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One day, all things are once more made new.

What is Digimon re:GENESIS?

Digimon re:GENESIS is (was) a Digimon fanseries project with an all-original cast of digimon and kids. All of the writing, official art, and site work are done by Kennedy 'Kazz' E. (:iconglitchgoat: -- that's me).

On a meta level, Digimon re:GENESIS is a project that tries to recapture parts of the feel of the first five seasons of Digimon, and add its authors unique touch to it, instead of following in the trending steps of other projects. It aims to be nostalgic yet personal, familiar yet fresh.

It was published over the course of two years, October 3 2011 to October 3 2013. It totaled 51 chapters plus epilogue, plus a whole lot of art and site work.

This club was created not to talk about how great my project and I are, but to give anyone who's curious about the project to have one convenient way to check stuff out, watch, and have access to all the media in one place.


One hundred Digital Years ago, the mysterious Era invaded the Digital World. With tremendous, unprecedented levels of power, he's been almost unhindered in his hundred-year campaign to take over the Digital World. Only a quarter of the Digital World remains free, and most have given up active rebellion in leiu of simply surviving.

In the present day, the Digital World has reached its final lines of defense-- its secret weapon. Seven children are summoned, to fight alongside seven digimon, using the power of the Virtues. Whether they want to or not, they're trapped in a war whose turnout will determine the fate of the Digital World-- and their own. They become key instruments in the Sovereign's defense... but little do they know how important they are to Era...


Simon Bell & Egakumon
The take-charge, hot-blooded artist and the enthusiastic paintbrush-wielding rabbit Digimon

Andrea Michaels & Rajamon
The fearless, combatitive hot-head and her opinionated fire-starter tiger Digimon.

Julian LeBlanc & Iguamon
The stoic, intelligent strategist and his laconic rock-steady dinosaur Digimon.

Faris Beckett & Delfinimon
The wise-cracking, sarcastic goofball and his fun-loving, wave-frolicking dolphin Digimon.

Emily Hariss & Kamomon
The somewhat-ditzy, cheerful dreamer and her easly-flustered, head-in-the-clouds seagull Digimon.

Tobias 'Toby' Moore & Lammon
The quiet, observant optimist and his gentle light sheep Digimon.

Lukas Kelly & Sampamon
The humble, tender-hearted long-missing seventh child and his cryptic shadowy snake Digimon.

Official Sites, Uploads, and Supplements

Digimon re:GENESIS Official Site
The way the fic was meant to be read-- with tons of supplemental material and profiles, and more!
The only other place outside of dA and the site to read re:GEN!

TVTropes Page
To archive the tropes in re:GEN... because why not?



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After great delay, I've finally migrated over to
(drumroll please)
our very own domain name. With fancy subdomains and everything!

The site also has a revamped layout to match the other projects sites I've got in Production(tm). :U The re:GEN mirror is the only site that's live right now, but heyyyyy.

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For some reason, want to affiliate with re:GEN?
Sure! Just send a request. As long as your group is Digimon-related, it's cool by me.


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