[009xPKMN] Swift Swim
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Ok, so I did run this by a better-discerning eye, and it turns out I really did have 008's legs looking all right; if you guys disagree I'm open to suggestions. Sweating a little...   Maybe I overdid it with the effects (bubble brushes belong to MorganBW btw), but I still like how it turned out.

From bottom right clockwise: Kitwana (Samurott ♂), Maji (Vaporeon ♀), Atieno (Mega Gyarados ♂), Taji (Wailord ♂), Kanika (Mantine ♀) & Musa (Carracosta ♂).  He had a team in his guerrilla years, but Musa is the sole survivor (because he has Sturdy as his ability), still bearing the scars from when they were gunned down.  The rest of the team are Black Ghost replacements.

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jagg17|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is perfect~ All water types.
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Nicely done
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Shiniestlite|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice! :D
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