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After great delay, I've finally migrated over to
(drumroll please)
our very own domain name. With fancy subdomains and everything!

The site also has a revamped layout to match the other projects sites I've got in Production(tm). :U The re:GEN mirror is the only site that's live right now, but heyyyyy.

Update your links!
Okay, first, if you don't already, please feel free to go watch the group for my next project, Digimon re:CONNECT:
The site and story are set to launch on December 2nd, 2013! Mark the date, because I ain't missing it.

Yesterday, I uploaded the epilogue of Digimon re:GENESIS. The final stats, according to my master word file (single spaced, 12 pt times new roman, page break between chapters):

51 chapters + epilogue
300,052 words
801 pages
Over a course of 2 years, to the day.

Damn, son.

It wouldn't be possible without the rad people who supported it and me along the way, as it's seen me through some pretty rough times.

So what's up next? Well, I'll still be drawing art of the re:GEN characters, and working slowly on re-writing old chapters. That'll still happen! But for now, the re:GEN characters have reached the end of their journeys. It's time to give them a bit of a rest. re:CON starts in a couple months, and will be giving us a fresh new universe and real/digital worlds.
re:GENESIS has been an amazing journey. I'll come back to it someday, mark my words, even if I don't really know how or in what way yet, but for now, it's done and the book has been closed. Rest easy, warriors, or something like that.

Anyway. I'm taking time off of writing until November (though I'm still plugging away at getting the re:CONNECT site in acceptable condition). We'll see where the future takes us.
So I'm finishing up chapter 46, hopefully to be out by tonight, because...

Today is the first day of Camp NaNoWriMo (basically just NaNo, but not in November and with your own word goal). My word goal is kind of unclear, because...

I hope to finish writing re:GENESIS within the span of July.

holy crap this is terrifying

Look forward to updates on Mondays all this month, if I can keep it up!
I've just been very out of writing inspiration as of some new oddness and such in my personal life. Worry not! Chapter 43 is being written as we speak -- I've finally found my groove -- and should be out within the next week.

that, and I'm working on pre-judging and such for the re:CONNECT contest.

point is
Anyway! Yes. I'm now re-writing some of the older chapters (current estimate is the first 15) so they suck somewhat less. I won't be uploading them here on dA (at least, not now), but they will be on the site and fanfiction dot net!