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Commission : Berylunee by Sa-Dui
PC for AkumaSoul by Owl-pudding
Somewhere, up there by Berylunee
.: Partners 05 :. by PirateHearts
.:Magic Carpet Ride:. by EmeraldSora
Chicome-Pekokomon_Noah-Urusmon by taihiwatari
Noah and Ailumon
Birthday gift: In the moonlight by NelaNequin
Commission: AkumaSoul by Suguri
Noah and Urusmon by taihiwatari
request 2 Noah-Ailumon by Lavypoo
Chico and Azumon
Commission : Berylunee by Sa-Dui
Somewhere, up there by Berylunee
Mexican DigiDestined Power NEW by Berylunee
Zahir and Kiomon
Athanasios and Pegamon
Greek DigiDestined Power by Berylunee
Meenakshi and Duhimon
2000HITs-Meenakshi with Durgatinamon- by asou551
Indian DigiDestined Power by Berylunee
Commission .:Meenakshi + Duhimon:. by Icandoittoo
.: Partners 03 :. by PirateHearts
Alja and Oneamon
Ulani and Pelemon
.: Partners 04 :. by PirateHearts
Hawaiian DigiDestined Power by Berylunee
Commission .:Ulani + Kaluahmon :. by Icandoittoo
Ramon and Taurusmon
Su Mai and Agnismon
SU MAI SHEN by mew-ninjin
Jamila and Surimon
African DigiDestined Power by Berylunee
Kiowa and Hokamon
.: Partners 05 :. by PirateHearts
The Ghost of Saturn by Berylunee
Galaxy FC
Colombian digidestined and Macawmon by RobertGomamon
2000HITs-Meenakshi with Durgatinamon- by asou551
DG Contest
DGMN Galaxy contest by RENA-LOVES-LUCA




Recent Journal Entries

The Universe of Digimon Galaxy

:bulletgreen: The Universe Duedeni :bulletgreen:

The world of Digimon Galaxy has basically nothing to do with the 'Digital world' we know. It existed a long time before the first humans lived and is a so called parallel universe with twelve planets in addition to the universe of human world, but it is connected with it through a portal. Only the creatures of Duedeni can open the portal and travel to the human world. But not all of them have the power to do so. The world is ruled by eleven gods who have arisen from two primordial gods. The names of these primordial gods were Ethereamon and Exitagomon. Together they created the world Duedeni, it's inhabitants and also the eleven gods.
Each of these eleven gods got assigned to one of the planets. The 12th belonged solely to the primordial gods. Only the gods had the power to travel to the human world. There, they represented the gods, mythical creatures and spirits that we know from our religions and mythologies nowadays.
Much later, the 'Digital World' or 'Digiworld' was created by the model of the world Duedeni.

~ Rules ~

This group is about a Digimon project of
Kanaloaa and Berylunee
called Digimon Galaxy

The project's name 'Galaxy' derives from the crests used in this new generation.
From now on, they aren't traits anymore, they are planets, since in this
story the Digiworld is separated into several single worlds representing the planets used as crests.
In this generation there are 11 DigiDestined existing.

:star: RULES :star:

:bulletred: Please read before joining!! :bulletred:

1. Only submissions which contain characters of 'Digimon Galaxy' will be accepted.

2. Collaborations are accepted. But there has to be at least one character relating to 'Digimon Galaxy' on the picture. (For all characters relating to 'Digimon Galaxy' proper credit must be given!!)

3. No spamming!

4. If you have questions, please write a note to this group. Don't post your questions in the groups' guestbook.

5. DO NOT steal characters/ideas from this project!







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The Story that was told...


The world Duedeni was at peace for a long time, but one day one of the primordial gods decided to take over the world. Exitagomon got up and tried to bring Duedeni under his sole lordship. So the two primordial gods split the into good and evil.
But since Ethereamon was not strong enough to fight Exitagomon by herself, she called the other gods for help. At the end of the battle all eleven gods were destroyed by Exitagomon. But there was still hope! With the last of her strength, Ethereamon re-created the eleven gods and sent them in shape of eggs into the human world. When Exitagomon tried to prevent this, the portal was closed and sealed by Ethereamon and the final battle between them started. In this battle Exitagomon lost his soul, which was divided into eleven fragments. Ethereamon lost her body and her soul became a crystal.
Now there are no more gods who watch over Duedeni and the world is sinking into chaos....

Since the entry into the human world more than a thousand years have passed.
It's the 21th century. Many of the god's eggs were found by children, who were chosen by the gods themselves. But the gods can not remember their past lives or that they once have been gods. Now, they are now living in the families and enjoy their lives.
But one day strange Digimon, who want to seize the little gods, appear. They are descendants of Exitagomon who were created when he called to war against the gods. They are searching for the eleven pieces of soul ( also called astral spirits) of their master Exitagomon, in order to revive him.
But to find the spirits they need the gods, since these are the only ones who are able to detect the fragments. Since the portal was closed, they had to find another way to get into the human world. This possible because of the by humans created digital world of the Digimon. Through the modern technology of humans, it was possible to create a new portal. Now they have come into the human world to kidnap the Digimon and their tamer to Duedeni.

To be continued ....


Astral Spirit Digivolution

:bulletred: Astral :bulletred:

The Ghost of Saturn by Berylunee :thumb269781272: The Ghost of Sun by Berylunee

The Astral stage can be compared to the armor stage, although it is a little stronger.
The digimon only can digivolve with the so called Astral Spirit!
The Astral Spirit is a soul fragment of the primordial god Exitagomon.
But because he became evil, the Astral Spirits of his soul are hard to handle, because they boost the all negative feeling in the digimon's soul, so it can happen, that the digimon looses control.
(This also happens to Chico and Azumon, when Azumon digivolves to the Astral stage for the first time.)
All Astral stage digimon are ghost types and have the virus attribute. They represent the more violent sides of their mythological/religious origins.


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