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Lessa and Ramoth

This is my entry for Lusete’s Medieval Fantasy Competition. :iconlusete:

It is meant to depict Lessa and her newly impressed dragon Ramoth (from Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series). Ramoth is only a baby but already shows hints of the majestic creature she is to become. There is already a strong bond between the two who will become lifelong partners as dragon and rider.

It was hard to choose which model stock to use as there were so many great poses. I decided on this one as it shows off the gorgeous dress well and also helps to create a story in the picture.

Model – lotr medieval stock 221 by lusete: [link]

Hair - Trisste Brushes: [link]

Background –

Mountain trail by burtn: [link]

Lake cool by burtn: [link]

Rocks and view by austriaangloalliance: [link]

Forest cliff precut by stockopedia: deactivated account

Sky Stock XX by grace stock: deactivated account

The dragon (Gee I had fun making this, I’d been wanting to do one for ages)

Head, neck – komodo dragon smile by austringer: [link]

Horns - Horn Package 1 by Artress Stock: [link] and Stock 42 by Dagwanoenyent Stock: [link]

Legs and body - lb1 116 dragon8 by bstocked: [link]

Back frill – iguana 1 by minaya86 stocks: [link]

Wings – bat skeleton png by gd08: [link]

Teeth – T Rex Teeth by mmad sscientist: [link]

Eye – eye pupil png by starscoldnight: [link]

Thanks Lusete for holding such a great competition and hope you enjoy my entry!
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Lovey, Lessa is a great partner for Ramoth, they are both so strong willed!
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Wow, wow, wow! I adore Anne's books, and this is just fantastic!
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Thank you very much. I love the books too. They're like old friends and I go back and read them every so often.
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No, thank you for the beautiful picture:)
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Featured here: [link] - hope that's ok?
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Great! Thanks very much!
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yes! dragons are my favorite! nice job!
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Thanks, I love them too.
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This is amazing! :love:
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Thank you so much!
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You´re most welcome :glomp:
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Congratulations!! You got third place with this entry! [link]
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Thank you very much. How exciting!!
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Your beautiful piece has been featured here: [link] :heart:
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Thank you very much!
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Beautiful work, love those books too.
Digimaree's avatar
Thanks. I always reread them every few years.
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