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Welcome to the Digimon Advent group!

This group was made to put all the art and writing by :iconbarghestmon: and :iconinakamon: into one place to make it easier to browse the project!

What is Digimon Advent?
Digimon Advent is a fanseries project written by Barghestmon and co-written/proof-read by Inakamon, and both draft ideas constantly.

Story Summary
In 2012, the human world suffered a massive cataclism that shook the globe to its very core. Entire cities were levelled, fissures ruptured and destroyed lands, the oceans rose and swept over, swallowing many things whole. Nobody knows what caused this horrific change to happen, but humanity is still suffering, and still rebuilding itself.

Many nations now exist on 'sky islands' held up by numerous gigantic support beams, some bigger than towns, to support the weight of the cities that are on top. The 'islands' are a mixture of natural and man-made materials and look almost like 'slices' of the world below being held up in the sky, to avoid the rising sea levels. This effort took centuries and is still being worked on in the present day.

But underneath these sky cities, the ruins of the old world are still there, rotting away in the shadows of the new world above, and people too poor to afford the luxuries of the sunny world in the sky are forced to live in the darkness of the 'underworld'.

On top of this, Digimon are facing their own problems, too. The digital world is being swept up in a virus that is deteriorating the world and turning the inhabitants against eachother in a savage civil war that threatens to consume and destroy everything in it's path. The royal knights have their hands full dealing with the situation, X-Antibody digimon are being pinned down as scapegoats, entire areas are being quarranteened and digimon have nowhere else to turn but to the human world for salvation...

Mysteriously, at a similar time this was happening, a human corporation known as Arch Angel began to distribute Digimon out to the general public for use as helping to maintain homes, computer networks - and even entire towns, so humanity can get on with trying to fix up and adapt to the homes in the clouds. But does Arch Angel have a deeper goal behind its use of Digimon?

The Main Cast so far
Joey Sawyer and Manimon
Amy Hughes and Laelapmon
Marina Takahashi and Denimon
Darren Scarlet and Elfinmon

The Digimon Advent Official Site
Digimon Advent @
Digimon Advent Ask Blog @ Tumblr (will be updated soon!)


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Newest Members

I've cleaned up the group in preparation for when Advent is due to return proper.
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The Evil Geniuses behind the project are as follows:
Barghestmon (group founder, main writer and artist)
Inakamon (co-founder, co-writer, ETERNAL SLAVE DRIVER, and artist)
PatchworkedHeart (character contributor, beloved good-luck mascot)











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say i can't seem to get onto the official site, why is that?
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Hi... If I may ask.. did the authors drop this story for good?
NDLight Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2015
Uh... Why are so many galleries just... Empty?
Barghestmon Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
combination of things. the old art I'd made was getting stolen a lot, so I hid the images into storage. Secondly, a lot of the art and designs were outdated and need to be redrawn. thirdly, the story is being remade, so it makes no sense keeping older, irrelevant stuff on show. that's why it's empty.
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Just passing the word out about a new digimon group: :icondigimon-arcana:
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If you were to put your episodes into a word document, about how many pages would they be?
Barghestmon Featured By Owner May 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know nothing about maths or big numbers but the former story has 176,772 words, I have no idea how many pages that is, though.
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