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Kingdom Hearts: Drifting Waves

Prologue: Haunting Past
There was a thick feeling in the dry desert air as Sora felt the sand crunching beneath his bare feet. He looked around the wasteland seeing nothing but shadows in the distance. Sweat drenched his forehead and ran down to his eyes causing them to burn, making his vision distorted. “Where am I? Is this a dream?” The shadows quickly became figures in the distance as they drew closer as he stumbled, unable to take much more of the dying heat. A blast of wind caught him off guard as he tumbled backwards, inhaling sand and dirt, he held his hand over his nose and mouth as the wind struck him once more and then settled. He tried to resist coughing for he knew he might vomit and lose the only food he would have for days in this desolate place. “This must be a dream.” The figures seemed to change into people but they were still too far away to be recognized. The burning in his throat became unbearable to where he could no longer hold his cough. He choked and wheezed as he attempted to crawl but it was no good, another wind blew by and knocked him down again. He clawed at the sand-filled air attempting to grasp clean oxygen but to no avail. He clasped in the warm desert sand, unable to keep going, as he finally caught his breath, he felt panic rise, no, not panic, fear. “You make a good other.” Hissed a voice from above, he rolled over on his back to see their faces, familiar faces.  He stared at them in disbelief; the people were long dead and looked it too. Roxas, Axel, Namine, it all seemed too real. “This has to be a dream.” It was only a year since he had seen them………could they have actually died or do Nobodies really die? One of them, Axel, was staring at him with such intensity although he looked like he was ready to be put in the ground; his eyes were dead and pale green as they matched the pale white face that looked as though its skin would slide off if he touched it. It opened its mouth although the jaw seemed as though it hung there. “He made me feel like I had a heart.” Its voice hissed as the last one did. Sora flipped over immediately as he scrambled past the two but stopped a few feet away when he caught a glimpse of her. She was a beautiful woman with long locks of silver hair that concealed most of her dead face. She grinned and whispered a long-forgotten phrase, “You’re cut out to do something great, I know it.” Sora clawed the sand attempting to escape but the Axel and Roxas quickly dove onto him, holding him down. “No!” Sora managed to choke out before the Namine place her hand over his mouth and dragged him backwards by the tail of his jacket. He kicked and flailed, attempting to wound someone or something, as he began to gnaw on the Roxas’ arm they suddenly dropped him. He stood up and, before he realized it, they had formed a half circle in front of him as he looked back, there was only a ledge to free him from the nightmare. He looked up at the woman but she only laughed as the others began to push him off of the edge. He bit and slapped them away and looked once more down the ledge before sliding off of the edge.
Falling wasn’t that bad, it beats being murdered by those visions from his past. But the falling stopped. It just stopped. He looked up to see Riku gripping his hand, his face concealed by his hair, “Oh Riku!” Sora shouted “Help me up quick!” as he hung there the wind blew Riku’s hair out of his face to expose a grin, “Riku! RIKU!” he shouted, “Riku, please!” He felt tears running down his cheeks as he slipped out of Riku’s grasp. “What’s wrong with you!?” he looked down and then back at his friend to see a pair of glowing yellow eyes as he bent over to where his face met Sora’s ear and whispered “I will break you”

Rolling out of bed, Sora gasped as he fell onto the floor, making air fill his lungs the second his back hit the cold floor, knocking it out again. He wiped the sweat off of his face and rested his head on the wooden floor for a few minuets. He looked over to the clock on his bedpost “Seven thirty two.” He confirmed to himself. He pulled off his Pajamas and rummaged through his dresser for a clean shirt. As he pulled on his jeans he hobbled to his mirror to check to see if he was at least decent looking, he ran his fingers through his spikey hair and pulled his backpack out of a pile of old videogames and looped his tie over his neck. He scrambled to the door only stopping to see his mother sprawled out on the couch, he felt a sick feeling rise in his stomach as he headed out the door and hurried to school.

Chapter 1: Just another ordinary day…..right?

Reaching the front steps of the school, he found Riku sitting in the tree where the teachers don’t normally look. “Skipping again?” he commented. Riku scoffed and the comment “In what job will I need to learn a pot from a pan?” Sora and Riku engaged in throwing insulting remarks toward each other. “Who knows? You might be the housewife of every man’s dreams” he scowled as Sora dashed inside before he could respond.
As Sora walked through the halls of the High School he looked around at all of the “Above the Influence” posters and peeked through the windows of each classroom and could only wonder why he missed such a dull place as this island. As he looked through his class’ window he saw his answer; there she was, her red hair was tucked neatly in a bun with just a small lock of hair hanging downward in her face; she was writing frivolously before she sat up and tucked the lock of hair behind her ear as her eyes met his she giggled and nudged Tidus who was asleep beside her. He blinked a few times as she whispered in his ear, his eyes widened and he turned to face Sora and rolled his eyes. The sensei walked up to them and began bickering her usual speeches Sora slumped down and walked to his locker, it was better than listening to that woman.
As he walked down the corridors he could only remember what happened a year before; waking up in a strange town, fighting Organization XIII, saying farewell to Axel, learning about his other self Roxas, and reuniting with Riku and Kairi. Lately a reoccurring nightmare has been haunting him although he has had similar dreams before…
The bell snapped him back to reality as Riku shot around the corner, swung his arm around his neck, and slammed him against the lockers “That’s for being a smartass!” he yelled. He let him go and rested his hand on Sora’s head, “So what’s with you lately? You’re acting as spaced out as you used to!” Sora swatted his hand away, “Its not that-” they both froze as he felt the air became heavy. Riku seemed to have felt it too, he was as alert as a watch dog, “Do you smell that?” he asked.
Riku had a disturbingly keen sense of smell which Sora had never actually gotten used to. He was so flustered by it “Something dark is passing by……” his eyes were wide as he searched around for where the smell came from. The feeling faded as Riku seemed to calm down. Sora leaned against a locker and exhaled deeply “I get these weird sensations when something bad is about to happen.” They seemed so caught up in what just happened to notice Stephlie and Kairi standing behind them. Stephlie’s jaw dropped “What the-” she waved her arms in front of Sora’s face “Hello! Earth to Sora!” Sora turned to her “Oh, hey.” She looked over his shoulder at Riku “um what’s with the sniffing?” Sora turned around to see that he had his face pressed against the wall “Oh him?! He’s just acting stupid, you know.” Kairi pulled Sora away “So, aren’t you going to be a gentleman and escort me to my next class?” Sora smiled and said “Yeah, we should leave him to cover for his own strange habits.” Kairi glance at Riku as a look of concern drifted onto her face, she walked right in front of him and placed her hand on his forehead, causing him to stop his ‘activities’ for a few moments “Are you okay?” he seemed distraught over her question “I’m fine!” he slapped her hand away and walked off. Stephlie stared at him for a few moments “What’s his problem?!” she huffed and turned and walked to her next class. Kairi sighed and stood there, Sora could almost feel her frustration she then turned around to face him, “What about you?” Sora patted her shoulder, “I’m okay if can ever get over his new hobby.” She smiled and tugged on his tie “Where’s your second year’s jacket?” Sora, noticing he forgot it, shrugged it off, “Who cares? I don’t look like a first year anyway!” Kairi sighed “You’re right; you look more like a bum!” Sora grinned and patted her back “Same difference.” He laughed and before she reached the classroom door, he held her shoulders tightly and, as she swung around to see him, he had a grim expression. “Meet me and Riku at the Paopu tree…” he released her and walked to his class, leaving an air of seriousness holding its place around her.

Kairi pursed her lips together as she watched the clock, waiting for the bell to ring, Wakka sat across from her watching her concentration. He looked up at the clock “Are you trying to make it go backwards or forwards?” She glanced at him “oh um…sorry” she scooped up her work and began filing it into each folder. It always annoyed him “Man! Why do ya do tat?” She looked up “huh? You mean organize?” He sat up and waved his arm in the air to signify his distress “I hate that! That!  When you do that!” she cocked her head to the side, “So you dislike me organizing?” Wakka picked up her papers and shoved them into her backpack. “It bothers me ya! A girl who has to go to work and still has noting but manners!” Kairi smiled at his concern, “Its okay I’ve been caught up in everyone else’s problems…” Wakka raised an eyebrow “Yes, Sora is acting all-” he was cut off by the shriek of the bell as everyone rushed out the door. Kairi bowed in apology as she headed out the door “oh I’m SO sorry but I have to go!” she rushed out of the school, hoping to find Sora on her way to the tree. She hummed with every step as she paced her way to the shore.
The sun was quite harsh today, forcing Kairi to chuck off her jacked and shoes. As she approached the curved tree her eye caught the bright sun reflecting on Riku’s thick, silver hair she sighed in admiration for she had always dreamed of having hair like him although she would never actually tell him so. “Hi! Riku!” she waved her hand as she tossed her jacket and book bag towards the tree. She felt so nice in the warm air although winter was still winter and chilly winds came and went. Sora was just walking up when Riku settled himself on his normal seat on the tree. Sora positioned himself in front of them; his expression hasn’t changed since that morning. Sora’s voice was so strong and firm that it seemed almost unrecognizable. “Something is coming. I don’t know what it is but it’s something bad.” Riku had an anything but jovial look on his face but they seemed so serious. “So what you’re saying is that we’ve got to fight?” Sora nodded “Precisely. What ever it is must be here for something right?” Riku grinned as he pulled out a large stack of paper “Exactly. Now, read this.” He handed Sora a sheet of paper as he scanned in “Um and? What does this have to do with anything? It’s just an old Organization report.” Riku snatched the paper out of his hand “Thank you; I needed a translator for these. Oh, and that ‘thing’ dropped these, but don’t worry, I’m on it.” Sora froze “huh? What ‘thing’?” Riku shook his head “These have been dropped whenever I smelled it….whatever it is….…I’m guessing it’s looking for Sora, and considering the fact that all of these are about him.” He shoved the papers back into his sack and swung it over his shoulder “Just do whatever you normally do and leave the big job to me.” He then turned his nose and left. Kairi had never seen them act this way it was like they were soldiers, not friends. Sora gritted his teeth and let out a scream as the pounded his fists against the tree “I hate it when he acts like that!!!!” startled by his outburst, Kairi could only stand there and stare as he snatched up his backpack and walked off. She was just so worried about him “Sora!” he turned slightly as she caught up with him “Is something bothering you again? Is she getting more violent lately? Do you need to come over for dinner tonight?” Sora seemed flustered by her concern “Oh no. I’m fine, just nightmares; nothing too serious.” She searched his face to see if he was fibbing “I just don’t want you worrying about me. I’m fine, really.” As they started walking together her heart felt lighter as though he steals away the pain in her heart. She began to smile and watch him as he quietly pushed the raft into the water and turned to her, “What’s funny?” she noticed that she had been staring “oh um, nothing!” he held out his and gently helped her into the boat “It’s starting to rain, I’ll walk you home.” As he reached for an oar she noticed a large wound along his knuckle that went down the top of his arm about a foot long “Is she getting worse?” Sora, knowing who she was talking about shook his head “No.”

The ride home was quiet except for the sound of the waves crashing against the sides of their raft. Kairi began to hum an old lullaby as it set an eerie tone to the dying sun and cold air rising. Sora remembered the lullaby; she sang it repetitively for about a month after she had washed up on the shore, “It must have been what her mother sang to her as a child.” He thought to himself, “Now she only sings it when she’s afraid or sad” he stared at her, wondering what was going through her head as the tide reflected the rising moon. The raft began to shake and snag as Sora jumped out and dragged the raft on shore. Kairi began mumbling under her breath “The sky sheds its tears” she looked up as tiny droplets fell from the gaping cloud that hung over them. Sora handed Kairi her jacket and smiled “I guess that means you’ll be needing this.” He put his arm around her as she tucked her head under the thin jacket, the light rain changed as a heavy downpour beat down on the two. They broke into a run down the road as the distant sound of waves crashing in tune with the rain slowly faded.

The rain soaked Riku barged into his home, his hair had turned from its light silver into a dull grey. As he stepped through the door he noticed that the housed had been empty for hours. “Hello! Kakeru! I’m home!” guessing no one was home; he closed the door and slumped into the kitchen. “I guess I’ll just have to look for something in the fridge like a starved hobo!” he called. Closing the fridge he noticed a noted that was quickly jotted down hours before ~had a date, left a sandwich for you so don’t order anything! Love, mom~ Riku rolled his eyes at the word “mom” he scoffed as he looked around for the sandwich “She couldn’t have hid it anywhere where I’ll see it, oh no, she’s not THAT smart…” he found only found a plate with something that resembled a sandwich. He picked up and, on his way to his room, dumped it in the garbage with little, if not, any thought. He tossed his book bag into the sea of paper and clutter that stacked his room up to the ceiling. “I wonder who number eight is….I wonder if he’s still running around” he began rummaging through a stack of papers until the opened a file labeled ‘Subject: Traitor, No. 8’ it struck curiosity but as a yawn came over him he tossed it back into the pile and crawled into bed.
A rustling noise caused Riku to wake although he didn’t move for he couldn’t pinpoint its scent. They came close to his bed and began to flip through the files he had lined up on the wall. As it searched the edge of his bed, he bolted towards it and summoned his Keyblade, striking the shadow as it stumbled backwards. The scent came in all too easy; under the cloak was a teenaged female girl who was shocked at the attack. He pounced at her, pinning her against the wall as she flailed and tried to run. “Now, I’m gonna ask nicely, who are you? Why are you after me?” She tilted her head upward to reveal a grin, “Stupid boy!” she laughed, “I’m not here for a weakling like you!” she then jammed her knee into his gut and ran her long fingernails down his cheek as he gasped in pain. She pounced on his back and began to claw his back as her teeth dug into his shoulder. Riku slapped her away as darkness shot out of the wooden floor creating a barrier between them, Riku grinned, “Didn’t expect that now did you!?” She scowled at him and jumped out of his window. He waited a few moments before he slumped to the floor, the blood dripping from his wounds made a tapping sound on the floor as he tried to catch his breath.  

Sora lay up in bed, unable to sleep for fear of having another nightmare like the last. He glanced out his window, staring at the moon through the trickling rain as a wave of despair washed over him once again. He sat up in bed feeling his heart begin to race in his chest. There was no sight of anyone yet there was something. He swiped his mp3 off of his bedpost and began to blast his ears with music to keep him awake as he tried to keep his eyes open. The sun began to peak over the island but this time it didn’t dissolve his sadness, “I can’t leave again, she’s too sick for me to leave …”  
The next morning, as he was walking to school he noticed Riku covered in scratches and surrounded by first-year girls. “Oh you poor thing!” one squealed, “I can’t believe that there are wild dogs running around attacking people!” another pondered. Riku, noticing Sora bowed to the group, “My apologies, I have to take this moment for close friends.” As he approached, Sora raised an eyebrow, “Wild dogs?” Riku raised a hand to the scratch over his eye, “um well, not actually, but um I was attacked…” Sora scoffed at him, “I can see that.” Riku rolled up his sleeve to inspect a rather large bite impression, “Aw man, it’s turned purple…” Sora stared wide-eyed at it as Riku tried to explain “umm well, this girl snuck into my room and…..I jumped her and she attacked me.” A wave of concern spread through Sora’s face “She was going through those files and told me that she wasn’t after me….and that’s what happened” He pulled his sleeve down and shrugged, “I guess it’s you they’re after, it can’t be anyone else.” He crossed his arms over his chest “Of course I don’t know what they would do with an inbred cleanup boy…” Sora smirked “Well, it must be better than a jobless princess…”

Riku had a sarcastic grin on his face, “You only wish you had a face like mine.” He slid down the hill and ran over to the where he had laid his book bag, “So how is that place? Is the pay good, cuz I-” He looked up to find Sora gazing out at something “Sora!” he barked as he stomped up the hill “How long is your attention span, really?” Sora snapped back to reality, his face red, “Oh, sorry…” Riku looked over to see what he was staring at only to find Kairi and Stephlie walking together “Oh, I see.” A smirk grew on his face, “I’m guessing it wasn’t Stephlie you were staring at now was it?” Sora’s face was still red “No, it wasn’t like that!” Riku burst out laughing “Oh don’t worry Sora, I already know how you feel about her.” Sora became agitated “I don’t, she means a lot to me but not in that way!” Riku patted his head “Okay! Okay! I believe you!” He then remembered what happened before he was attacked, “Hey Sora, have you ever heard of number VIII of Organization XIII? Sora looked up at him, knowing the person all too well, “Axel, he was Roxas’……” he trailed off, trying to find a good word for their mentor-student relationship, “companion.” Riku rolled his eyes, “Nobodies can’t feel and they can’t even have friends!” For some reason, Sora felt insulted by the comment, “He is- was part of the Organization.” Riku nodded “So he’s dead.” Sora felt even worse, “That report yesterday was in Sai’ax’s handwriting but I don’t know how I knew that.” Riku began to walk up to the cement stairway, “That’s simple; Roxas is part of you now.” Sora started to follow behind him, “Huh? You mean Roxas is still in me?” Riku glanced back at him “As much as Ansem is in me.” He opened the door, letting Sora enter first, “I haven’t had any seizures lately and my burning hate for people isn’t as bad.” Sora smiled “Then I guess your nearly cured?” Riku shook his head “Nope. But I’m in control of it.” Sora approached his locker and began toying with the lock “So how is your mom?” Riku leaned against the locker next to his, “If you mean Kakeru, she’s fine. How is your happy little family?” Sora gritted his teeth and slammed his locker, “Man, Riku, you should learn when to shut up!” he stomped off leaving Riku amazed “I didn’t know you knew how to get angry…awell, he’ll get over it…” He slung the book bag over his shoulder and trailed off without another thought about it.
At lunch, where girls normally run amok telling all they know, Sora seemed quiet, staring down at his hands. Riku settled himself beside him “So, what’s new?” Sora didn’t look up, “Oh, come off it Sora! I was just joking with you!” he then noticed Sora wasn’t awake, “What?! I apologies and you aren’t here to hear it!” he sighed and turned to his lunch. Wakka sat down across from him, sipping on his soda, “Wow, he’s upset.” Riku looked down at Sora to see that he was rolling his head on his arms as he let out small whimpering noises. “Um, wow he’s really distressed. Maybe I should wake him up” Riku lifted his hand to aid him but paused at Sora rolled off of the table without waking. He just happened to fall behind Kairi; she swung around and knelt beside him. “What happened?!” she cried, “He’s out cold!” the color drained out of Riku’s face as a sensei walked up beside him, “And who did this?” Riku looked up at him and tried to explain “He’s asleep! I swear!” Sora began to stir as he rolled over and looked around “What just happened?” Riku pointed at him and rolled his eyes “You’ve slept hard.” Sora was shaking as Kairi brushed her hand over his sweating forehead “Are you okay? You’re starting to worry me.” Sora stood up and wiped his pants, his face was red with embarrassment, and he walked out of the cafeteria without a word. Kairi started after him yet Riku grabbed her arm and shook his head “Don’t run after him, he’s fine.” Kairi slapped his hand away “Don’t just say that he’s fine! He needs someone and if it won’t be you then let me go!” Riku lightened his grip on her hand as she ran out of the cafeteria.

Kairi ran through the halls as people whisked by her, “Sora!” she called as she saw a familiar shape slip into the boy’s restroom, she paused for a moment considering what the consequences would be but Sora was most important right now. As she crept into the bathroom she noticed the floor was flooded about half an inch high with water “Thank God! Its broken…” she crept up to a closed stall and knocked on it “Are you okay? I’m so worried about you. You haven’t been acting like yourself lately and I’m scared that you’ve changed…” Sora opened the stall door by only a crack, “That’s what I’m afraid of. I feel like I’m not myself, I get so angry and I don’t know why. Sometimes I think ‘It’s just a phase I’ll grow out of it’ like the teachers told me but……I don’t know….” Kairi pressed her head against the door, “Whatever you’re going through we can help, me and everyone else but y u need to tell us that something is wrong.” Sora pressed his cheek against the door, almost mirroring Kairi’s action, “Thank you, Kairi, I don’t know how but you make me feel like I have someone to stand up on. You know?” Kairi gently smiled, once again being lifted by Sora’s words. “I can’t help but to be drawn to you. I guess we were lucky that I washed up on shore.” Sora pushed the door open, knocking Kairi into the sea of toilet water “I’m sorry!” he wrapped his arms around her and tried to pull her up only to slip into the foul-smelling liquid. He caught a gasp of the grotesque waft in the air, “Aw man, what IS this stuff!?” Sora, with his arms still around Kairi, scrambled out of the bathroom, soaked head to foot. Kairi tapped his shoulder “Oh and guess what? Prom is coming up in a few weeks!” He laughed and stood her upright, “I know this isn’t the time or place to be talking about this but I’ll chip in for your dress. What do you like?” She shook the water out of her shoes and laughed “Well I’ll have something better than this.”

The walk home was quiet for Riku, since Sora and Kairi wanted to wash up before leaving. There was a faint scent in the air but he couldn’t determine what it was, at least until he trailed downhill “Ugh!” he gagged as the familiar smell filled his nostrils, Darkness. It smelled similar to Ansem yet its different somehow it wasn’t his own hatred mixed into it he started to walk through the forest as the scent grew stronger suddenly, a voice cut the silence, “She’s such a klutz! Why do we trust her with the Organization’s reports!” it was a girl although he was unable to catch her scent for the overpowering dark reek covered up everything else. A boy’s voice answered, “He doesn’t like it when his followers are insulted. Besides this ‘key’ is hard to find, every time we pin point him he vanishes between light and darkness. I don’t know how he does it!” Riku rolled his eyes knowing the answer. He sat calmly as he extended his arm, letting darkness accumulate at his palm. “Riku-kun?” the darkness shot off as he rolled over to see her, Thorn, his girlfriend, her hazel eyes filled with fear. Two black figures emerged from the bushes as Riku tackled Thorn, holding her close. One figure screamed “How do you like me now silver?!” she landed on his back and summoned a Keyblade. Riku rolled left, attempting to escape her blade, ‘I have to protect her!’ Riku thought as he pushed her away just as the boy delivered a blow to his gut. Thorn didn’t run, “Get out of here!” he screamed while dodging their blows but she just stood there, wide eyed. Two people jumped from above, “Firaga!” they shouted as a blast of fire sputtered out of their Keyblades, not just any Keyblades, Sora and Kairi’s. As Sora flipped around to aid his friend, the other figure summoned a rather large axe-like Keyblade and clumsily swung it around, cutting Kairi’s back. She let out an ear-splitting screech as she fell to the ground. More figures appeared out of the forest revealing that one was holding a Keyblade to Thorn’s throat. Riku looked up at Sora, who was now standing, as the dark smell seemed to vanish. ‘Is Sora that strong? Can he wipe out darkness with just his heart?’ Sora seemed to have a look of hate on his face as one, rather large, figure appeared, Riku felt his heart sink as cold, dead, air brushed through him. The hooded man bowed, “After all of these years, this is the chance I have been waiting for!” Sora cocked his head and raised an eyebrow “What do you want here with us?” The man straitened himself up, “I am Azzama, your humble servant here to lead the Key to its rightful place.” Sora shook his head “No. You’re anything but humble…If you are my servant then call these followers of yours off.” Azzama smirked and raised a hand Sora suddenly fell to the ground, unable to breathe, “You’re a young boy, Sora, and you don’t know what you can be.” He walked towards Sora, drawing a dagger, “No!” Riku called out as he stabbed the man’s hand, and as Azzama screamed in pain as his followers began to pull Riku off “No!” he scrambled to his knees and crawled towards his friend. Kairi ran towards the man, as he grabbed her by the ankles and, screaming “Don’t interfere!” he effortlessly threw her a few feet away. There was a gunshot over in Thorn’s direction, as Riku turned, he witnessed a flash of who she really was as the man behind her slid onto his knees and dropped to the ground. Thorn pulled out a hand gun from behind her back and pointed at Azzama, “I believe Riku-kun is My property and Sora-chan is his responsibility.” Riku then tackled the man, “You’re gonna pay!” the attack was futile as Azzama pulled him away by his hair and ran to Sora, plunging the weapon into his chest. Kairi, Keyblade raised, ran behind him and struck the man’s head and dived on top of Sora, who was clawing at the dagger, curled up in pain. She rolled him over and pulled it out causing blood to splatter on her uniform as Sora seemed to settle in her arms as he drifted between consciousnesses. Riku ran over to them as Kairi handed Sora over to him. The anger boiled deep inside of him as the foul smell of rotting flesh filled the air as darkness crawled up his body. Azzama seemed intrigued by it “Why would such a boy waste his time with a demon like you. It fueled Riku’s hate, as his skin turned from a tan to a coal-black shade from his chin to his feet; his eyes seemed to burn with intensity. “He understands us; he cares for us when no one else will; and he’s a hell of a lot better than you…..” darkness began forming on the ground around him. Azzama laughed “Is that it? Mere tricks affect me!” as he ran towards them a vine crawled out of the darkness and shredded his leg with its thorns. Riku felt the vines twisting up his legs and arms he turned to Thorn and offered his hand “Don’t worry; I won’t let it hurt you.” She nodded and jumped towards him, as the vines wrapped around her and slammed her against the ground. Riku stood as everyone started to sink into the dark depths, “You lose.” He grinned as his body sank down into the black.

One follower raised a Keyblade but his master raised his hand, “No. I don’t think forcing him is the best choice. Maybe if we showed him his potential…..” the boy became distraught, “What do you mean?” Azzama only laughed, “He will make a choice….”

End of Chapter 1

Authors Note: (this is actually me babbling about this story and the game series): Wow….when I wrote this it was about five hundred words (and for some reason or other, I added a few scenes and thoroughly described each character. And now its five thousand words long.)  To tell you the truth, this story makes me sound so much smarter but I really am normal (sort of). Most of the prologue was actually a dream I had (although I did change it up a little) I really liked this but there were some problems I had writing it like adding some comical relief and yes, if there was some parts you didn’t understand they will be laid out to rest in future chapters. Man….I think this story is unique because it follows the rules laid out by all of the games and plus it doesn’t follow just one character or just one couple; it follows everyone’s trials through life. I know I made Sora angry (for a reason) but for almost the rest of the series he’s calmer and I made Riku thoughtless but that’s how I portrayed him as being cold but kind. Don’t worry Riku fans he’ll have his chance in the spotlight soon but just not right now)
The whole conflict was puzzling and that’s how I wanted it to be, confusing. Um yeah this first guy won’t last long but he opens up and huge conflict that will follow them throughout the story (so I thought “Why not give Sora and Riku something amazing that will keep readers hooked” and then I thought up this entire thing!)
Did I make the ending too violent? (I was planning to make the third chapter quite violent for reasons of male readers) The guy’s name just popped into my head one night *while listening to music I was thinking of names for an old guy*
There are only three actual characters I made (not counting their parents and the occasional student or two). One is Thorn, I thought up that name while playing Kingdom Hearts II as I was fighting the dragon heartless boss in the second part of the Land of the Dragons and it came up completely randomly but I thought of the name ‘Thorn’ It seemed dark and fit the character just right (even though she is actually cute natured although she dresses in dark clothing)  I thought of her to have black hair to equal Riku’s silver hair (it just seemed right).
I actually drew a cover for chapters 1-4 Sora, age sixteen, in his second-year’s jacket & school uniform)
I’m sad really, I found out that my PS2 and its games are now obsolete. The funny thing is the guy at the Gamestop said “PS2 games are virtually useless but when I turn to my right, there are PS2 games marked at $30. Life is unfair, I don’t know what is so special about the PS3 I mean really take away the high definition and it’s just a PS2 with smaller discs. And why do they make the PS3 play all PS & PS2 games but they aren’t attempting to make PS2 that play PS3 games. My PS2 is like ancient! I’m actually surprised that it’s still kicking.
So yeah, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days released in Japan and now all we have to do is wait. I want to see what Xion has to do with Sora and also cuz Axel is my second favorite (and the old Roxas is my third) I saw something disturbing one day about the game I didn’t mean to see it but erhm, lets just say I’m guessing people will want to erase their Xion/Riku or Xion/Roxas or Xion/Axel stories cuz that was scary. (Again, I didn’t mean to see it! I hate spoilers It ruins the game *unless u will absolutely not get the game*) actually after seeing it, I’m disturbed (especially since I’m a Sora fan) I was like “Bwaaa!!!”

Terms to Know: These were used in the previous story
Sensei – a sensei is a teacher *most of u probably knew that*

Name extensions (I don’t know what to call it)
-kun – refers to a boy (but is used with boy’s names even though the person might be a girl)
-chan – refers to a younger boy or a boy considered adorable (the second reason is why she calls him Sora-chan)
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