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While this has been news for a while now, Amazon has now put up a cover for New Video Group's Digimon Data Squad season box set!!

What does this mean?  Well, if you remember back when, only 26 episodes came out via two box sets.  All the rest of the episodes came out on Region 4 DVD sets in Australia/Oceania, and while you can find them on eBay, it's not exactly cheap or easy to procure.  But like the previous Digimon seasons, now all 48 episodes will be available over 8 discs next March, along with fun extras!

You can pre-order on Amazon or on Walmart's website, and while the price seems steep now, chances are you'll pay much less when it comes time to pay for the pre-order! But whether you reserve a copy or buy the day it comes out, if you're a fan of Savers, Data Squad or just Digimon in general, support the franchise and get it!

(your commanding officer certainly will, as her birthday is less than a month from then. ;))
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Who we are + Rules

Welcome, DATS Agents! If you're already a member, welcome back! If it's your first time here or if you're scoping out whether or not you want to join, take a look around!

As you might have noticed, this is a fanclub for the fifth "season" of the Digimon series: either you know it as its original Japanese "Digimon Savers", or you found it through its English dub "Digimon Data Squad". Either way, if you're a huge fan of this season and want to let everyone know it, then this group is for you!

If you're interested in being part of this group, then sign up and submit your related deviations!


As with any group, there still has to be a code of conduct that, while we'll do our best to be nice to everyone, we'll nonetheless enforce.

:bulletorange:This is a place for BOTH fans of the original Japanese version "Digimon Savers", as well as the English dub "Digimon Data Squad". Sub vs. Dub wars will not be tolerated, nor will bashing or tongue-in-cheek snipes of either!

:bulletorange:This club is for works about the canon characters only! We understand if you have a Savers/DS OC, but we'd rather you post that in a group made for Digimon OCs, like DigiFDD, Digimon-Originals or Digimon-Tamer.

:bulletorange:No hate submissions about ANY of the characters! (Yes, we know you hate Kurata with all of your being but we'd rather you didn't express it here. ^^;) This is a /fan/ group, so even if you like a character everyone else hates, we'll treat you with respect.

:bulletorange:No blatantly-traced or Photoshopped images! This especially goes for so-called "Pixel Base" images! We want to see some effort, so we won't go down on you if it's not perfect! (Masaru certainly wouldn't want to see you cheat like that! That's not what a real man does!)
-That being said, if it's a pixel artwork that's not cheaply traced off of a screenshot, we'll be more likely to consider it.

:bulletorange:It's okay if you join and don't submit anything. But if you become a member of this group, it's probably good decorum to suggest at least one related deviation. Besides, you joined to show you love the season, right?
Granted, much of this is your basic common sense, but as long as you follow the rules, everything will be just perfect!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a question in the comments or send one of the mods a note!






Awesome Digimon fans who have affiliated with us!


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i love savers,it is an great digimon season and i wish that more people would like it <3
I would really like it if anyone watched my Digimon Savers Trailer I did even though it's a bit short :)
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Hello there, fellow Digimonfans!
Digital Passage is a newlyfound forum dedicated to the Digimon fandom. It would be great if you'd like to join, the Digital Heroes are waiting for you!
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Are fan fics of world dawn/dusk allowed?
They do feature the canon characters at the end of the game, but I'm not sure if that is good enough to be submitted here.
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I'd have to heavily review that; at the moment I'd allow them if they were relevant to the canon characters themselves. But we'll see.
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