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About re:CONNECT

Something Wicked This Way Comes

a new Fan-Digimon & Digidestined fic from glitchgoat, the dude who brought you Digimon re:GENESIS

Fifteen years ago, the Digital World's connection to the real world was severed in order to quarantine the spread of an all-consuming corruption.

Fifteen years ago, a handful of digimon emerged in the human world with no memory of who they were, only the knowledge that they couldn't go back.

When the connection begins to open again, the refugee digimon may not know where they fit in this puzzle, but they don't really get a choice in whether or not they're going to find out.



Digimon re:CONNECT is a fanseries set in an original universe with a cast of young adults. It is welcoming to both franchise veterans and total digi-newbies, no prior experience required.

Digimon re:CONNECT updates with a new chapter twice a month, on the first and the fifteenth. This group is a central hub for all art, the dA mirrors of all episodes, and updates, but the series is best experienced on its website.

Roster: Main
:bulletpurple: Natalie Green: The de facto leader, a proactive problem-solver with a stubborn streak, partnered to Raumon, a crow-like digimon with a face like a plague doctor's mask.

:bulletblue: Alexander 'Xander' Neal: Blunt, abrasive, and confrontational but fiercely loyal, a punk-rocker partnered to Desmon, a manically-cheerful loudmouthed bat digimon.

:bulletwhite: Peter Logan: A reserved and perpetually straight-faced hipster with a morbid bend, partnered to Banmon, a cripplingly-shy bandaged-up ghost digimon.

:bulletorange: Meghan 'Meg' Abbott: Always putting on a show of being cheerful and sunny, the emotional core of the group, partnered to Oremon, a gruff and grumpy goat digimon.

:bulletgreen: Samuel 'Sam' Xiao: A sarcastic, self-depreciating, and outrageously anxious hacker and tinkerer, partnered to Gelermon, a confrontational and independent hound digimon.

:bulletblack: Lily Marquis: ???

Roster: Vital Side Characters
:bulletred: Ryan Jesse: Confident, driven, and douchey enough to wear sunglasses at night, a brash young man partnered to the mysterious angelic digimon Shitomon.

:bulletyellow: Jennifer 'Jen' Walker: A girl who's blunt and forgetful but clever and observant, partnered to the calm and grounded red panda digimon Lurumon.

Bulletcyan by Wooded-WolfEli Spencer: Laid-back, cynical, and apathetic, a practically unflappable young man partnered to the noh-mask-faced fox digimon, Hulimon.

:bulletpink: Ratamon: The helpful but mysterious dragon-squirrel digimon who operates according to his own schedule and his own goals.

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A digimon fanseries fic project
updating the 1st and the 15th of every month


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The guy who writes the story has'nt been on most sites in months, so who really knows. He seems to be moderately active on twitter though.

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