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:bulletgreen:Put Deviations in their correct folders!

:bulletgreen:Be respectful to other people's artwork.

:bulletgreen:Be respectful to your fellow Digi-fans.

:bulletgreen:Unlike some clubs you CAN submit as many deviations you want, wether it be in a day or a month. It does not matter.

:bulletgreen:You are allowed to post other peoples art BUT! You MUST give that artist the credit and have their permission to post it because it is their art work.

:bulletgreen:No Immature, Nude, or Sexual pictures, If you upload ANY of that it will be automatically deleted from the group and you will be kicked out.

:bulletgreen: You are not allowed to promote yourself to any upper positions! Those are reserved, especially Co-founder! Contributor is different, you will be offered that position if you contribute a lot to the group and have been a member for a long time

:bulletgreen: DO NOT submit commission journals OR chain journals for events/contests/raffles

That's it for now until i can think of anything else. Have fun :D
I know I'm not active on this account anymore. And man...reading the old Journals I've posted.
I was a grump wasn't I? Haha!

But I would just like to say, I'm so honored to have such an active group that a dear friend and I made years ago just for the fun of it ;u;

It's a big feeling to see people constantly joining and sharing their love and passion for Digimon!
I'm very proud as to how this group has grown.

Thank you to all the members and future members! <3

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DWOAH: Gowther vs PuppetmonDeadliest warriors of all historyGowther vs PuppetmonWhen the Puppet pulls the stringsGowther info:Height: 5 foot 9Weight: 134lbsWeapons: Twin Bow Herritt, MagicStrengths: Stands as the Sin of Lust in the Seven Deadly Sins, Superhuman strength (Despite his frail appearance Gowther is a lot stronger than even a peak human, Proved to be physically superior to Guila who was a highly trained Holy Knight when they fought, Decapitated Dale with ease, Caught Weinheidt’s fully charged Arrow), Superhuman durability (Despite his frail appearance Gowther possesses an unnatural amount of durability, Casually shrugged off being his by Diane with Gideon, Tanked a punch from Dale, Was unharmed when thrown dozens of miles by Diane to land in Gloxinia, As a Doll Gowther can be dismantled without discomfort and has been decapitated on multiple occasions without him even flinching or caring), Massively hypersonic speed (Can keep up with a casual Meliodas and Ban, Can match King and Chandler’s speed, Once moved so fast when saving Guila that she didn’t even realise that she had been saved until it was done), Infinite stamina (As a Doll Gowther doesn’t tire), Genius intellect (Along with Merlin Gowther is considered to be the most intelligent and logical minded of the Sins), Has an inbuilt Balor’s Magical Eye allowing him to instantly determine how powerful his opponents are on sight, Is a master of Mental Magic through his power of ‘Invasion’ (Can alter and outright wipe memories with ease, Can control the minds of others, Can knock out everyone in a three mile radius who lacks a strong enough will via Blackout), Can create illusions, Is a master Archer, Is Telekinetic (Is able to levitate other people, large objects and even himself).Weaknesses: Is considered both in the series and by the fandom to be the weakest member of the Seven Deadly Sins, Despite being a Doll and not human Gowther has extremely poor vision and requires his glasses to see more than a few inches in front of his face. Puppetmon info:Height: 4 foot 8Weight: 45lbsWeapons: Drill Nose, Bullet Hammer, Flying Cross CutterStrengths: Was one of the four Dark Masters in Digimon Adventure and one of the more feared members, Extreme strength (As a Mega Level Digimon Puppetmon possesses strength that surpasses the lower Levels, Could harm MetalEtemon with a swing of his Hammer, Resisted the blast force of MetalGreymon’s attack by clinging to a tree), Extreme durability (As a Mega Level Digimon Puppetmon possesses durability that surpasses the lower Levels, Tanked a punch from MetalEtemon, Withstood a Horn Buster from MegaKabuterimon which was an attack powerful enough to hold of Piedmon’s Trump Sword, It took a point blank Metal Wolf Claw attack from MetalGarurumon to finally put him down), Hypersonic speed (Casually outsped and outmanoeuvred MetalEtemon throughout their fight, Casually dodge Ikkakumon’s Harpoon Vulcan), Can be considered to be the second or joint smartest with Piedmon of the Dark Masters, Can manipulate the movement of others via his Puppet Strings, Can bring his House to life to fight for him.Weaknesses: As his House is in fact a Digimon itself being Housemon it counts as a separate entity and outside help and will not be used in this battle, Is extremely selfish and distrustful with can cloud his judgement, Is accepted by most to be the weakest of the Dark Masters.Battle begin!“NYAHAHAHA! Finally the human world! Fresh for me to conquer!” Puppetmon cackled as he leapt through the portal between the Digital World and the human world, the Puppet Digimon then immediately pausing for a moment as he looked around, finding the world to be a lot…different to what he had overheard the Digidestined talking about.Instead of the bustling city and hordes of people he had been expecting he had leapt out into what looked like a rural village, not unlike the houses the Digimon of the forest he controlled back in the Digital World would build for shelter, along with humans dressed in clothing that looked far different to what the Digidestined kids wore, far more bland in colour and rougher in material.“No matter! Humans! Bow before your new Digimon Master! For I, Puppetmon, have come to conquer!” the Digimon stated, pointing his Bullet Hammer towards the Villagers finally making them notice him, most of them just staring at him in confusion more than anything, murmuring about a marionette and a child in a costume making Puppetmon audibly seethe “FEAR ME DAMN YOU!!!”.Raising his Hammer higher to start shooting it at the Villagers, Puppetmon was stopped and caught off guard as a glowing purple Arrow suddenly struck him in the wooden cross on his back making him recoil “hey! what’s the big idea?!” he exclaimed as a feminine looking young man levitated down before him.“Curious, you are unlike any Demon I have come across before, no matter though, you threaten the humans here therefore you must be dealt with” Gowther stated as he raised his left arm, holding out his index finger in a shooting gesture whilst two lines of purple energy shot out from either side of his wrist, forming the appearance of a Bow as he notched another Energy Arrow “a shame really, I would have liked to study you first”.“Study this! Puppet Pummel!” Puppetmon snapped back as he lunged at Gowther with his Hammer raised high, swinging it down as Gowther just deftly jumped back calling the giant Wooden Mallet to strike the ground hard enough to crack it, the Villagers running for cover as Gowther fired a volley of Arrows back at the Digimon, making him exclaim as he wildly jumped around to avoid them before ducking and covering his head “no fair!”.As the Arrows stopped Puppetmon raised his Hammer again, this time using its ranged abilities to rain bullets down upon Gowther, the Doll taking hold of a large nearby wooden crate with his Telekinesis to use as a Shield, the wood blocking most of the bullets whilst some tore through, hitting the Sin of Lust in the abdomen and legs but he didn’t even flinch as no blood was spilt showing off his inhuman nature.“FLYING CROSS CUTTER!” Puppetmon then shouted as he took hold of the Wooden Cross on his back and threw it like a Frisbee at the Doll, the attack cutting straight through the Crate catching Gowther off guard as it cleaved his right arm off at the shoulder, sending the limb clattering to the floor as Gowther recoiled from the hit, his expression still as blank as ever as he then watched the Cross Cutter return to the Digimon’s hand “ha! Try to shoot at me without an arm!” he cackled, bouncing from foot to foot in a childish victory dance only for his laughter to cut off as he watched the Sin simply reach down, pick up his arm and pop it back into its socket like nothing had ever happened “OH COME ON!!!”.“Gatling Jack” the Doll then utterly coldly, rapid firing Energy Arrows from Herritt in every direction in front of him creating a literal bullet hell for Puppetmon, making him cry out and start wildly swinging his Hammer batting away as many Arrows as he could before getting overwhelmed as multiple Jack Arrows struck him in the face and body, sending him staggering back until several more struck him through the arms and legs pinning him to a tree.Struggling against the Arrows in his limbs Puppetmon then flinched Gowther levitated up to him and took hold of his face in his hands “I would like to study your mind, kindly stay still” the Doll stated in more of a command and a request, drawing his face closer to the Digimon causing him to struggle harder and whirr up his Nose Drill.“DRILL NOSE!!!” he barked throwing his head forward to try to Drill straight through Gowther’s face, driving the Doll back to give the Digimon enough room to finally free his limbs to which he grabbed his Hammer and swung it hard, scoring Gowther in the side sending him spiralling through the air before Puppetmon followed it up with a downwards swing, slamming the Sin of Lust to the ground so hard he rebounded along Puppetmon to hit him again from underneath sending him flying into the sky.Cackling as he watched Gowther spiral through the air Puppetmon raised his Hammer again to start shooting volleys of Bullets up at his opponent, expecting them to tear the Doll to pieces open for his jaw to drop as Gowther disappeared before the bullets could reach him, as if he was never there “hey! What gives?!” he exclaimed before feeling a presence behind him.Whirling around he grabbed and threw his Cross Cutter again, narrowly missing Gowther as he was forced to pivot to the side to dodge, the Doll having cast an illusion after the first Hammer hit, distracting the Digimon long enough for him to manoeuvre away and get behind him “Nightmare Teller” Gowther then uttered, aiming his finger right at Puppetmon’s forehead before cocking it back as if firing a gun.At first puzzled by the action Puppetmons eyes then widened as suddenly he heard a very familiar sound from behind him, metallic Claws cutting through the dirt as they approached and a deep, reverberating almost robotic growling making the Dark Master shake as he then slowly turned around to come face to face with the last being he ever wanted to see again.MetalGarurumon.“What…how did…I left you losers behind!” he exclaimed, his voice starting to waver as he stepped back a few steps and bumped into something, turning to find a distraught looking RedVegiemon.“Why did you kill me Boss?” the Plant Digimon asked, making Puppetmon’s eyes widen.“You were useless to me! You would have held me back!” the Dark Master snapped back, his voice filled with fear of the concept of his victims coming back to punish him rather than guilt over his acts “stay away from me! I’ll do it again! I swear it!” he then exclaimed, wildly swinging his Hammer at the images of RedVegiemon and MetalGarurumon as they approached, his Weapon passing straight through them only adding to his horror as they continued to approach, hate and rage in their eyes.“GET AWAY FROM ME!!!! FLYING CROSS CUTTER!!!” the Digimon then yelled throwing his Cross again, sending it spinning through the images of MetalGarurumon and RedVegiemon to which it connected with Gowther’s neck, the Doll seeming to have been to preoccupied with studying Puppetmon’s reaction to the nightmare he had placed him in to see the attack coming, his once calm eyes widening as his head disconnected from his body and came clattering down to the ground, rolling towards Puppetmon as the nightmare melted away around him.Staring down at the fallen head Puppetmon let out a nervous laugh that soon turned into a wild cackle “I got you! Can’t beat me!!!” he cheered childishly, grabbing hold of Gowther’s head to inspect it “that’s why I’m the boss”.As he held the head close however the image of Gowther morphed into that of MetalGarurumon making the Dark Master scream and throw the head away, stumbling back and turning to find a very much intact Gowther standing behind him aiming a finger at him “WHAT THE?!”.“Breaker Off” the Doll stated coldly pressing his fingertip to the Digimon’s forehead and before he could react Puppetmon felt his body go completely limp as he found himself unable to move, the Digimon slumping to the ground like a dropped marionette as the Sin of Lust then took hold of him with his Telekinesis to lift him into the air.“You have been a truly fascinating subject, such strength in such a small unassuming body” Gowther complimented “if you had managed to land another hit after that first one I would have been in some real trouble but your mind was simply too easy for me to exploit, what a shame” he then continued before a small malicious smile graced his lips as he then cast Puppetmon upward into the air and drew his Herritt Bow again “Gatling Jack!”.With that he sent a volley of Energy Arrows up at Puppetmon just as his senses returned to his body, the Digimon not having any time to defend himself as he was quickly reduced to a pin cushion before coming to crash down to the dirt a few metres away, his broken body twitching as it began to crumble into data from the feet up “how…how could this happen? I’m a Dark Master! A DARK MASTER!!!” the Digimon screamed before his body crumbled to nothing, his data returning to the Digital World to be reformed and reincarnated.Watching the data rise and disappear back into its original world Gowther then sighed “how fascinating”.Winner: GowtherOnce again this was one of those battles were at first when I looked at the match up I had assumed Puppetmon would have an easy fight because of his arguably much greater strength and durability.But then I saw the sheer amount of hax Gowther had in turn and then realised that Puppetmon was screwed the moment the Sin placed a single finger on him, yes Puppetmon could have claimed the win with a second or at most a third hit on the much more fragile Doll but thanks to Gowther’s superior speed it would be extremely hard for the Digimon to land those hits.And whilst Puppetmon is incredibly intelligent being smart doesn’t always mean mentally strong however as it has been shown that he can be tricked on multiple occasions leaving him vulnerable to Gowther’s illusions and mental manipulation granting the Sin more than enough opportunities to cut the Digimon’s strings for good.
Comm 2023 42 by MaJoShoujo
Reborn Part 14 by KannaAsa
Traditional Art
Greymon Ink Drawing by Demigod64
Salamon by MightyRay
Fed Up Baby by MightyRay
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Digitober 28: Butterfly by HronawmonsTamer
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Stamps, icons, pixels
Digimon Fields (Clean Version) by jojogape
Digimon Collection by MiniZaki
Digimon Adventure: (2020 reboot) banners by ultima-lord
SkullMammothmon X Sprite by KajiAtsui
Digimon Partner Evolution Samples by Midnight3Wonder
Human Characters
[comm] [OCs] Seven deadly Digimon's Code key by Desinho
Ultra Digivolution: Blossomon by KeksTala
Comm 2023 32 by MaJoShoujo
Characters W Digimon
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If Gomamon x Palmon Had a Define Dancing Theme by cpeters1

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Gijinka Impmon And Renamon by MaJoShoujo
Animation WiP: Beelzemon Akira mashup by LittleMissDevil1
Veemon Digimon Rainforest Collab by The-Slimy-Dude
Comm 2023 23 by MaJoShoujo


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Tai Kamiya by Lmayuku Tai Kamiya :iconlmayuku:Lmayuku 31 2 Encounter by Lmayuku Encounter :iconlmayuku:Lmayuku 62 9 Wendy Wu and SooLingmon by Lmayuku Wendy Wu and SooLingmon :iconlmayuku:Lmayuku 33 2 fanart | Wendy Wu by Lmayuku fanart | Wendy Wu :iconlmayuku:Lmayuku 39 3 Omnimon TF by whiteguardian Omnimon TF :iconwhiteguardian:whiteguardian 43 4 Cinderello by Lmayuku Cinderello :iconlmayuku:Lmayuku 54 7 Akito and Fujiko by Lmayuku Akito and Fujiko :iconlmayuku:Lmayuku 57 3 Akito by Lmayuku Akito :iconlmayuku:Lmayuku 57 3 The Sleeping Charming in the Wood by Lmayuku The Sleeping Charming in the Wood :iconlmayuku:Lmayuku 53 11 Akito  by Lmayuku Akito :iconlmayuku:Lmayuku 71 2 Part of Your World by Lmayuku Part of Your World :iconlmayuku:Lmayuku 63 3 The Glass Slipper by Lmayuku The Glass Slipper :iconlmayuku:Lmayuku 32 7 Yuriko Kanbara by Lmayuku Yuriko Kanbara :iconlmayuku:Lmayuku 59 4 Tangled by Lmayuku Tangled :iconlmayuku:Lmayuku 41 3 The Slipper and the Rose: The Story of Cinderello by Lmayuku The Slipper and the Rose: The Story of Cinderello :iconlmayuku:Lmayuku 17 1 I Didn't Know That I Could Feel This Way by Lmayuku I Didn't Know That I Could Feel This Way :iconlmayuku:Lmayuku 35 2

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This is a very friendly group for starters. We all love Digimon and the show. :D





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Id hate to bring bad news but some one by the username of Usermicko2002 is watching your group and is a pedophile he is 19 and has drawn porn of two minors on this platform. If you wish to get more information about this unfortunate news id suggest going to Dinoboy76
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Hello digi friends, just thought I'd share this, I recently received what may be the highest quality Lifesize Flamedramon plush in the world!  Unboxing here:
Chill by EarthenVibes  
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If you're a Digimon/Beelzemon fan artist, I highly recommend reading this journal: 

Gaslighter/Stalker/Artthief: Miss NeneUPDATE: MISSNENE IS BACK! Oh surprise, surprise - she's back, guys: ,I'll repeat this for all the people in the back: We did NOT "bully" her of anywhere... she choose to leave dA for a while, after stating that she is indeed ban-evading us all! Also, she said, she can still look at our artworks via google image... ALSO: Update 2 - she's indeed an art thief: ,If you do not know the original artist, DON'T FUCKING POST OTHER PEOPLE'S OCS AND ARTWORKS! WARNING! Contains extreme mind-fuck, gaslighting, NSFW-hardcore and mental abuse! Read at your own risks! WARNING TO ALL ARTISTS OUT THERE! You may have come across the user MissNene, also known as MangoNene, MissNene1 etc. Twitter: deviantart: pixiv: furaffinity: Instagram: Pinterest: Please feel free to share this journal among your (artists) friends! Take a seat, ladies and gentlemen and fasten your seat belts as I take you to a mindfucking ride on the Doom Loop of begging, indecent proposals, lies and even crime. It all started with me, receiving a follow-back by the artist @FireFlea-San. We both share the interest in the digimon Beelzemon and met each other on a stream. Five minutes after Flea’s follow, I got another follower, known as Missnene1. What may sound normal to many of you, was weird for me, as I currently only have one deviation. Later, Nene sent me a message titled with „Beelzemon“ and the content was simply „Hi.“. I replied back to her, trying to start a conversation, while her only reply was: „Just wanted to say hi to you, is all.“ Strange, hm? Anyway, after noticing her commenting on almost EVERY ARTWORK ABOUT BEELZEMON, she contacted me via Twitter one day, asking whether I have heard anything about the artist @Wheat-Wesley – who also created several artworks of Beelzemon (yes, he is a key element here!). I declined and the terror began...,,,Back then, I thought, Nene was truly worried about Wheat, so I encouraged her to contact other people about the issue, who I believed were more closer with Wheat than I am. Also I don't believe that Noire would speak bad behind people's back like this - but such accusations are typical for Nene, as she projects her own experiences on other people. On the other hand, she usually plays the innocent and turns the truth the way she needs it. ,Another key element of is this journal will be the begging for free art: Whenever an artist offers an art request, be sure, Nene shows up. When declined, Nene rants about the artist and defames them. At the end of the day, it is ALWAYS up to the artist to decide what they want to draw or not - and yes, that especially counts for free art. ,Again, this was my very first real conversation with Nene and I personally feel uncomfortable getting involved into other people's trouble. However, I honestly thought she was truly worried about Wheat, so I just thought of who could help Nene in this situation, as I was not close with Wheat and I feel super uncomfortable, getting dragged into other people's issues. And yes, you're not blind: Her worry changed into sulkiness, concerning Wheat's appearance as an artist. Keep this conversation in mind - it already sums up what this journal will be about: Nene does NOT care about an artist as a human being - she's only interested in "pictures of Beelzemon, I can look at." - Dear fellow artists, we are only printing machines that fulfill her obsessive dreams. Not more, not less. Sadly. ,(I laughed harder than I should...)From this day onward, I was bombarded with messages, ranging from a simple “Hello, how are you?” to “Hello, /my name/, can you send XYZ a message from me?!” as well as Nene’s artworks. Sounds harmless? Well, I will show you what happens if she doesn’t get your attention – because she doesn’t understand that the world’s not only turning for her: The day after this first real convo with her, I received this: ,I never had contact with a closer contact with this person before. But back then, I didn't see her intention... Yes, she claims that Ariel (The Disney mermaid!) is her OC. No further comment on this. Nene tries to bring every convo back to the people, she is having trouble with. The day before, she assured me she will give Wheat some time before contacting her again. Now, she overreacted and blocked Wheat out of a sudden. Yesterday, she said she was super worried about Wheat's wellbeing and her private situation and now she calls her problems "bullshit"... excuse me?I have to keep the further convo private as only a few minutes after this, I was bombarded with nsfw pictures of Beelzemon (without credit of course, we are talking about an art thief!). Nene told me how big his... "tail" is... ,Don't get me wrong: I have NO problems with sex. But again, I rarely knew her back then. We came to this after talking a bit about our AUs (more about Nene's AU, because she is not known for listening). And again, I was bombarded with p*rn artworks of Beelzemon. ,Ehm... no... not really. The next thing is... interesting. I've sent her a picture of how I imagine my OC Jeanny's Beelzemon to look like: CANON XD (aka an official artwork, you can find on any wikipedia offspring^^),Do you also have the feeling that any convo (I asked her how Bee and Ariel met) end up with sex-related stuff? If not, you're lucky...I may sum this up for now - many convos with her ended in sex-related topics. Some of them made me feel VERY uncomfortable. I will make a tiny skip here to show you one last screenshot for this - it wasn't as worse as asking me, if I would be okay with her Beelzemon raping my Jeanny (human tamer) - No. Kidding. She seriously asked me this question via discord - only to delete it after I haven't reacted within five minutes (Apologies, I was a LITTLE SHOCKED!),Never - Never ask an OC owner to cut out their OC. I tried to be polite. Yes, we roleplayed together and at first, I didn't suspect anything. Let me tell you, guys: I have never been so insulted before... ---------------------The next victim on the list: @Yasuhiro-Alter ... ,,,This is Nene's usual behavior: She does something embarrassing and people tell her that she (Nene) crossed a line here. She then runs to her "pets" (aka me) to cry. I tried to cheer her up and before (not in this screenshot) encouraged her to send Yasu a private message to apologize for her (Nene's) stepping forward. How naiive I was... ,After this whole shit-show became public, I was made aware how toxic and pathetic Nene acts - I have Yasu's permission to publish this. On top, Yasu admitted that Nene was a major reason for her (Yasu) to stop making Beelzemon fanart, because this whole situation was just tiring and exhausting - I soon should understand why... Two days after this convo about Yasu, I received an "emergency call" again. This time about her first and most favorite object of desire: @FireFlea-San ,,,,,,,,,But of course, she didn't leave it at that... Two days later, I received a gift art for Flea - her OC Shinra with Ariel. Yes. Flea expressed her uneasiness with the commission - which I can understand in this case - and now Nene tries to make it up to her with a gift art... can you see where this is going? No?! You will... Several days (and tons of artworks from Nene, and "Have you seen the picture, I sent you?!") later, Nene started her next "attack" on FireFlea again - Flea had opened a discord server, Nene wanted to join. She asked me, if I could ask Flea for an invite on Nene's behalf. I told her that she could contact Flea herself and ask for an invite. The response was weird: "I'm on discord, too, but I don't want to scare her." Huh? ,Uhm... yeah. Sometimes, I had the feeling she was transfering her real self a little too hard on "her" OC... But once again... and again... and again: It's only to see more artworks of Beelzemon - this was the point, I added her on discord too. Nene was apparently unable to contact Flea herself and asked the a VERY UNCOMFORTABLE QUESTION: ,Yes. It is true. Nene had the guts to ask me to copy/paste exclusive artworks from FireFlea-San's server to her! Only of Beelzemon of course! I refused... but that was just the beginning. ,She asked if I could make Flea add Nene as a friend on discord... AND YES SHAME ON ME! I sent a polite message to Flea, giving her Nene's discord number. I was not comfortable with it but not too much to refuse this. FireFlea, my humble apologies... If you have already read Flea's journal, you will understand why Flea refused to accept her as a "friend"... she entrusted me that she already felt uncomfortable with Nene, as she (Nene) tried to enforce a friendship with Flea. The convo continued on twitter - please have a look at the time. ,Gaslighting at its finest, guys. She bothers Flea by using me as the front swine - thank you very much! ,Nene was so kind to draw a picture of my OC Jeanny and asked for permission to share it in Flea's art discord. Regarding the dates, two days before this screenshot, Nene wanted me to steal the artworks, already aware that Flea has a discord server. It is FIREFLEA-SAN's SERVER! NOT MINE! GO ASK FLEA! ,Attention seeking No. 2398473947.... She was not too long a server member and then... ,,,This was super... embarassing for me. @The-Sea-Cat and FireFlea became gaming buddies and Nene... well, this was her reaction! I cannot comment on someone I, myself, have rarely spoken too! And I don't judge people by their art style! Oh yeah, and in between the screenshots, she bombarded me with artworks again... I was once more dragged into her personal issues with other people. ,In short, she came to me whenever someone (in this case Flea) made her aware of a mistake, here pinging people constantly. There's many more of such incidents but you get the idea. ,I... think she somehow mistook me for the server owner... and please, if I say I'm a little fed up with p*rn pictures, I want the other to respect that... but again, I was flooded with pictures, one of them entitled by Nene with "Beelzemon taking a p*ss"...,It is true: Flea posted an artwork in her server and Nene behaves as if she (Nene) deserves the praise and on top shares her fantasies with me again - that was three days after I said, I feel uncomfortable. I was ignored. ,Flea had published a commission sheet for nsfw artworks. Nene was shocked by the surchargesThe situation was more and more worsening and had its first high peak when Nene posted Flea's nsfw commission sheet in a foreign server, Flea was not a member of. One member even accused Flea of being a homophobe and Nene mostly complained about the "expensive prices". Nene felt confirmed in her opionion and continued to bash the prices! I intervened and defended Flea, saying, she does have her reasons for the pricing and you cannot change it anyway! Either you accept the prices and commission her or you don't but don't start such a tantrum! (I showed Flea the whole conversation and shortly discussed about it, clarifying some points, andI think, we are both cool with each other - Yes, you can talk to her...)Back on track, the server owner intervened and shut us down. Once more, I was Nene's shoulder to cry. ,In the following sentence, I am referring to her typing mistakes - she put her statement in quotation marks and the owner thought, Nene was underlying an original quote by the artist - a misunderstanding which still doesn't justify this show! ,,,At this point, I already had the feeling that my connection to Nene would not end well... Also, by that time, I had no clue, Nene already asked for a nsfw commission by Flea... much later the realization hit me hard: THIS was Nene's act of revenge... she defames artists, who are NOT willing to give her free artworks... That was true for Yasuhiro, that was true for FireFlea-San... and many more... In between, another art theft... Original artist: @CilliansChainsaw (deviantart) - I couldn't find the artist here on dA anymore (I deciphered the watermark), so if anyone knows them, please let me know! ,,,The picture, I cut out was a gift for me... "my Jeanny" in a witch costume and "her" Ariel in the outfit, you can see above. I later found out she gifted this artwork to another person as well - therefore, I refuse to say that the blonde girl is my Jeanny. Period. ,,,I... didn't know that Flea was treated the exact same way as I was - she was also flooded day by day with artworks and "gifts" of her Shinra. If I had, I wouldn't have encouraged Nene to contact her personally, as I am of the opinion that you have to talk about your problems/the person you have trouble with in person. I simply tried to remain patient with Nene but soon her replies aka "Okay thank you" were perceived by me as a "Fuck you for not solving my problems..." If Nene's obsession with especially FireFlea-San isn't obvious enough, another artist decided to finally block Nene: @NotoriousNoire And now we're also coming to the peak of my experience with Nene... The Stalking....Finally, not only Noire, but also Flea have come to the personal decision to block Nene everywhere. Nene made this public on the server, she also complained about Flea's prices. And not only there... ,,,,,,,Attempt to bring Nene to her senses No. 27979745ß02394... And of course, she did NOT understand... Two hours later... ,Nene contacted Mimi to send Noire a message on her behalf - no matter how often I told her to leave Noire alone, she didn't listen. By that time, I haven't seen how worse the situation must have been for those two... Nene constantly argued that everything was actually fine and she was the victim here, who is always excluded from groups (she told me this has happened to her before...) ,"General stuff..." ,.......... charming, hm?.... Back on track: ,"I was thinking about commissioning Noire but now I can't because she blocked me..." - In other words: It's HER (Noire's) fault, if she doesn't want to earn money... Ah yes... Also Nene felt ignored in Flea's server - sometimes, we didn't feel social or we didn't want to get engaged into endless loops... it is also hard to comment on ONE artwork, when the next ten pieces follow right away... but yeah, Nene is the victim!Thinking of it... didn't we already have this discussion about the art prices?! I have a deja-vu... ,First, she took private (online) problems to her boss and shamelessly defames Noire! Second, she again complains about Flea as a person! ,Here, she is talking about Flea again. She was obsessed with her and Noire, mainly because of their artworks... and then calls Flea out for not liking other people's (I assume, Nene was bear on herself/her art) artworks! Which is simply NOT the truth.. ,,,Later, I found myself breaking my own principles... day after day, Nene harassed me with the blocking issue and eventually asked me to send them messages on her behalf - which I refused! ,,,,,,,Day by day... every fucking day the same terror, but I want to introduce you to "nitter" - a twitter copy that allows ban-evading. The following screenshot was PURE LUCK on my side - Nene loves to delete and/or alter messages so they suit current mood... ,,,Again, she is blaming Flea for everything that happened. Let me tell you the truth, guys, she was not upset with Flea because of the block itself... she was angry that she couldn't see Flea's Beelzemon artworks anymore... same for Noire! And Wheat, and Yasu... EVERYONE! We're coming to an end of my personal discord chat with her... The last message SCREAMS gaslighting! (Thank you, SeaCat for this wonderful phrase :3) ,At this point, I also had more than enough... I couldn't take this any longer! My last deed was going to her friend's server (which I had muted after five minutes, because there were 200+ ppl and I was blamed for requesting the artists' credit) and save EVIDENCE! There were hundreds and over hundreds of stolen/reposted artworks, no credit, no notification! I also found out that FireFlea's Shinra was claimed by Nene as "HER" (Nene) Angewomon OC... Those "gifts" she made for all of us, were reposted to strangers with "For you." It was disgusting... I took some last screenshots, left the server and hard-blocked Nene.Again, my humble apologies to Flea and Noire for blaming you not to have talked to her - I now know that you definitely tried your best but it was to no avail! While doing some research, I figured that Nene is even worse than what you have read here! She comments on artworks, prompting the artist to draw more Beelzemon artworks. She constantly looks around for artist who give her free art - when refused, she pulls the same shit as she did with FireFlea! She defames artists, blames them and on the peak of it all, it has been brought to me, that "Beelzemon" is only her current crush (aka object of desire). Jack o'Lantern/Villianous and Lupin were already targets as well. Also, I was informed that Nene did the same thing she did with the artists named above with a person that was extremely depressive and on the verge of suicide... THIS MUST BE STOPPED! Block her! Don't engage with a conversation with her! For now, she may be quiet - several of her online accounts were deleted - but that is only the calm before the storm... for MissNene is out there, waiting for the next prey to lure into her net of lies and emotional abuse......
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