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finally set up the digimonreset @ that i've had saved for ages

will be posting about updates etc in real time over there, and will answer any general questions you've got, if you want to follow re:CON (and future projects) on twitter without dealing with my actual usual behavior on twitter

please feel free to like, ask questions about story stuff/characters/etc ! i like talking about my shit, dA just isn't the best platform for it

whoop whoop

ch29 coming out on Friday night btw
chapter hopefully coming on the 15th

sometimes i legitimately wonder why i bother with this thing when i have so obviously missed the boat where it's particularly interesting or clever or groundbreaking but frankly i do it for me

but it'd be cool to hear if anyone out there still cares about it
so i know you are all desperately wondering: where is it? where is re:con?

the answer is: [horrifying screaming]

okay, the real answer is that the past few months have been extremely busy for me and i've been doing a lot of commissions, both paid and written, and, unfortunately, anything I get paid to do takes precedent over things i don't get paid to do, and other real life concerns take precedence over commissions

I'd like to be back and chugging away again over the next couple months. i couldn't give up on re:con if i tried, and I just want to keep reassuring you all of that. it may take a little longer and I may drop off the planet sometimes, but it will continue, come hell or high water

(because i've already wasted all this goddamn time on it and i'm nothing if not a sucker for a sunk cost fallacy)

anyway i make no promises but do know that ch28 is still a'coming
i'm about a thousand words from being done, and hoping to hammer that out and start on screenshots tonight.

so it will happen!

stay tunéd, i'll have more to say then
Okay! It took a little longer than I hoped it would, because I simply had such a hard time calling these shots, but in the end, I had to be honest with myself. ;v;

First of all, I'm going to do all the runners up!
Every single entry had something about it that made it super hard for me to make a call-- and I want to share all the love I couldn't share in the comments, in the interests of keeping relatively neutral!
remember that if you entered at all, you receive a free coloured sketch of one original rookie/child-level digimon, so be sure to get in touch!


Let the Music Fuel Your Fighting Spirit! by alphaofdarkness
alphaofdarkness' entry is such a cute, in-character piece puts a huge smile on my face every time I look at it -- Oremon can be a grump, but it's nice to know that the readers are seeing through his facade enough to get a smile out of the big grumpy goat. >: P I love the expressions and the concept at work here!

Don't Stop Til You Drop (Contest Entry) by Vusby
Vusby's entry has such cute colours and an endearing style but honestly the thing I need to comment on most is that i've had drop pop candy stuck in my head for the past week and i want nothing more than the sweet relief of death and that's all on you.

re:CONTEST Meghan and Oremon by Zweicrusaders
Zweicrusaders' entry is super cute and poppy! I can't explain quite what, but I just love the style they drew Oremon in-- maybe it's those big round shapes on his arms and legs? It's such a cute entry that I just feel really fits Meg and Oremon!

Pheonomon put forth a really fun, 'free' feeling entry! With a great song to go with it -- that will absolutely be finding its way to one of the later OSTs, mark my words -- I feel like you can tell how much effort the artist put in! (I always have a soft spot when people who don't draw humans very often still try to do it anyway-- it's a problem I have, myself!)

Fight in the ParkNatalie ran until her lungs felt ready to burst, she looked back at her family’s apartment building, bricks torn off the exterior and shingles misshapen and malformed on the roof. The roof where she and Raumon once sat, late nights sitting and doing nothing more than enjoying the other’s company. Her family was safe and content for now, save for no B-Rated movies about giant tentacle monsters.  Now though, now she and Raumon had things to do, strapped in the car they blared their favorite music as they speedily drove around rubble and other hazardous road blocks. She ran her hand through her short red hair and tried to act braver than she was, the music calming her ever so slightly. But nothing calmed her more than her feathered friend’s talon overtop her shaking hand, that had a death grip on the steering wheel. They were partners after all, and even with how busy she had been, he remained her constant rock and best friend.
A screeching stop upon the park where

MalgrimTheMad really impressed me with his written entry-- it's got brisk, snappy action, and I feel it really captures the relationship between Natalie and Raumon spot-on! (Really a shame about the bridge, though...)

:star: THIRD PLACE :star:

And thus receiving:
  • Shaded 'line art' of their original digimon character, from baby to champion (style example)
  • One dynamic, shaded illustration (no/simple bg) of their tamer OC and their digimon partner in rookie form
  • $5 USD OR 500 dA points

Is a tie!

:iconrazenx: and :iconsushy00: !
Digimon Re:Contest Entry- NoiseThump. Crinkle. Thump. Crinkle.
“I’mma give you one more chance to shut the fuck up before I throw you down the fucking garbage chute.”
The exasperated, bitter statement was slightly muffled by the pillow into which the twenty-something’s face was currently buried, but the only other inhabitant of the small apartment heard it loud and clear.
THUMP CRINKLE THUMP CRINKLE                                  
“OK! I’ll be up here any time you feel like moving,” came the reply from the talking blue bat who was currently devouring a bag of chips in the noisiest way possible and ignoring her partner’s threat.
Another garbled response from the pillow which sounded like a mix between “fuck you” and “kill you” was the answer.
Xander Neal hadn
sheetpaper by sushy00

I love all the detail work that went into :iconsushy00:'s piece -- all those posters ! -- and there's something to be said for an entry that makes me laugh, which :iconrazenx:'s did more than once! I struggled for a while on which of these two awesome Xander-centric entries to place, and in the end, I couldn't decide-- so both of them get the honor! A little more cost and a bit more effort for me, but I think I can manage.

:star: SECOND PLACE :star:

And thus receiving:
  • Their original (rookie-level only) Digimon and tamer recieve a minor recurring cameo role in Digimon re:CONNECT
  • Shaded 'line art' of their original digimon character, from baby to champion (style example) and tamer
  • One dynamic, shaded illustration (no/simple bg) of their tamer OC and their digimon partner in rookie form
  • $10 USD OR 1000 dA points

CE: Everything Remains as it Never Was by AwesomebyAccident

In addition to providing me with a killer writing inspiration song, I simply love the concept behind this entry! I feel it really captures the spirit of the characters in a way I can't quite explain without venturing into spoilers, but I think it's appreciate-able even without the fore-knowledge I have.

:star: FIRST PLACE :star:

And thus receiving:
  • Shaded 'line art' of their original digimon character, from baby to mega (style example), and tamer
  • One dynamic, shaded illustration (no/simple bg) of their tamer OC and their digimon partner in champion form (or any lower level)
  • $15 USD OR 1500 dA points
  • Their original (rookie-level only) Digimon and tamer receive a recurring cameo role in re:CONNECT, central to the plot of an upcoming chapter, and making recurring minor appearances afterwards. You'll get a special preview of this chapter before it goes live, and will be granted some degree of control over your character's portrayal!

is... (drumroll, please)

Digimon Re:Conn - Beat of Life by FlyKiwiFly
The original Peter-only version of this entry, I already loved for its style and concept, but the full version with the entire main cast-- I've got to give points for the effort that clearly went into this entry! The stylish vector-y background, the characters reacting in subtly different ways, the overall mood of the piece-- it was a really tough call to make, but I have to tip my hat to Kiwi on this one.

I have to give a million thanks to literally everyone who entered-- I got so many more entries than I really expected to, and every single one of them put a big smile on my face!

If you entered, please get in contact with me by sending me a note-- remember, even if you didn't place, you still get a free sketch, so I need to know which of your characters you want me to draw!

Thanks a million-- and if you still want another shot in the future, there will be another contest a bit later down the line! (Not until the mid-30s chapters, I believe, but still, that'll come sooner than I think any of us think...)

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