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Published: January 2, 2004
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This came from a doodle I did while trying to come up with ideas for something else.


I have a great love for octopods. (And yet I find spiders, and all their eights, terrifying.)


tools: Illustrator CS, Wacom tablet
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i like your work its amazing
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squito Interface Designer
Ooh...I love spiders....now you should do either a cuttlefish or a sea jelly
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aww it's very cute. i love the simplicity.
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I'm a great fan of the squishy, tentacled ones as well..tho I adore spiders as well, as long as they're not one of those horrific desert varieties.

Cuttlefish and Nautilis are frequently overlooked cephalopods, yet they have such style n grace!
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aaliguasse Writer
ooo... aaahh... cough cough pardon me.
The tentacles of DOOM! BWAhahhahahahHAHahahah...
ah- ha, ha...
Very clean, sharp lines and it fills me with dread.
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rathergreen Traditional Artist
it reminds me of an edward gorey illustration, with the curly tentacles, the simple-but-slightly-menacing expression, plus the text caption, "the many tentacled one." i looove it -- octopus (is that the plural form?) are so interesting.
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Thank you so much for your comments on my octopods. Being compared to Gorey is always a delight. I'm too flattered!
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beautiful i love the black on white, simple feel of it, very effective in terms of the tentacles and the lay out i love it what else could i say that has not been said already well played.
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Very creepy looking but just freakin' cool at the same time.
I also love the typography and the border, whole series is good but this is my favourite.
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These get better and better, but maybe I've seen them in the wrong order.
This must be the one I like the most. Feels and looks like an ancient highly
intelligent evil.
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It is like from a cover of a Lovecraft novel... I like!
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I too love aquatic creatures such as these-- such grace and flow they have. I also love spiders and all kinds of insects- Josh is like you tho-- he does NOT like spiders! The borders you created for this series works perfectly -- marvelous job =)
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yhancikHobbyist Digital Artist
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mooncalfeProfessional Artist
ooh, i'm always up for pictures of squids... and this is a particularly lovely one. love the little evil, squinty eyes.

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very awesome indeed.
squid..i am allergic to...to eat it i think.
im allergic to shellfish..isn't a squid shellfish?? :O
no matter..this is awesome.
i love the lines and the spirals...and the border is an awesome added effect.

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this is great! it's such a great style, dark and curved, like it's drawn in ink with a calligraphy pen :) i love how it doesn't have to be all huge and action-ified (if you get what i mean) to look good :) great work!
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aniline Interface Designer
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YES YES YES YES YES @%(* !_#%)(

1#%*!_# %

!#*%)!(#%_ !bj%@o$#lJ
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i'd say it's minimally menacing, or rather menacing without being too over the top.
i like the pose it's in, that one tenticle on the right side looks as though its about to spring into action or something.
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twilightofferings Traditional Artist
simply wonderful!
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Thank you so much! (Thank you twice, actually!)
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ajdHobbyist General Artist
cool. the curls are very cool... remind of that style nightmare before christmas was in. that dark cartoon stuff. very good.
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Yes, I do love Burton's style. Thank you!
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