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Digimon Origins Logo by EmeraldSora
Maya and Rockymon
.:The Dark Prince:. by EmeraldSora
.:Manxmon:. by EmeraldSora
Char_Revamp_Maya by EmeraldSora
D-O Upgrade_Maya by EmeraldSora
Phoebe and Maaumon
D-O Upgrade_Phoebe by EmeraldSora
Tefnumon_Before and After by EmeraldSora
Scared Nyaromon by Taurustiger86
Nyaromon Sleeping by Taurustiger86
Trask and Equimon
D-O Upgrade_Trask by EmeraldSora
Halloween Teaser: Trask by EmeraldSora
Digimon Origins_Equimon by EmeraldSora
Equimon Evolve to... by EmeraldSora
Alex and Vulpemon
Kuzuhamon by Ponzeus
Draw this Again - Kuzuhamon by EmeraldSora
D-O Upgrade_Alex by EmeraldSora
Youkomon by Taurustiger86
Viola and Heraldimon
Heraldimon by CrissyG
D-O Upgrade_Viola by EmeraldSora
Digimon Agency: Heraldimon by oOCrystalOo
DO: Peaceful days by oOCrystalOo
Max and Midomon
D-O Upgrade_Max by EmeraldSora
Halloween Teaser: Max by EmeraldSora
Midomon Evolve to... by EmeraldSora
D-O Vol. 2 Teaser by EmeraldSora
Duke and Elishamon
D-O Upgrade_Duke by EmeraldSora
Elishamon evolve to... by EmeraldSora
D-O Tamers Duke by EmeraldSora
Digimon Origins_Elishamon by EmeraldSora
Yasmin and Griffmon
D-O Upgrade_Yasmin by EmeraldSora
Griffmon Evolve to... by EmeraldSora
D-O_Tamers Yasmin by EmeraldSora
Digimon Origins_Griffmon by EmeraldSora
Selena and Tulamon
Tulamon by Taurustiger86
Davis and Vedamon
D-O Upgrade_Davis by EmeraldSora
Vedamon Contest - CLOSED
Vedamon Contest Winners by EmeraldSora
Group Shots
Digimon of Origin 2nd 5 by EmeraldSora
The Digimon Lords
Digimon Lords_Ophanimon by EmeraldSora
The Shadow Lords
Beelzemon FanArt by KnightAtNights
Other Digimon
Black Gatomon by KnightAtNights
Misc. Human Characters
TDA_Bryan and Psychemon by EmeraldSora
Downloadables and stuff
DO_Tamers Icons by EmeraldSora
With other fan-made Digimon
Boxing Poster Commission by EmeraldSora
The Guardians
Other Fanart
Patamon by KnightAtNights




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:bulletorange::bulletblue::bulletorange::bulletblue::bulletorange::bulletblue::bulletorange:DIGIMON ORIGINS WEB BLOG:bulletorange::bulletblue::bulletorange::bulletblue::bulletorange::bulletblue::bulletorange:

This group is a database dedicated to the Digimon Fanfic Digimon Origins.


Next Episode Teaser:

Episode 32: TBA...


Source for all Official Digimon stats:…,
Digimon Origins is a fan-made story featuring Bandai's Digimon. The story is written by me, EmeraldSora. All original Digimon characters were created by and belong to me EmeraldSora.
Heraldimon was created by and adopted from oOCrystalOo. Vedamon was designed by JaymiSaeki. Any similarities to any other works of fan-fiction are coincidental and unintentional. All official Digimon belong to Bandai. I do not own Digimon nor am I in any way affiliated with Bandai.
2012. 2013 DigimonOrigins





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