture that someone makes a feature of other artists in which one of my drawings was included, of which by the way I never received the notification, but it also seems to me that if a person wants to write a journal, make a contest or have more power in a group and do other things like being an admin or more than a contributor should ask for permission first and ask, that person SHOULD NOT want to change its role in the admin area without the admin consent. It is that not even he should do it, but the administrator.It is as if I went to YOUR house, climbed out of YOUR window, sat on YOUR chair and ate YOUR food without permission. So WTF! this is what he wanted to do and I've discovered by causality. See it by yourself.,A total lack of respect without justification. But since I wanted to know the opinion of this person, I asked him why he had done that. I was very surprised and disappointed with his answers because this person was a long-time contributor to my group and we had never had any problems. So this is the dialogue with him:,,,,,,,Don't try to deny it @PhoenixRisingStock @MarquisAmonArt because everyone is going to see what kind of trash you are.This same person who plays to be decent and honest is the same person who accuses other people of stealing contests and points. That same person removed the contest from a group and removed all her journals. My friends were worried about the people who were participating in the contest and they didn't want to let them down, they was really worried. Everyone here knows who is who. The group of my friend Lilly @GothLyllyOn has a great reputation, with really gentle persons there. Can you say the same about yourself? NO.Everyone block you, you annoying and making people uncomfortable, not just me and my friends. You're full of shit and you don't stop bothering us and making things up that aren't true.@MarquisAmonArt You have to have a stone face to be so hypocritical... sorry, I correct myself: HYPOCRITES, because you and your other account @PhoenixRisingStock are the same (note that, by the way, it steals stock and uploads it as its own, something I did not know and I have confirmed it) So buy a life, don't bother us anymore.Laura Leiva.
Let's Celebrate! Hatsune Miku's 15th birthday!Hello everyone! This is speaking. On August 31, 2007, under the development of CRYPTON FUTURE MEDIA and YAMAHA, the second generation of Vocaloid software was released. Within it, Hatsune Miku, the poster child and the mascot of CRYPTON FUTURE MEDIA, was born. Ever since her release to the world, her voice, which is provided by Voice Actress Saki Fujita (藤田 咲), stormed the world in different parts of the digital media; from hundreds of popular songs created through the voice bank of Hatsune Miku, fanart drawings, MMD dances, several collabs between companies, to even LIVE concerts using Hologram broadcasting, able to materialize Hatsune Miku to our realm, performing 68 LIVE concerts in 30 majors cities around the globe! Just a few days ago, on August 31, 2022, Hastsune Miku celebrated her 15th birthday around the world. As a response, Art-Manga-Anime would like to open a mini-event "Let's Celebrate! Hatsune Miku's 15th birthday!" just like before to showcase any Hatsune Miku's fanart as part of the celebration to our beloved turquoise hair-color, leek-loving singer! Selected drawings will be put into the featured folder, where it will be shown on the group's front page. Theme:Fanart drawing of character Hatsune Miku; can include other Vocaloid characters in the illustration.Date: The group will choose artworks submitted from August 20th, 2022 and will continue to select artworks to September 30th, 2022.Event Terms:The group will not select artworks with the following points:R-18 and NSFW themed, according to the group's rulesAdoptablesDrawings not done by the submitted user I also would like to announce that, in response to the 15th birthday of Hatsune Miku, the official account for MIKU EXPO, one of the concert organizers for Hatsune Miku, which is also their 5th anniversary for the concert performance, had officially started two contests for their upcoming MIKU EXPO Rewind+ Concert: SonicWire's Remix Song Contest, which will run from Aug. 26th (Fri), 2022, 11:00 AM - Sept. 23rd (Fri.) 11:00 AM (JST) Pixiv's MIKU EXPO Rewind+ Illustration Contest, which will run from Aug. 26th (Fri), 2022, 11:00 AM - Sept. 30th (Fri.) 11:59 PM (JST)If any of you would like to participate in the contests held by HATSUNE MIKU EXPO, please go ahead and do your best!That is all that I would like to announce, and I wish everyone for their best! Wish you all luck and have fun drawing!Sincerely,Art-Manga-Anime Group adminsNote: This post is NOT sponsored by any of the mentioned companies, cooperation, nor event organizers. Banner artist: #初音ミク生誕祭2022 #hatsunemiku15thanniversary...
Sitios de recursos fotograficos legales e ilegales@Supernatural-art @All-Artists @HighQualityArt @Digital-Art-Club @PsychoArtistUnitedBuen dia! Espero que todos estén teniendo un gran día. Me llamaron la atención algunos problemas sobre qué sitios son proveedores de stocks/recursos legales y cuáles son directamente ladrones de otros artistas o stockers. Deviantart recibe cada dia nuevos miembros y la gran mayoría no sabe lo que es aceptable, legal o permitido usar en sus artes.Ya llevo mas de 16 años aqui asi que hice una investigación muy extensa para asegurarme de no estar cometiendo un error al rechazar imágenes con fuentes no confirmadas en mis grupos.Por favor, lea con mucho cuidado, no pelearé por esto más adelante. Todo esto se aplica a mis grupos personalmente. Los sitios random sin declaraciones de fuentes claras ni siquiera se consideraran.Primero, lea los conceptos básicos de los términos de © Copyrights.Las leyes de derechos de autor son herramientas poderosas que protegen el arte y los artistas y pueden prevenir el mal uso de las obras de arte. Más sobre los derechos de autor. Nadie mas que el artista puede Reproducir, Distribuir, Alterar o hacer derivados de su arte.Solo el propietario de los derechos de autor puede permitir o hacer obras de arte adicionales basadas en el original o usar la obra de arte en otra obra de arte. TU no puedes usar el arte de otra persona para tus trabajos.El fan art por amor al personaje/serie/pelicula es muy diferente al fan art que pones en venta. Más sobre el arte de los fans.El fan art comienza su vida como un trabajo "derivado" del original protegido por derechos de autor y, como resultado, técnicamente el fan art es una infracción de derechos de autor.También puede ser una violación de la ley de marcas registradas y, a veces, de los derechos de publicidad del actor si están bien representados en el fan art.Google no es un sitio de images gratis, stocks, PNG, ni fondos; Es un motor de búsqueda que le muestra imágenes de todos los sitios web en línea. Esto significa que está tomando la fotografía de otros artistas para usarla como propia.Lo cual es una infracción de derechos de autor e ilegal. (una fotografía SI ES arte.)Se rechazará una copia directa del trabajo de otro artista, incluso si fue en un medio/estilo diferente, a menos que fuera parte de un desafío aceptado por el artista del escenario.Puedes inspirarte en ese arte y crear algo diferente con tu propio estilo, pero no se aceptarán copias directas.Una copia directa infringe los derechos de autor y la propiedad de su arte del artista.El creador de la fotografía, es decir, el fotógrafo, generalmente posee los derechos de autor de la foto y, a menos que haya dado permiso expreso para su uso, hacer una pintura basada en una foto infringiría los derechos de autor del fotógrafo.Puedes encontrar imágenes libres de regalías en sitios web específicos aquí.A menos que una imagen figure como libre de derechos de autor, estas infringiendo la ley internacional de derechos de autor al usarla para copiarla, usarla en ediciones, etc.El uso de obras de arte de otros artistas es una infracción de los derechos de autor y la propiedad de ese artista. Básicamente les estás robando y tu publicación es ilegal y directa © infracción de derechos de autor y será reportada.¡LEA ESTOS A CONTINUACIÓN PARA MÁS INFORMACIÓN!EXISTENCIAS NO LEGÍTIMAS Y CÓMO INFORMARLAS by Wesley-Souza.LOS USUARIOS DE DEVIANTART CON STOCKS QUE NO ACEPTAMOS by @Wesley-Souza.EL CONTENIDO DE LA APLICACIÓN PICSART ES ILEGAL.CÓMO DETECTO POSIBLES IMAGENES ROBADAS. LISTA ACTUALIZADA DE DISTRIBUIDORES PROHIBIDOS DA.DA FAQS;Permisos: comenzamos con la idea de que casi todo lo que usas en un trabajo creativo que no proviene originalmente de ti y que proviene de otra persona debe usarse con el permiso del propietario original. El stock, incluso el stock gratuito, viene con una licencia. La licencia es un contrato real y legal.Robo: según la ley, tomar o usar la expresión creativa de otra persona suele ser una "infracción de derechos de autor", que es, sinceramente, mucho más complicado que simplemente decir que algo fue "robado". La infracción de derechos de autor es ilegal.Debes obtener un permiso por escrito del propietario legítimo de cualquier obra que desee utilizar si la foto NO es un recurso/stock; el crédito por sí solo no reemplaza este requisito.Si no obtiene el permiso adecuado para el uso de obras protegidas por derechos de autor, su posteo en DeviantArt puede ser vulnerable a ser eliminado si recibimos un reclamo de infracción en su contra. No se requiere un permiso explícito cuando elige utilizar recursos de stock válidos. Verifique cuidadosamente sus fuentes para asegurarse de que sean existencias válidas y asegúrese de obedecer todas las reglas, términos y condiciones que pueden adjuntarse a ese recurso.Esta lista se actualiza cada mes, algunos sitios que recomendamos que sabemos que son sitios legales y algunos que son claramente ilegales. Si conoces a alguien que comparte cosas que no le pertenecen, repórtalo! ¡Ayúdanos a tener un camino claro para que nuestra imaginación fluya!Y si tiene un sitio legal que no hemos incluido en la lista, siéntase libre de dejarlo en los comentarios para que lo revisemos.SITIOS QUE Stockvault (only with the written permission of the owner) es ahora Adobe (No confío completamente en este sitio, así que siempre hago una búsqueda de imágenes en Google y, a menudo, encuentro los propietarios correctos). Ahora están volviendo a publicar fotos de photobash.orgflickr (Flickr tiene un motor de búsqueda como Google (no es una fuente válida), que tiene todo tipo de imágenes en un solo lugar para que las encuentre, PERO de acuerdo con todos los sitios que leo, puede usar la búsqueda avanzada en el sitio para buscar información relevante. Fotografías y obras de arte con licencia Creative Commons. Tenga cuidado al usar imágenes con licencia CC para asegurarse de seguir los términos de la licencia en su totalidad).MorgueFile (es demasiado bueno para ser verdad para mí, tenga cuidado al usarlo, asegúrese de hacer una búsqueda inversa de imágenes)PAGINAS QUE NO ACEPTAMOS:El dominio público no siempre significa uso gratuito y no estamos de acuerdo con ningún sitio que vuelva a compartir fotos de otros sitios web como dominio público solo porque están en Internet. Fotos de celebridadesNo son recursos. Sé que son de dominio público la mayor parte del tiempo, pero no los aceptaremos. No estan ahi para tu uso y abuso.PNG websitesEstos sitios son los mayores ladrones entre ellos. Compilan y comparten todo sin cuidado, incluso obras de arte con protección de derechos de autor. Te arriesgas a una demanda.Es muy probable que todos estén administrados por las mismas personas (descubrí que la mayoría se crean en Asia o India). Utilizo el sitio para rastrear a los propietarios e informarlos a sus sitios de alojamiento.Encuentro mis propias existencias allí la mayoría de las veces, no aceptaremos ninguno de esos sitios, eche un vistazo a nuestra lista recopilada por varios ususarios alrededor de DA como guía si no está seguro.La mayoría de los sitios que ofrecen PNG como estas son fuentes ilegales, cuanto mejor se ve la imagen, más probable es que sea recortada de otro arte o robada de otros proveedores como yo.Capturas de pantallaDe fotos de otras personas que no son stocks. De juegos, no son stocks.Los personajes del juego en capturas de pantalla no son stocks.No están ahí para ser utilizados por nosotros como se nos de la gana, sigue siendo la obra de arte de otra persona.Showrooms 3D de productosLas fotos virtuales o de realidad virtual hechas con salas de exhibición en 3D (automóviles, teléfonos, lugares) no son stocks. Son literalmente un museo de productos.Hay páginas como DAZ y otros que sí proveen imagenes 3D para tu uso.Programas de juegos 3DA menos que lo especifiquen en los términos de uso, estos no son stocks y no se pueden sacar del juego o del sitio web como desees. Esos personajes y fondos estan enormemente protegidos por la ley.Tampoco se pueden usar para hacer un mash up o foto manipulación como propios, a menos que tenga la licencia para hacerlo (por lo general, las plataformas/renderizadores de entornos permiten que se usen fuera del sitio).Source film maker; El cineasta de origen no parece estar interesado en el arte, solo animaciones de acuerdo con sus términos GENERADORES DE IMÁGENES AICuidado con el uso y los derechos de autor en estos!Wombo: No tiene información real sobre el uso aparte de que son dueños de lo que haces allí. Creo que las fuentes originales de la imagen final también provienen de las webs, probablemente de dominios gratuitos lea un ejemplo del resultado de la imagen Además, no puede venderlo como NFT de acuerdo con el acuerdo de los usuarios.Dall-E: Eres dueño del contenido como mejor te parezca, pero también tienen todo el permiso para abusar de él también No garantizan ningún tipo de seguro sobre el origen original de las imágenes que crea. Las bibliotecas de código abierto pueden significar muchas cosas, pero esto debe tenerse en cuenta antes de usarlas.Tampoco estoy convencido de que sean creados por el software sin fotos reales de algún lugar. Probé la simple palabra Miedo y los resultados son básicamente recortes y transformaciones de diferentes fotos. Algunos incluso se parecen a los memes de Scream y carteles de películas. Ejemplos: mi resultado en comparación con el resultado de la búsqueda inversa de imágenes, que es claramente la misma foto que acaba de transformarse y cambiar de color. Ejemplo: este resultado apareció varias veces, simplemente se transformó de manera diferente y la imagen inversa apareció como esta.La mayoría de los resultados de la palabra Miedo son muy similares entre sí como estos.Midjourney: parece ser similar a Wombo, los aceptaremos siempre que se realicen modificaciones en la imagen final. La versión sin editar no es tu arte, es el arte de IA de tus palabras. Si no pintaste o moficaste algo en el, no lo aceptaremos.Por ejemplo Sun Priestess --> generó imagenes individuales y las combinó a su manera.O pintado a mano sobre la imagen Ai para agregar más detalles, elementos o definiciones como Habitat o Scars.SITIOS PROHIBIDOSPhotobucketPhoenixrisingstock THEFT Gfxspot and the similar Mayhemwikimedia.orgshop.scrapbookgraphics.comRenders of any type or siteAny wallpapers pluspng.comoscraps. imageafter.compublic domain recopilators. webdesignerlab.comSnipstock (admiten que usan imágenes de dominio público y no dan crédito) (Es una compilación de otros sitios como Pixabay y Unsplash sin acreditar a ningún propietario de las fotos.) (recopilan DA stocks) Phoenixrisingstock deviantart (corta fotos de pixabay y otras obras de arte en sus propios trabajos) PICSAR APP IS ILLEGAL (compila obras de arte sobre pixiv y otros, los llama fondos de pantalla y dice que la acreditación es suficiente, cuando no es asi) (afirma que no controlan lo que se carga por los usuarios) (compila pinceles en todas las webs.)maxpixels & compila imágenes de pixabay, algunas tampoco son stocks. Haga google imagen inversa antes de usar.Garrys Mod software, de acuerdo con sus términos de uso, solo puede usarlos como referencias de pintura o hacer videos en el mundo de Garrys & read a example of image outcome ,The Art Theft DiscussionJuly 7, 2015Art Theft
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Zombie Rat King by Silinde-Ar-Feiniel
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Love-Me-Chain!! by Mo0n13aby
Digital Artworks, Paintings, Pixel,etc 11
Sun Wukong by MCAshe
Digital Artworks, Paintings, Pixel,etc 12
Will by Grimmanko
Digital Artworks, Paintings, Pixel,etc 13
Saiki by ZoomSix
Digital Artworks, Paintings, Pixel,etc. 14
Burned to the ground by EpicLoop
Digital Artworks, Paintings, Pixel,etc. 15
Snegurochka by petiteantoinette
Digital Artworks, Paintings, Pixel,etc. 16
No, the moon by leojamesarts
Digital Artworks, Paintings, Pixel,etc. 17
[OC] Watch Duty by 2blee
Digital Artworks, Paintings, Pixel,etc. 18
Starpiercer's Flag (Jerde version) by HorsesPlease
Digital Artworks, Paintings, Pixel,etc. 19
Invocation Day by Xarcahn
Digital Paintings 20
Owl Song - Fanart by BethellisHeavelyn
Digital Paintings and Drawings 22
How do people use it? (The Little Mermaid) by Amedeya
Full Digital Paintings 21
Cursed Pirate - Sea of Deceit by emmagucci
Digital Paintings and Drawings 23
Light through the darkness by Amedeya
-Slow fall to Freedom- by Acerbical
Creepy Halloween contest 2018
Mask of an assassin by DamienDed
Midnight Harvest - contest OPEN
A disturbance in the night by cocojonelle

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shadow of a past
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At the Recital Venue
Rivanel And Noroelles Commisison
Shadowheart - Night orchid
Pallas Athene
Lady Se'reyna Dawnborne
The Devouring Mist
YCH Among flowers
Mons ter
Cornered Beast
In diagon alley
My Little Puppy
Rosaria (Genshin Impact)
Unholy Powers
Look who is back, Scrap Baby is Back!
November / Commission 3
Machine Candyland
Machine Love
Until the stars go out
Flowers of the soul
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