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Nobody woudl've ever thought that there isn't only one world on this planet.
But this mysertious and unkown world is far more connected with our beloved Earth than we would ever expect. It's right INSIDE our World. The DigiWorld.

It's summer and five youngsters want to spend their vacation at the famous summercamp "Morning-Red". But their vacation ends up a lot more different than expected.
Due to mysterious circumstances they somehow get teleported to a strange and obviously foreign world, where they finally meet their Digimon.

While searching for a way back to their own world, they meet both friendly and evil Digimon.

An evil force tries to split the DigiWorld apart and destroy all the Digimon living inside.
Will the five teenagers be ready to fight against these evil powers? Will their Digimon be strong enough to protect their human partners?

And will the Five ever get back home...?

~> The Characters <~

:bulletblue: Reiji Kabegami & Coronamon :bulletblue:

:bulletblack: Chace Kingston & Monodramon :bulletblack:

:bulletgreen: Sanako Hozuki & Floramon :bulletgreen:

:bulletpurple: Nanami Isuzu & Dorumon :bulletpurple:

:bulletyellow: Stan Bradshaw & Falcomon :bulletyellow:

Later on:
:bulletred: Ayame Hidaka & Kudamon :bulletred:

:bulletorange: Haru Seishiro & Leormon :bulletorange:

For more artworks, additional info, soundtracks & of course the story itsself, please check out the offical Digimon Exordium Homepage…
This story is absolutely not related to the Digimon series from TV, it's completely made up and plays in a whole different timeline/"universe".

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FINALLY! :faint:
I really don't know why that took me so long, but I hope you enjoy reading.
I also improved some site layouts, especially in the Soundtrack-section.
Go and check it out… :wave:
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