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Save the World...!

NOTE: Before you join, please realize that we are looking for members who are interested in and support our story. Digimon Academy is a story project group, NOT a group for displaying anything and everything Digimon. We will only accept art entries that pertain to our story. Also, all of our character slots are FILLED. If you would like to join to support us, however, just hit "join" and give us a brief message to show that you are interested or have at least read these rules. Thank you for your understanding, and please do enjoy our project as it comes together.

Background Story:

The Digital World faces a worst-case-scenario.
More and more Virus-Digimon are attacking harmless Digimon and are attempting to escape into the real world, led by evil forces of unknown origins. Their intentions remain mysterious.
But one thing is for sure- If those Digimon ever successfully enter the real world, they will not hesitate to harm civilians. Even worse, they would probably try to kill them all.

It was the renowned Professor Gilbert Edison who first noticed strange occurrences in the Digital World. Some time later, he witnessed the first Digimon coming into the real world, followed by his so-called partner Digimon Sotiramon.
Alongside his new partner and all the information he received, Edison immediately knew what to do.
He entered the DigiWorld himself and began his researching over the evil power.
It’s now been 15 years since that time. Terrible things have been happening ever since. Edison and his partner almost advanced to the center of power, but the horrifying things awaiting them surpassed their expectation by far. In a battle between Belialmon (one of the terror-generals) and Sotiramon, Edisons Digivice was almost been destroyed and Sotiramon died due to his injuries from battle.
Broken-hearted and filled with fear, Edison retreated to the real world, but couldn’t stay passive.
He finally founded the “Digimon Academy”, an institution built especially for Digidestined all over the world. All of them get a special training, preparing for fighting the evil menace to end its terrorship.

But will that be enough? Can the evil power whose dimensions can only be guessed, really be eliminated? And will the DigiWorld ever be able to live in harmony alongside the real world...?

Check out the latest chapters of the story!

Main cast
:bulletred: Michael Rafter & Anatimon :bulletred:
:bulletorange: Spiller & Zerdamon :bulletorange:
:bulletyellow: Jelani Gataulu & Nurumon :bulletyellow:
:bulletgreen: Briar Yu & Niveamon :bulletgreen:
:bulletblue: Simon Hewlett & Turimon :bulletblue:
:bulletpink: May Thompson & Ashimon :bulletpink:
:bulletpurple: Shiver Frost & Abbasmon :bulletpurple:
:bulletblue: Jaden Evans & Kryomon :bulletblue:
:bulletwhite: Mika Kaleyas & Cordamon :bulletwhite:
:bulletblack: Joshua Sullivan & Nymphmon :bulletblack:

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Digimon Academy is a Digimon fanfiction joint-project.
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So I know this hasent had much happening lately but tbh alot of us are busy right now ^^ So dont you dare go and leave or I will have to hunt you down and drag you back!

Oh yeah thats right I know where you live MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no seriosuly.

Hope you'll bear with us

Taz x
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Mika Kaleyas and Cordamon
The Animal Lover by ThePyroPony
Joshua Sullivan and Nymphmon
The Pianist by ThePyroPony
Academy Staff, Side Characters and Villains
Terror General: Belialmon by SulfuricAcid
Valentine's Ice Dance by Rubixa-Seraph



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