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Apple Bloom - Hard time in dream...

Whoah.... the new episode has a lot of suprise elements XD
I mean, I really really surprised with Apple Bloom suddenly have a cutie mark o.O
Also, I think pest pony is the best hero!
Look at ponyvile without one :c

So then I want to draw something about it....

And finally, it's finished...
It's really hard to play with watercolor black color... 
So... I lowered the brightness and increased the contrast and wa-la... 

Media : Watercolors
Time : 3 hours + many hours waiting for the water dried up
Paper : Reeves water colour pad 190 gsm A5

Apple Bloom (c) My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic, Hasbro
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this episode scared me so much!! I didn't think she'd every wake up o.o
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Agree.. the episode have so much intense feelings that make me scared too D:
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Yea.. It was spooky, but at least they learned kind of .. some sort of lesson there.. o.o
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yeah.... some sort of lesson...
what the lesson we learned from that episode again ? ._. 
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To not worry about your future..? or.. maybe be true to yourself, and don't doubt your abilities..? IDK that's what I got out of it
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Ooo... so that's the lesson...
Well, I miss "dear princess Celestia" thing :'c
Without it, the episodes feel so short.....
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Ikr..? That took me by surprise... I really hope they didn't stop doing that.. now that Twilight is a princess.. that kind of defeats the purpose of Celestia now.. o. o  besides her whole sun raising thing. 
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Now I'm wondering how season 6 of mlp fim will be...
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Awesome! Twittermites!
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So that's the name of the bug XD 
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You have luigi mansion or ghostbuster here......
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I [We] just watch the Episode and wow... Applebloom did some talent in her dream :o (Eek) 
Anyway nice drawing as always... :D
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Thank you X3 
Yeah... I was really shocked about the episode at first time.... 
I thought Apple Bloom gonna be like that forever XD 
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