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Abbadomon Core by EdoNovaIllustrator
Diapenmon by EdoNovaIllustrator
Tinkermon by EdoNovaIllustrator
Bantyomamemon by EdoNovaIllustrator
Digimon: Ghost Game by Noire-Notorious
Gammamon by RinaTigresa
Leomon Survived by jojogape
Shroudmon by jojogape
Gomamon at the beach by LaPumpkINK
Diaboromon is back! by LaPumpkINK
Rosemon and Lalamon by LaPumpkINK
Terriermon X by LaPumpkINK
Digimon Adventure and Zero Two
Garudamon by Nixkrow
Flamedramon by EdoNovaIllustrator
Armagemon by EdoNovaIllustrator
Angewomon by IamFoxHunt
Digimon Tamers
Boltmon by EdoNovaIllustrator
Renamon [Raffle Prize] by Noire-Notorious
Gallantmon by Nixkrow
DS: Megidramon by RinaTigresa
Digimon Frontier
Zephyrmon by Noire-Notorious
Cherubimon Vice Mode by ArTg0bLiN
Digimon Sumo Girl Battle Sim by KaigunMontoya
You Take Me to the Top by KaigunMontoya
Digimon Savers
Reppamon by EdoNovaIllustrator
Gaomon by RinaTigresa
Digimon Savers Masaru x Yoshino by Yamatoking
Thunderbirdmon by EdoNovaIllustrator
Digimon Xros Wars
Mervamon by EdoNovaIllustrator
Scorpiomon by EdoNovaIllustrator
Mermaimon by EdoNovaIllustrator
OmegaShoutmon by EdoNovaIllustrator
Digimon Manga
AA Epilogue: Pt.7 by HronawmonsTamer
V-dramon by RinaTigresa
Zeromaru - Ulforce V-dramon by Grardox
I will always be with you by Yasuhiro-Alter
Custom Digimon
Demikuwagamon by ArTg0bLiN
The Demon Goat's by Zweicrusaders
The Knowledge's by Zweicrusaders
The Pink ewe's by Zweicrusaders
Digisoul Rol
Erismon Finished by Derethar
Mimi Tachikawa (Tri) - Casual by sabrina200415
Mugendramon Wallpaper by xyz-dbz
D-knight Emblem Digivice by Zweicrusaders
Digimon OC
Tussle in the Tundra by HyperionNova
DWOAH: Kimeramon vs Mighty Morphin' MegazordDeadliest warriors of all historyKimeramon vs Mighty Morphin’ MegazordWith these Beasts combinedKimeramon info:Height: 65 feetWeight: 10 tonsWeapons: Tooth and Claw, Acidic Flame Breath, Poison LasersStrengths: Is considered to be one of the most feared and powerful Ultimate level Digimon, Extreme strength (Easily overpowered the Digidestined’s Champion level Digimon physically), Extreme durability (Tanked dozens of attacks from both the Digidestined’s Digimon and wild Digimon whilst on its rampage), Massively hypersonic speeds (Easily outsped Champion level Digimon and kept up with other Ultimate levels whilst in flight), Is stated to possess the power of each Champion level Digimon’s Data that comprises its body.Weaknesses: Is highly unstable causing it to be near uncontrollable.Mighty Morphin’ Megazord info:Height: 134 feetWeight: 570 tonsWeapons: Bare Hands, Power Sword, Cranial LaserStrengths: Is the first and easily the most famous of all of the Megazords, Demi-Godlike strength (Thanks to its massive size the Megazord possesses immense strength, Can harm Rita’s Monsters after they had become Giants as well as other Zords, Can lift thousands of tons), Demi-Godlike durability (Can tank blows from even the strongest of Rita’s Monsters and other Zords, Its Mastodon Head Shield is near indestructible), Extreme speed (Despite its huge size the Megazord can move at high speeds in combat), Defeated dozens of Rita Repulsa’s Monsters.Weaknesses: Thanks to being solar powered the Megazord cannot fully function at night or during a solar eclipse, Was destroyed by Lord Zedd.Battle begin!(Angel Grove)It had been just another peaceful sunny day in Angel Grove when the sky tore open with a dark portal and from it emerged a huge Chimeric Creature, the Digimon roaring and bellowing in both rage and pain as its body writhed and thrashed as it came crashing to the ground hard enough to cause a small tremor, its body seeming at war with itself as the different sequences of Data within it clashed and didn’t properly combine.Upon landing Kimeramon let out another pained roar as a green glowing Flame erupted from its mouth “HEAT VIPER!!!” the Digimon bellowed, unleashing the Acidic Flames upon the area around it setting the grass and trees aflame.As the Digimon began its rampage the sound of crashing thunder rang out above it followed by metallic roars and screeches, Kimeramon turning towards the noise to see the Zords rushing towards it.“We need Megazord power now!” Jason declared as the Zords then became to morph and combine, each Ranger sounding off their Zord in sequence.“Mastodon!”.“Triceratops!”.“Pterodactyl!”.“Sabertooth Tiger!”.“Tyrannosaurus!”.With that the Zords came together and combine to create the huge humanoid Megazord, the giant Robot standing at more than twice the Digimon’s height casting the Beast in shadow as it stomped towards it but Kimeramon showed no fear, only more wild rage as it unleashed a Heat Viper right at the Megazord scoring it right in the chest.The blast made the Megazord stumble momentarily but it quickly righted itself to surge forward, swinging its arm low to slam its metallic Fist to the Digimons face, sending it skyward as the uppercut lifted it clean off of its feet.As the Digimon was knocked into the air the Megazord grabbed hold of its tail before using it to slam the Beast to the ground, the ground shaking from the impact before the Megazord lifted the Digimon to repeat the action again and again, spinning around as it threw Kimeramon around like a ragdoll.As it was slammed down onto its back again damaging its Devimon set of wings the Digimon managed to fire another Heat Viper at the Megazords shoulder were the Mastodon Zord was connected, sending sparks flying off of the Mech as it released the Digimon in recoil to the attack.“This Monsters got some fight to it! Raise Mastodon Shield!” Jason ordered to which the Megazord complied, raising its left arm as the Mastodon head at its hand fully opened, the wide head and ears of it forming a Shield which the Megazord promptly used to block the next Heat Viper from the Digimon.With the Shield blocking the Digimon’s Flaming Breath the Megazord marched forward before reaching down to grab hold of of its MegaKabuterimon arm, using it to wrench Kimeramon from the ground before outright tearing the arm off via a rough kick to the Beasts abdomen, leaving the arm dissipating in its grasp whilst the stump of it leaked data from Kimeramon’s body.Roaring in pain at the loss of its arm the Digimon then went on a feral attack, splaying its wings before using them to shoot forward into the air, starting to circle the Megazord at blinding speeds whilst taking swooping swipes at the Mech, making sparks fly with every hit before shooting higher into the air and splaying out its wings and remaining three arms.“HYPER ARMS!!!” Kimeramon bellowed as it suddenly charged and fired a deep purple blast of energy from each arm and wing, converging into one larger Laser which struck the Megazord hard before it could raised its Shield.“We’re taking too much damage from this thing!” Kimberly exclaimed as sparks flew from each Rangers control station, the Hyper Arms sending the Megazord stumbling back as the Digimon kept up the attack.“Keep pushing forward! We can do this!” Jason responded as the Megazord planted its feet and raised its Mastodon Shield to start defending itself from the Hyper Arms blast, the Mech then marching forward through the attack “fire Cranial Laser!”.With that the Megazord started to charge its head Laser, using its Shield to keep the Hyper Arms occupied before firing a powerful blast from its head, scoring the Digimon square in the chest to knock it out of the sky.Crash landing hard Kimeramon thrashed and writhed to force itself back up only to suffer a backhand to the side of the head as the Megazord went on the attack, the large Mech delivering punch after punch knocking the Digimon around barely giving it a chance to retaliate as the Megazord rained punch after punch to the Beasts head, steadily cracking the Kabuterimon carapace that covered its skull.As the carapace began to crack and splinter the Kimeramon ducked to dodge another swing from the Megazord before biting down hard on its right Mastodon arm, sending sparks flying from it as its Teeth carved through the metal whilst the Claws of its three arms carved and raked at the rest of its arm.More sparks flew in the control stations as the Megazord staggered and recoiled from each Clawing attack from the Digimon, the Mech then using its Shield arm to attack the Digimon’s head, raining more blows down on it until the Carapace finally cracked, its horn snapping off making the Beast roar in pain as more data began to leak out from its wounds.As the Digimon let go the Megazord slammed it away with a sweep of its arm before throwing its right arm to the air “we need the Power Sword!” Jason declared as lightning began to strike around them, the aforementioned Sword then descending from the sky before being caught by the Megazord.As the Megazord caught the Sword it was struck several times by lightning until it glowed a bright crimson red “alright let’s finish this! Hyaaaa!!!” Jason declared as the Megazord brandished the Power Sword and surged towards Kimeramon, the Digimon bellowing feral-ly as it took to the air again and swooped towards the huge Mech.As the Digimon shot towards it the Megazord then swung the Power Sword, the huge Blade cutting straight through all four of the Digimons wings sending it crashing back to the ground before the Mech turned around to ready itself again, Kimeramon roaring even louder in rage as it picked itself up and started to charge more Flames from its more.“Heat Viper!!!” the Beast bellowed launching its Acidic Flames again to which the Megazord blocked it once again with its Mastodon Shield, the Mech marching forward through the Heat Viper before swinging the Power Sword again as it surged forward passed the Digimon.As the Blade made contact the Heat Viper was cut off, Kimeramon’s eyes widening and dilating as a long thin bisection line ran across its head from its mouth, the top half of its head then slowly sliding off before dissipating into data, its body soon following suit in breaking down into data as it fell leaving nothing in the wake whilst the Megazord stood victorious.Winner: Mighty Morphin’ MegazordOnce again I have to apologise for how late this fight has been but if anyone has read my previous journal will know that I have gone through a family tragedy and have been dealing with...well, surviving it.But anyway, why does the Megazord beat Kimeramon?Well when it comes to outright power both fighters are relatively well matched with both being able to combat and destroy extremely powerful Digimon/Monsters with relative ease.What gave the Megazord the edge in my opinion however would be a greater durability and the fact that Kimeramon is an imperfect unstable fusion of Digimon to the point that it can be considered to be in constant conflict with itself during it into a feral animal rather than the trained obedient fighter the Digimon Emperor hoped it would be.So with the fact that Kimeramon would be fighting like a rabid Beast and attacking without thinking compared to the Megazord being piloted by five extremely skilled and intelligent Rangers the fight would sooner or later not end well for the Digimon.


Bacchusmon: Throne of Happiness (Crapulence mode) by ArdhamArts Bacchusmon: Throne of Happiness (Crapulence mode) :iconardhamarts:ArdhamArts 8 0 A godly visit by ArdhamArts
Mature content
A godly visit :iconardhamarts:ArdhamArts 17 6
Ogerwomon (( Digimon I wish existed )) by CasperCrow Ogerwomon (( Digimon I wish existed )) :iconcaspercrow:CasperCrow 36 7 Omegamon Mercifu Mode by dragonnova52 Omegamon Mercifu Mode :icondragonnova52:dragonnova52 126 5 Nefertimon by TheLittleMerwolf Nefertimon :iconthelittlemerwolf:TheLittleMerwolf 18 1 APPmon ARCV by 32bug APPmon ARCV :icon32bug:32bug 14 6 Koji Wada SHF by 32bug Koji Wada SHF :icon32bug:32bug 5 0 Shizuko y Betsumon Capitulo 1 by Herumankahi Shizuko y Betsumon Capitulo 1 :iconherumankahi:Herumankahi 6 3 Digimon Alphamons Raising Part 3 Colored Front by ascram Digimon Alphamons Raising Part 3 Colored Front :iconascram:ascram 12 3



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