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I've decided to make a folder for pixel (because people always submit in the wrong folder) and animations and 3D :) it makes me more than happy to receive these in the group :heart:

Folders explanation:

1) Featured: you are not allowed to submit in this folder.

2) Mixed media: folder that is for traditional that goes to digital. if your lineart is traditional but coloured digital it is still considered as a digital media so don't get it mixed up ^^

3) Original characters: your OCs, doesn't matter if it's your own or a character you made for a story/anime/fandom/etc, it's still considered as your original character :)

4) Miscellaneous: Well, if you don't know where to submit or that it consist of nothing of the folders, you can submit here XD

5) Original art work - digital 2: Your original work, that you do randomly, random characters and such, don't get it confused with the original character folder

6) Fan art: A folder for an existing characters that belong in anime/game/etc. If you are drawing someone else's character(s)/Oc(s) then it belongs to the original character folder, not here :)

7) Pixel: I don't have to explain what pixel art is, right? ._.

8) 3D: Anything consist of 3D arts.

9) Animations: 3D or 2D animations goes in here ^^


from now on, we won't be accepting:

- bases
- literature
- full traditional media (must be mixed media with digital)
- photography
- cosplay
- NSFW/hentai/nudes etc (Mature content tag please, we'll decline if there's no mature tag)
- screenshots
- signatures
- renders
- stamps
- photomanipulations
- WIPs/sketches/doodles
- drawing that is captured by camera
- line art

We're accepting:
- full digital art
- fan art
- mixed media traditional to digital
- original, ocs.
- anime-based drawings, anime realism
- animations
- monochrome colour
- tutorials (only digital please)
- Pixel
- 3Ds
- manga/comics
- character sheets/adoptables
- crossovers
- memes

Anymore suggestions or opinions are always welcome :hug:
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Hi, are you guys accepting adoptables?