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It's good to hear this is still kicking. I was kind of worried to be honest, as much as I hate being like that. 

Still kind of sad's it's ending soon-ish. Truly one of the best fanfics I ever read, hell I aspire to write stories even half as good as RE:Con. 
Hey um.. Is this group open? If not, sorry for wasting your time!
The guy who writes the story has'nt been on most sites in months, so who really knows. He seems to be moderately active on twitter though.

So who knows what's going on. Life shit i would imagine. 
You doing okay? You've missed the anniversary. 
Not sure he is, he claims to be hammering away at it slowly though. He is still updating his social media and deviantart page, so who knows.
Well he's the writer, can't be easy to balance that and life. Hope he's okay though.