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If you haven't already, go watch :icondigimon-sleepers: to get updates on new episodes and content! We won't be alerting watchers of this group when Sleepers updates, so if you're interested, make sure to follow that group too :)

So finally, after all that waiting, the Digimon Sleepers website has fully launched!.

The Reboot website will still periodically update as we get fan art or other stuff to add! In case you missed it, there was an update back in September!
If you haven't added the Digimon Sleepers group to your watch, go ahead and do so. We've uploaded a little teaser on the website, just enough to get you excited.

But just because Digimon Sleepers is on the dawn of release doesn't mean Digimon Reboot is done. So just keep your eye out for the both of them. :la:


and make sure you like Digimon Sleepers on facebook too…
Well. It is finally here.

Fifty-one episodes.

Three intermissions.

1094 pages.

518, 974 words

And 337 screenshots.

Not to mention the countless messages, brainstorming and mutual support which helped us through this epic endeveor over the last almost three years.
The final episode is here, ready for you guys to read.

So go do it. Now!

Here it is! Waste no time! Go! Go!!

And tell us your feelings for the last episode of Digimon Reboot. <3
Haha okay I can't compare to :iconbluster-squall:'s awesome seekrit journal so I'm not even going to try xD;

Butuhh, that bit about this Wednesday/Thursday? Scratch that and make it next week.

Deepest apologies OTL

I realized that I am, in fact, not Superman. Anime North is this weekend and I am crumbling to pieces just trying to get stuff done for that. Even if I had a little time to work on the last Reboot update, it would be at a sacrifice to quality, and I just can't let that happen!

So just one more week! It'll be big! It'll be worth it!

>_>  ...

<_< ...

Coast clear? ...
You sure?



Okay. Come in reeeeeaaaallllll close, as I got something super seekrit to tell you. Just between us, yeah? No one else is to know. Strictly a need-to-know basis.
I can trust you, right?

Yeah... you got the right sort of face.

Okay... you listening? I'm going to say this once.

Keep an eye out on the Digimon Reboot website this Wednesday/Thursday.
That's all I can say. Okay?
Now skedaddle.
Don't need to be attracting more attention than necessary.

And remember!
If anyone asks, this conversation never happened.

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