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About Digimon Reboot

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For loads more information, character profiles, and of course the fanfic itself, check out the Digimon: Reboot Homepage!

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:pointr:The Digimon: Reboot Creators:pointl:
:iconbluster-squall: :iconh-boogie: :iconxuza:

:pointr:What's Digimon: Reboot?:pointl:
It's a joint project created by the Digimon Delta Team.
The story itself is written by bluster-squall and H-Boogie. The 'official' art is done by xuza, who also draws the screen shots, which are finished/spiced up by H-Boogie.

One thousand digital years ago, the Digital World was ravaged by a terrible war. The gods, those who were once guardians of the World, were locked in a battle against a parasitic evil which threatened to engulf everything in its path. As a last resort, the gods sacrificed themselves to create one final, massive blow against the plague.

The titanic explosion had a devastating side effect: the Digital World was rebooted.

What none of them expected was that the parasite had shielded itself just enough for a small part to survive the cataclysm. It recovered, and swiftly grew to rule the renewed World. With the gods left as less than memories, it made its thousand-year progress unhindered.

Twenty human years later, the parasite has begun to burrow into the real world.

Read the full story HERE!

There is no definitive leader figure in Digimon:Reboot, they all circle around like a color wheel :3

:bulletyellow:Piper Swift & Caesarmon:bulletyellow:
A quiet and friendly veterinarian-in-training and her water-type otter Digimon.

:bulletorange:Frankie Pitel & Siberimon:bulletorange:
The free spirit who loves being flirty, and her windy, serious tiger Digimon.

:bulletpink:Eva Jarvis & Irbimon:bulletpink:
Shy yet short-fused, a girl and her snow leopard Digimon, of an icy calling.

:bulletpurple:James Parker & Odocomon:bulletpurple:
The serious and stoic one, and his light-elemented deer Digimon.

:bulletblue:Reyez Louis & Ailurmon:bulletblue:
A sarcastic and easily bored ex-soldier and his spunky earth-typed panda Digimon.

:bulletgreen:Tom Lay & Poemon:bulletgreen:
Argumentative and techy, with his sweet but super-shy crow Digimon, a dark type.

Gallery Folders

Burlesque by LiaAmari17
30 for 30 - 2 by LiaAmari17
Reboot CD Covers by xuza
The Tamers
Burlesque: Hunter Divine by LiaAmari17
Burlesque: Rose Divine by LiaAmari17
Burlesque: Frankie Pitel by LiaAmari17
Burlesque: Eva Jarvis by LiaAmari17
The Digimon
Malkimon by SaryTheWolf
Cutout Irbimon by SaryTheWolf
Selenemon by Setsuna-Yena
Ceryniamon by Setsuna-Yena
CaesarMon?! by Zweicrusaders
[comm] Storytime by xuza
Mimi and Frankie by SaryTheWolf
Digimon Reboot 2nd Contest Entry 2 by Crapcarp
Digimon Reboot fan Vid i made by animefan110
Contest Entry by e-maldonado
Digimon Reboot Contest Entry by Setsuna-Yena
Entry for Reboot Contest 1 by ashflura
30 for 30 - 26 by LiaAmari17
30 for 30 - 19 by LiaAmari17
30 for 30 - 4 by LiaAmari17
30 for 30 - 3 by LiaAmari17
Written Work

Mature Content

Mature Content

Crafts and Cosplay
Custom Toy - Ailurmon by xuza
Custom Toy - Odocomon by xuza
Plush - Poemon by xuza
Plush - Irbimon by xuza
Icons and Stamps
Icon - Hatimon Overclock Evolve... by bluster-squall
Icon - Skollmon Overclock Evolve... by bluster-squall
Icon - Odocomon Overclock Evolve... by bluster-squall
Icon - Caesarmon Overclock Evolve... by bluster-squall
With Other Fan-Characters
Chilly Cats by Endless-Raising
'Tis a Good Night to be Bad by HawkInAJazzyHat
.:Come Fly with Me:. by EmeraldSora
Tickle Fight! by Crapcarp


If you haven't already, go watch :icondigimon-sleepers: to get updates on new episodes and content! We won't be alerting watchers of this group when Sleepers updates, so if you're interested, make sure to follow that group too :)

So finally, after all that waiting, the Digimon Sleepers website has fully launched!.

The Reboot website will still periodically update as we get fan art or other stuff to add! In case you missed it, there was an update back in September!
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Forbidden-Hanyou Featured By Owner May 11, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
I can't seem to find a group for this, but is there anyone that still plays Digimon World Dawn/Dusk? I recently was able to get Dawn again, and I am interested in matching or battling. I'm only to Task Canyon though, but I am very interested in getting Moonmon from matching from someone's Dusk! Note me if you are interested!
MegaRayquaza007 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2019
Can I be a chatacter? Is it like roleplaying, submitting characters or what?
xuza Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
No, it's not an open RP. Reboot was a fanseries story made to feel like an actual Digimon season.
MegaRayquaza007 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2018
Can i still join?
xuza Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Joining the group is open to any fan of the series, it's set to auto-accept.
art92 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2017
I can't believe I never looked at this fan series till a few days ago and I'm liking it so far (I'm on ep. 25 at the time of writing)
xuza Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Glad to hear you're enjoying it! :)
SoDamToku Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2016
Hello I am collecting concept art for a digimon moba. How would I do so?…
I remember reading this absolutely aaages ago and really enjoying it, might have to do a reread... It was all the different personalities playing off of each other that kept me reading, it was really well done.

As an additional note, we've just started an OC character design contest (check out profile for details), and the top 3 designs will get included in our digimon fan-game as actual characters, fully animated etc, that you can play as. Passing this info onto digimon lovers who put lots of love into their OCs so they can see them come to life.
SaryTheWolf Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've been thinking about Ailurmon and her evolutions while rereading Reboot, mostly about Mistresmon. I can't quite figure her out. Ailurmon is bordering on the wrong kind feminist yet she evolves into a bondage Digimon who is described as "trained" like she's the dominated rather then the dominator. What was the thought process behind her design and personally?
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