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Digimon Network Episode XITogetherJu hoped that Aki and Masato were having better luck at their game than she was at this one.For the past few days they had been carefully scheduling meetups in the Network with Liv so she could run them all through the ropes of the best games to prepare them for being part of a Raider team. Now that it was the weekend, they were able to spend more time together, even each of them telling their parents they were staying at one another’s house for a weekend sleepover so they could get in as much practice and prizes as possible.They were not going to be caught unprepared again, and they were making sure of that. Each game had different prizes available, armor, items, weapons, even Tamer accessories and map pieces, so Liv had recommended splitting up to optimize their haul. Ju was surprised to find herself playing opposite her teammates in a couple of multi-tamer games completely by accident, like she was against Isamu, now in what was possibly the most confusing game in the entirety of the Network.“Isamu, take the spot three spaces forward, and then one space to left, and back one” Wemicmon’s voice called from somewhere beyond the void of holographic space. His Tamer took a moment to count the steps and identify the spot his Digimon suggested before he moved forward “Wait- no, the space to the right! The right!” The feline Digimon urged, realizing his own mistake.“Too late, you made your move, and he’s on the space, no changing!” A second voice, belonging to a Digimon named Archemon said, and then addressed his Tamer, “Andy, take the space up two, right one, up and back to the left.”The girl, a friend of Liv’s that agreed to help them train; glanced up with a puzzled expression but did as her partner told her, clearly uncertain of his directions- with good cause as Archemon suddenly barked a similar correction to his command as Wemicmon had, the slip up put her in the perfect position for Isamu to capture on his next turn.Apparently getting directions mixed up was quite common in this game- most Tamers got captured because of this exact error, which is why it wasn’t very popular- that, and the rules were quite confusing, being something similar to Chess and Go but not following either one exactly. Only the Digimon were allowed to know the exact rules, the Tamers could only guess what they were meant to be doing. The most Ju had figured out was that they were only allowed to move five spaces each turn.The Tamers took their places on the board acting as pieces for the game, while their partners each took turns commanding their partner across the board. The objective of the game was to train the Digimon to be able to coordinate and strategize together as a team, and encourage them to not be overly reliant on their human partners in battle. It was an admirable goal, still, the game was very flawed and confusing so no one particularly liked it; but according to Liv it produced some of the best prizes in the Network and even the losing team were well compensated for their participation.Ju glanced at the opposing team, Isamu had his hands folded behind his head and was shifting his weight from left to right in a bored fashion, though he tossed an amused grin over at Andy for her partner making the same mistake that Wemicmon had. From her shift in posture, it didn’t seem like Andy thought it was quite as funny. Ju could tell that Isamu had been trying his best to keep up with the rules of the game earlier, but by now he had resigned himself to just listening to Wemicmon’s commands, accepting that understanding the rules was his Digimon’s problem. In a way, she supposed that was another benefit to the game, as it helped build trust between the Tamers and their Digimon.And for that, she was pretty envious of everyone else on the board as her turn came up and her two partners were in disagreement over which move she should make.“Ju, take one space backwards and two to the left, and then diagonal two spaces up left.” The twins sounded so alike it was impossible to tell which of them was speaking from the voice alone, so Ju had to rely on voice pattern to know that it was Cannismon who was speaking.“-No, no, no!” Leptomon argued, “--Move forward one, three right and a diagonal left!”With two partners to listen to, Ju didn’t have the luxury to sit back and not worry about the rules of the game. The twins bickered back and forth for a few minutes, Ju heard Wemicmon’s voice, possibly offering his opinion on what move she should make before being silenced by Archemon who accused him of trying to trick them into giving their Tamer a bad move.On the board, Ju glanced at the remaining Tamers hopelessly waiting for the Digimon to make up their mind so the game could continue, giving them each an apologetic nod while Cannismon and Leptomon continued to argue. There was an older Tamer, about 20 or so, who had introduced himself as Eric, that gave her a small nod in turn. He had clearly had his fill of the game but was trying to be polite as he spoke up.,“There’s only four of us left, the game will be over at any turn, you should just pick one partner to listen to and be done.” He offered, as the chorus of Digimon voices increased in volume with more the partners joining the argument.As she’d thought before, the idea of this game trying to encourage Digimon to learn how to work together and come up with strategies on their own was admirable in theory. In practice…There had to be a better way to achieve it.Ju tried to count the spaces that her partners had suggested, trying to figure out which one would be the best when Andy was inevitably going to be captured next turn. As much as she didn’t like having to pick one twin to listen to over the other, sometimes she had to get between the two when they had the occasional fight, this was no different. Besides, she couldn’t keep everyone waiting. Finally, after careful consideration of the two moves her partners suggested, and what little she understood of the game she followed Cannismon’s directions. The moment her move was up, Eric’s partner Gourdmon was quick to spout out a move.Because of his accent, Ju didn’t understand Gourdmon’s directions but Eric heard them perfectly, and, much to her shock, the young Tamer found him face to face with her and tapping her shoulder “You’re out, sorry kid”.Outside, the Digimon on the opposing team started to whoop their victory and somehow Isamu managed to hear Wemicmon’s instructions over the ruckus to tap out Andy which caused an even greater uproar from the opposing team. Ju dejectedly bowed her head as a door opened up to let the Tamers out to rejoin their partners and get their prizes, she wondered if they still would have lost if she had listened to Leptomon instead.Isamu ran to catch Ju, patting her on the shoulder, “Hey, great game” He offered, obviously trying to cheer her up. “The twins might not have been easy to listen to the whole game, but you never misunderstood either of them once, you three are totally in sync.”Ju smiled at him, “Well, not totally” She said, if they were, her partners wouldn’t have been arguing most of the game, “But thank you”They stepped out to collect their partners, but the other Tamers were crowded around blocking their way, “What’s going on?”“Sun Bash!”“Moon Surge!”Ju’s stomach dropped and she started to push her way through the crowd of Tamers, behind them was a crowd of shouting Digimon, and in the center of it all Cannismon and Leptomon were shooting their attacks at one another. “Fight, fight, fight, fight!” a portion of the group of Digimon were chanting, while a few others were busy pushing or shoving one another, and one or two were being restrained by their Tamers.Only Wemicmon was trying to stop Cannismon and Leptomon.“Hey!” Ju cried out, catching the attention of her partners as they were resorting to scratching and biting each other- and Wemicmon too, though neither of them seemed to care he was getting between them.Leptomon was the first to speak, angrily barking, “It’s all her fault, I told her that move put you too close to Eric!”“Your move put her close, too!” Cannismon argued, “And too close to Isamu!”“Andy was closer!” Leptomon shouted, “Wemicmon would have sent her to tap her out, and she would have been out of Eric’s range!”“But she’d have nowhere to go the next turn! Your move would’ve trapped her between them!” Cannismon leapt at Leptomon again, baring her teeth. Wemicmon dove between them, getting bit instead.Ju and Isamu gasped and dropped to pull the twins away from one another while Wemicmon wailed in pain and frustration, “What is wrong with you two? It’s just a stupid game!”Cannismon’s ears and tail dropped in shame, realizing that she had hurt her friend and coming to the slower realization of how horrid she was acting, picking a fight with her sister. Leptomon, however, was not quite as easy to sway, and continued to bark and snap until Ju lifted her off of the floor where she could only growl without accidentally hurting her partner.“That’s enough!” Ju shouted, “Both of you cut it out!”Around them, other Tamers were similarly scolding their partners either for encouraging the fight or picking their own. It took several minutes, but eventually, the group was calm enough to disperse, though there was a unanimous agreement to give this game a poor review in hopes that the Admins would purge it.“Jeeze, I hope the prizes really are as great as Liv says” Isamu sighed when they were finally out of the game and heading to the hub to receive said prizes.Ju nodded but said nothing, she had managed to get Cannismon and Leptomon to stop arguing and apologize to one another, but the pair were still very tense and refusing to look at one another. They even were sticking to their own ‘sides’ right next to Ju instead of running up ahead and playfully criss crossing paths like they usually did. The fight clearly wasn’t over, but all Ju could really do for now was keep them from physically attacking one another and hope that they’d forget about it by the end of the day.She was so upset and stressed that she was looking at the floor, keeping sight of Isamu and Wemicmon out of the corner of her eye. For his part, Isamu was really good at keeping up team morale with a well timed ‘working together’ speech but now he was keeping silent and watching his partner nurse the arm that had gotten bitten. She was kind of glad that he wasn’t pushing that speech now, Cannismon and Leptomon wouldn’t want to hear it and frankly she wasn’t in the mood for it either. Maybe he knew that, and that was exactly why he wasn’t saying anything.Suddenly, Isamu was touching her arm, “Hey, it’s Aki and Masato!” He piped and pointed ahead to where the other boys were at the Hub collecting their prizes, “Hey guys!”“Hey!” Masato greeted Isamu, offering a fist bump, just after which Isamu’s phone dinged with a message that he stopped to answer- probably his parents asking how the weekend with his new friends was going.“How were your games?” Lutrimon asked, sliding down from Aki’s shoulder to talk to her friends.“Don’t ask.” Leptomon snapped, causing the otter Digimon to slink back a little in surprise.Aki leaned down and picked her back up, “That’s okay, we didn’t do too great today either.” He tried to assure them, Lutrimon turned to him with her mouth open but he patted her head, a clear indication to Ju that he had lied to try to make the others feel a bit better.“Neither did we” Equimon added with a shrug. He was the newest member of the team, but Ju had already figured out that he was an honest Digimon who wouldn’t lie just to cheer them up, so he and Masato must have really had a bad day, “I think it’s stress, we’ve all been working really hard, we need a break”Masato picked up after him, “Liv took off a couple of minutes ago to try to contact Andromon, but before she left she said the frozen yogurt I offered a while back was sounding good, maybe I should offer it again?”“I think that sounds like a good idea if you’re still buying.” Olivia and Scorfamon came up to them, both of them looked like they needed a treat themselves.Equimon’s right ear flopped over, “No word from Andromon?”Liv shook her head, “I haven’t gotten a single e-mail since the Raid, he usually sends a follow up by now” She said, “I’m starting to get pretty worried.”Isamu was looking at his phone, Ju almost expected him to offer a reassuring speech about how something probably came up and they’d hear from Andromon any day now, but he was still quiet. She started to suspect that there may be something on his mind that was distracting him from his group morale speeches, but before she could speak up and ask him what was wrong, Isamu stepped forward holding his phone up for them to see.“Well, if Frozen Yogurt will help you worry less, maybe we can add some sandwiches and soda to the mix.” He said, “Kaiyo just texted me, the drama club is postponing the laugh-track until next weekend, she wants to know if she can come play with the Digimon. She offered to buy lunch”“Kaiyo?” Liv raised her brow, they hadn’t told her about the incident a few days ago with their classmate uncovering their secret.“She’s the best!” Lutrimon piped in Aki’s arms, “She brings us snacks!”Isamu shyly rubbed the back of his head, “Remember the girl at the convenience store that asked us about Digimon?” Liv rolled her eyes and nodded, “Well, she’s in our class and sort of followed us to our hideout. Don’t worry, she promised not to tell anyone else, and the Digimon adore her.”“If she brings them snacks, I can see why” Liv turned her attention to the Digimon who were all now praising how sweet Kaiyo was with a slightly unimpressed expression. As great as Digimon were, they had a very exploitable weakness when it came to food, even Scrofamon was starting to get hyped about meeting their new friend.“Lunch and frozen yogurt sounds pretty good to me,” Masato announced, resting his hand on Equimon’s head “Tell Kaiyo sure thing, we’ll meet her at the warehouse.”--In the real world, Kaiyo stepped into her grandparents’ store and waved to her Nana before heading down the isles to get the lunch she promised. She figured that Isamu would say yes so she was already on her way to the store before he answered, and told her that they had another friend and her partner that would be joining them. Kaiyo supposed it would probably be the American girl they had brought to the store with them earlier and wondered what her Digimon was like.The partners were so varied, Ju and her partners were like sisters, Wemicmon and Isamu as obnoxious as brothers, but Lutrimon was more like a teacher to Aki, and Masato seemed to have a more spiritual bond with Equimon. Maybe the American girl had a Digimon that was like a child, or a drill sergeant. Kaiyo giggled to herself at the mental image of the punk girl having to deal with either of the two as a partner, and went up to the counter with a whole basketful of food to check out with her Nana.“You look ready to feed an army” Nana said, eyeing her grandaughter’s curiously large order of sandwiches, soda pops, and sliced apples.“I thought you said the laugh-track was cancelled?”“No, just postponed,” Kaiyo told her with a smile, “I’m meeting up with some friends, and I promised to buy lunch”Her grandmother raised her brow at the collection, “That’s an awful lot of friends you’re feeding, are any of them paying you back?” She teased.Kaiyo laughed, “Masato’s going to treat us to frozen yogurt later, does that count?” She had bought enough for each of the Tamers, herself and their partners, plus a sandwich and drink for Puckmon if she happened to bump into him, Kaiyo was a little sad that she hadn’t seen her friend for a few days. “Don’t worry, I picked the daily deals so it doesn’t cost as much as it looks, Nana”“Oh, I know child, but they don’t know that, do they?”“Nana!”Kaiyo bantered with her grandmother for a few minutes before another customer entered and she made her escape- not before being asked if she needed help carrying the sacks, but Kaiyo assured her that they weren’t meeting far from there and she would make it just fine on her own. She was eating those words in a few minutes when the bags started getting heavy, as she walked, Kaiyo hoped to see Isamu and the others on the sidewalk ahead to help her carry the load.No such miracle occurred and Kaiyo managed to lug the lunch all the way to the park before she needed to stop at a bench to rest her arms for a moment. The girl’s mind drifted back to the Digimon, and how Isamu and his friends seemed so happy with their partners, closer than just any friend- and that was saying a lot after she found out that Masato had only just met Equimon the day before she found them out.The others often spoke about how perilous being a Tamer was, but that didn’t stop Kaiyo from being absolutely thrilled by the idea of maybe becoming one herself. Obviously the more Tamers they had on their team, the safer they’d all be in a scrape if they were all looking out for one another, right? If only she had a partner of her own.Her thoughts drifted back to Puckmon, and it hit her very suddenly that if he was a Digimon, perhaps that meant they could be partners. She remembered him mentioning something about partners before, but he was always so quiet and secretive about himself, she wasn’t even sure if he was looking for one like Isamu had warned her many Digimon were. Kaiyo supposed next time she saw him, she’d ask Puckmon if he wanted to be partners with her. The worst that could happen was a ‘no’, right? They could always stay just friends.At the thought that Puckmon might not want to be partners, Kaiyo felt a little tug and tightening in her chest. She didn’t quite understand what sort of bond Digimon and humans needed to have to make a partnership, but she wasn’t entirely sure if she wanted to be a Tamer if Puckmon wouldn’t be her partner. Trying to imagine any other Digimon fighting at her side felt wrong, somehow.The distinct sound of rustling plastic snapped Kaiyo back into the here and now, with the realization that someone or something was sneaking into her bags. She whirled around to see a rather odd looking dog poking its nose into their lunches. Acting quickly, Kaiyo snatched the bags away and tried to hold them out of reach, “Hey! Those aren’t for you, scram!”The dog turned to her with a growl and Kaiyo got a good look at just how odd looking this dog really was. She didn’t recognize the breed, but its fur was mostly off-white with pink-ish red ears, tail and markings underneath it’s eyes. The strange appearance threw Kaiyo off, for sure, but it didn’t occur to her to think that she was actually looking at a Digimon until the dog opened its mouth and shot an energy blast at her.“Retriever bark!”The attack knocked Kaiyo off the bench, the bags ripped open, sandwiches went flying and several of the soda exploded. Though dazed and dizzy, Kaiyo managed to get to her feet, remembering wearily that Ju had said something about Digimon appearing in the real world more frequently than she was used to. Was it that Digimon were running from that war they’d told her about, or was it just something about Japan?The dog Digimon continued to growl at her without saying anything more than the name of its attack so Kaiyo had to assume that this guy was only interested in her food, and not getting a partner. Yeesh, Puckmon had been pretty rude the first time they met, but at least he’d bothered to use words!Black crystals surrounded the Digimon and lit up in multi colored flame, before striking. “Lurid crystals!” Speak of the devil, Kaiyo recognized the strange shout as Puckmon’s voice and glanced around looking for him, but didn’t see him anywhere.Her attacker didn’t either, and yelped in surprise and pain- normally Kaiyo didn’t approve of hurting animals, let alone little dogs, but right now she felt this was pretty justified. The Digimon barked wildly, shooting energy from its mouth but had no target to aim at. Movement caught Kaiyo’s eye, and she saw Puckmon’s silhouette in the trees above them.“Jinx shot!” A small barrage of silimar crystals engulfed in bright flame came shooting down at the strange Digimon. It barked and whined helplessly and finally started to run, obviously figuring that it was out matched and the sandwiches it had hoped to steal were not worth the aggravation.Once the dog vanished into the distance, Puckmon hopped down from the tree to check on Kaiyo, “Are you alrig-” He started to ask before suddenly yelping when Kaiyo flung herself at him- wrapping her arms around his small shoulders and hugging him tight.“You did it! You were so brave!!” She praised, causing color to rise to his cheeks although he was frozen awkwardly in her embrace, “Oh, Puckmon that was amazing!” Kaiyo would have carried on if not for a flash of light that temporarily blinded her, and she was forced to pull away from Puckmon to inspect a sudden change of weight on her right hand.“Is that…?” Puckmon’s eyes got wide when he saw what had suddenly appeared for Kaiyo “Where did that come from?”She raised her hand up, adorning it was a simple black glove with a watch-like contraption, identical to the ones Isamu and his friends wore “A D-Gauntlet?” She gasped, looking it over and pushing a few buttons to make sure it was the real thing and not just her imagination. After confirming that this was indeed a real thing that she could see and touch, Kaiyo dropped her again and beamed brightly, “I knew it! I knew you were my partner!” She cried, reaching forward to hug Puckmon again.But he danced back out of her reach, “Your what?” He gawked, stepping further away still, “Hey! Nuh-uh, no way! I don’t need a partner!” Puckmon sputtered, “Besides, we’ve been hanging out for weeks, you never had that dumb glove before!”Kaiyo stood up and started to follow him, “Aki said he and Lutrimon needed to fight a battle together before Lutrimon officially became his partner” She offered as an explanation.Puckmon only looked confused, “That counted as a battle?”Kaiyo laughed, he was right, that had been very brief and a little anticlimactic for a battle, but the appearance of a D-Guantlet didn’t lie “I suppose so, partner” She winked.“Don’t call me that!” Puckmon shouted, causing Kaiyo to step back a little in surprise, “I said I don’t need a partner, you’re not taming me!”Before she could get another word in, Puckmon took off through the woods, heading in a separate direction than the Digimon from before. “Hey, wait!” Kaiyo started after him, leaving scattered lunches forgotten as she gave chase.It was fairly obvious that Puckmon had some backstory he hadn’t told her yet, Kaiyo could tell that much just by his guarded and sometimes rude behavior. And with what she knew of Digimon and the war in their world, she had her suspicions about what that backstory might entail, so she was determined to catch up with him and be a good Tamer for him.The chase continued all around the park, Kaiyo was persistent, if nothing else, Puckmon could give her that. He thought he lost her more than once only to have her shout from down a path a minute later, or pop up on the other side of a fountain- perhaps the same fountain, Puckmon lost track of where he had or hadn’t been during his desperate attempt to escape. It wasn’t that he didn’t like Kaiyo, she was a little too friendly for his taste, maybe, but she’d definitely grown on him a lot in the last few weeks.But his Tamer?Puckmon didn’t have time to process any of it, and that more than anything was why he was running. He needed time to think, to figure out what all this meant. What battling had to do with getting one of those gloves, because if that was all it took then why didn’t…He nearly crashed into a group of humans- the same group that had been in the park during the big attack. He didn’t see their partners anywhere, but he assumed they must be hiding. The group all looked stunned at his appearance.“Puckmon?” The spiky haired boy with the goggles asked, “What are you doing here?”“Hide me!” He blurted in response, much to their obvious collective confusion, “She’s after me, you gotta hide me!”“What?”Puckmon gave a frustrated huff, and tried to think of a short simple explanation that would garner their sympathy long enough to get them to at the very least let him duck behind them- but too late.,“There you are!” Puckmon made a desperate attempt to start running again, but the Tamer dweebs were in his way, and Kaiyo scooped him up despite his protests, “Isamu! Everyone, just in time, I want you to meet my partner!”“Put me down!” Puckmon objected and struggled in her grasp, heat rising to his face as Kaiyo gave him a gentle squeeze“Uh, Kaiyo?” Aki started with an unsure tone, “We’ve...ah...already met.”“Yeah” Isamu continued, “Look, Kaiyo, I’m sure being a Tamer seems really cool, and naturally you’d want a partner too, but it doesn’t work like that. You can’t just pick up any stray Digimon-”Kaiyo cut him off by raising her hand with her new black D-Gauntlet, “Good thing I didn’t!” She said, which seemed to stun them all more than Puckmon’s initial appearance.“Really?” Ju’s eyes were wide, and she stepped closer to inspect the D-Gauntlet, “Huh, he doesn’t seem like your type of Digimon at all.”Isamu himself remembered just a few weeks back when they’d met Puckmon at the old abandoned cabin that they had originally wanted to hide their partners in. He specifically remembered that when they talked about finding the trouble maker a partner, he had initially considered Aki, Masato, and Kaiyo as potential candidates since they were the only kids in class that he knew particularly well. He’d dismissed Kaiyo on the assumption that she would be scared off by the rude and brash Puckmon.He looked at them now, with the Digimon desperately trying to struggle out of Kaiyo’s loving grasp, the picture was perfectly opposite of what he’d originally envisioned their theoretical partnership would be like “Yeesh, I was way off…” He muttered.No one seemed to know how to take the news, least of all Liv, who didn’t know either of them. Yet from a glance she could confidently say she had seen stranger partnerships. “I take it this is the friend you guys mentioned earlier?” She asked, raising a brow and stepping forward, “Well, nice to meet you, I’m Liv.”“Liv? Oh, no! I forgot the sandwiches!!” Kaiyo’s grip loosened in shock, which gave Puckmon his opportunity to wriggle free of her grasp and he started to run off again “Puckmon!”“Forget it already!” He snapped whirling around and stomping his hooves, “I told you before, I don’t need a Tamer, so just leave me alone!”“But- Puckmon!” Kaiyo started to argue, taking a step toward him.“Are you deaf or something?” Puckmon snarled, “Leave. Me. Alone!” He whirled around again and started to run.Kaiyo was too stunned to respond for a moment, but the moment she started to move after him, she was stopped by the American girl. “Let him go.” Liv said calmly, “I’ve seen stubborn Digimon like this a million times before. They say they don’t want a Tamer and sulk for a week and then they come around.”Ju stepped toward Kaiyo and put a reassuring hand on her shoulder, “A million times might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I’ve seen it before too.” She said, while the boys stood back helplessly since they knew nothing about this sort of thing “Digimon have a lot of pride, some of them just want to believe that they’re strong enough to take care of themselves, but Liv’s right, Puckmon will warm up to having a Tamer before you know it”Tears stung Kaiyo’s eyes, Puckmon liked to boast when they talked over lunch together, but being too proud to accept a partner didn’t sound right at all. Still, Kaiyo slowly nodded, she was coming on really strongly and Puckmon clearly needed space, she could hope that whatever his problem was, he would warm up to her in a week like Ju and Liv tried to assure her.She relaxed, not even aware of how much she had tensed in the last few minutes, “You’re right, I shouldn’t push him” she wriggled her way out of Liv’s grip, “But, I forgot the sandwiches! I’m so sorry guys!”Masato came forward, misunderstanding the situation with their lunches, “That’s okay, we can hit your convenience store on the way to the warehouse”“Oh, no, no, no, that’s not what I meant.” Kaiyo quickly explained what had happened with that strange dog that turned out to be a Digimon- Ju was quick to identify it as a Digimon called Labramon- and that was how she and Puckmon became partners.“Really, that counted as a battle?” Aki asked, raising a brow, “Well, that’s not fair, the Betamon that Lutrimon fought off nearly drowned me!”Isamu came up with a grin on his face, “Seriously? Wemicmon was dying when I became his partner, if I’d known it was that easy I would have stepped in sooner.” Masato laughed, “Yeah, well, we were all probably going to die if Equimon and I hadn’t become partners. Guess we should have just had a quick wrestling match before we left.”Boys.“Aren’t you forgetting that I’m the one that came in and save all of you?” Liv said, putting her hands on her hips, “Besides, if you want to make it a contest over who had the hardest time getting a partner, Scrofamon fought a bear for me, he wins.”“Eh, I think Fugamon was tougher.”“Have you ever seen a bear?”Kaiyo laughed and the group started to walk, deciding to see if there was anything they could salvage from the lunch Kaiyo bought and maybe track down Labramon before they went to get the frozen yogurt. It still hurt that Puckmon was so harsh in rejecting their partnership, but the other Tamers wasted no time letting Kaiyo feel like part of the team.--Several hours later the others invited Kaiyo to go to the Network with them, and get what they called her entry prize from the Hub and join them for a weekend of training, but she had declined. It had been a long day and there was still a lot for her to absorb, she didn’t want to overload herself. First thing in the morning, she promised.The real reason was because she didn’t want to go to the Network without at least talking to Puckmon about their partnership first. She at least wanted to apologize for being inconsiderate of his feelings before.That was how she ended up on the bridge.Kaiyo thought she saw Puckmon outside her window when she was getting ready for bed. She snuck out her window in her pajamas and a coat so she wouldn’t alert her grandparents. The shape that could be her partner disappeared into the dark, but Kaiyo ran after him.“Puckmon, wait, please! I just want to talk to you!” She called, “I’m sorry, can we just talk! Wait up!”She continued running for several blocks before Kaiyo finally lost sight of Puckmon- if she had even seen him at all. It did occur to Kaiyo that she had told him how to find her grandparents shop, and she had seen Puckmon around there once or twice, but she’d never told him where she lived. There was always the chance that he followed her home, but she did have to accept the fact that it was more likely that she had only imagined seeing him outside her window.The thought dismayed her, and she didn’t want to go home so she continued to wander. She didn’t have a key to get back in so Nana and Papa would be upset with her for sneaking out, which made her even less inclined to return. Perhaps it was stupid, but Kaiyo kept walking, eventually she’d end up at home, for now she thought the cool night air was sort of nice, Papa always said a late night walk was good for thinking. It gave her time to plan out what she would say to Puckmon when they did meet again.When Kaiyo found herself at the bridge she stopped and just looked across the river. Growing up, she had never really realized that the town on the other side of the bridge was a completely different city, even when Isamu transferred to their class from there, it still seemed amazing to her. Suddenly something she had always known seemed like another world. Even now when she knew there really was a whole other world out there, maybe others, the city across the river still seemed so alien.Late at night was not a good time to wander into a strange town, so she stopped herself halfway across the bridge to just lean against the rail and look at it for a while, and imagine what it was like over there. The wind picked up for a moment, and Kaiyo swore she heard someone call her name.She looked up, “Puckmon?” She called hopefully, even though she knew the voice she heard definitely had not been his. There was no one on the bridge, no one who wasn’t in a car at least. Maybe she had imagined it, but she still searched for the speaker “Who’s there?”The girl looked out over the river, sensing more than hearing the source. There was something out there, a glimmer...a glitch. Isamu had described Digital Gates to her, could this be one of them? If so, a Digimon would be emerging from the otherside. Something deep down told Kaiyo that wasn’t what was about to happen. Carefully she climbed up onto the rail, trying to get a better look.“Who are you?” She asked, the wind rose again, coming from the gate, carrying the voice, “You want to give me something? But why?” Kaiyo reached forward, reaching toward the gate as the glimmer started to grow brighter as something started to come through. “What am I supposed to do with it?”“Hey!” A new voice snapped her back into the present, to the realization that she was standing on a rail, leaning forward, “Don’t jump, kid, whatever’s going on it’s not worth it!” A stranger ran up to her, grabbing to pull her down.“I wasn’t going to jump!” She hastily explained, and turned back to point to the fate “I was just- wh-whoa!” As she tried to show the gate to the concerned citizen, Kaiyo lost her balance and suddenly she was plummeting toward the water. Above her, the gate flickered out of existence and she fell down deep into cold black water.The river was wide, and looked calm, but she remembered a long time ago being warned that the current underneath was far stronger than the surface appeared. Several swimmers drowned in this river every summer, and it was indeed a popular place for people to try to take their lives. Now, it seemed it would be Kaiyo’s grave.Unlike Aki, Kaiyo was never a very strong swimmer, her attempts to get back to the surface seemed in vain as she was thrashed about by the current, dragged every which way until she no longer knew where the surface even was. Kaiyo wanted to keep fighting, but the cold sapped at her energy and the lack of air quickly caught up to her as she choked on foul tasting water.Movement caught her eye, even as her world grew steadily darker, Kaiyo saw the outline of someone or something in the river with her. She couldn’t make out anything about them before she lost consciousness all together.The next sensation Kaiyo recognized was lips against hers, air being blown into her and a steady rhythm on her chest, a familiar voice “Kaiyo, wake up!” Puckmon...That was Puckmon’s voice, Kaiyo tried to follow it, call back but when she started to cough and vomit, she lost him in the black once again.She woke up next to the feeling of being lifted. “Puckmon…?” She gasped, there was something placed over her mouth and nose, a mask of some sort and a blanket was being wrapped around her.“She’s regained consciousness,” This voice was not familiar, but as Kaiyo wearily opened her eyes the blurry shapes and colors around her started to focus and she recognized that she was surrounded by emergency responders “Can you hear me, ma’am? What’s your name?”“Nakano...Kaiyo…” She responded weakly, and started to cough.“You’re going to be just fine, Kaiyo, we’re taking you to a hospital.” She was put onto a stretcher and lifted into an ambulance, the emergency responders continued to talk around her, not to her, but it still helped Kaiyo piece together what had happened to her.Apparently she’d been on the bridge, a witness claimed to mistake her for a jumper but ultimately had seen her fall because she had slipped, not jumped. As he had dialed for help, another figure had dived in after her. His description was in question because he said that her rescuer had been the size of a child, pale and scrawny.Puckmon…Kaiyo was discovered on the shore nearby, apparently pulled from the water by her mysterious savior, and given crude CPR. Clearly her rescuer had no formal training with artificial respiration and was only trying to replicate something they had seen or heard about, but it was still enough to get her conscious enough to expel the water from her lungs, which alerted passerbyers. Her initial rescuer had vanished before they reached her, but the next group had a doctor among them who kept her stable until the paramedics arrived.She was told to relax, and asked a few questions about how to reach her parents- or her grandparents. Kaiyo vaguely remembered answering them, but she was so cold and tired that most of what was said barely registered. She heard mentions of hypothermia and concerns about bacteria she might have swallowed but was continuously assured she was going to be fine, and to feel free to ask if she had any questions about what was happening to her.Kaiyo only had one question, and it was one that none of them could answer for her. Where was Puckmon now…?
New project - Digiarmor upDays ago I told you that I needed money, so it occurred to me to do another project to earn money from commissions, and that project would be related to digimon, well, it is also a very old project that I want to take up and make good money. Digimon was a big part of my childhood among many shows, and the most special were Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02, a big part that I remember fondly are the new types of digivolutions that there were, in this case the digivolutions armor, see the new ones digimon partners developing armor based on the crests of the original chosen children. One thing that I discovered in my first years of the internet, is that outside of the anime the digimon partners could digivolve with the other digieggs, but many times I say that Digimon loses opportunities, because they did not want to design well the digimon that would not appear in the anime They do not look like any of the digimon from the anime nor did they seem to have the digiegg as armor. And as always, a fan does a better job than any show, so of course, that is the intention of this project, to make new armor digivolutions with better design, where the digimon that digivolve and its corresponding digiegg are highlighted.This project will grow little by little, at first we will do with the five digimon partners of Adventure 02: Veemon, Hawkmon, Armadillomon, Patamon and Gatomon. And the digieggs will be the 8 of the protagonists: Courage, Friendship, love, sincerity, knowledge, Reliability, Hope and Light. Once it is complete, we will add other digimon like Wormmon, and other digieggs like the digiegg of kindness or the digiegg of miracles. In the same way, I will make other late commissions that I owe. If you want an armor digivolution, just go to my store in the Digiarmor up option, and ask for the digimon that you want to see and digiegg that you want to evolve, REMEMBER, that you can only order the ones that are on the list. And I want to thank :iconcrystalking22: for lending me Driftmon as part of this project
Canon Digimon and Digidestined
[TDW] Agnimon by Cup-Of-Chai
Destroy Those Mangy Digi-Brats, Digitamamon by MrscroreA113
Hagurumon by jojogape
Appmon 4th anniversary! by ginryuumaru







We aren't dead?  

Ok's pretty obvious where this group has headed so let's spruce it up a bit.

I'm looking for a small team, maybe 2 or 3 additional staffers to help run the club. Im not handing the club over just yet but at least someone here to keep it up to date and just bring it back to life.

So heres how to apply.
send me or the club a note

- you must be an advent digimon fan, can't run a club if your heart isn't in it.
- you must post somewhat regularly on dA. if you haven't updated your journal or gallery in like 4 months, nah.
- you must kinda already know how to run a club, because well, why run something you don't know how to do
- be at least a little bit more dedicated then the rest of us

Eventually when im comfortable, ill be passing the admin torch. but you gotta prove yourself worthy because i'd be pretty pissed if i let someone allow this club to go to utter sh*t.
More Journal Entries

FDD CLUB: Series


FDD CLUB: Series


:iconnelanequin: - :iconalphageneration:
Synopsis: In the spring of 2008 Yuki Denrei, the hero of the story, meets with a strange girl, who possesses the power to summon Digimon into the real world. When he is nearly killed by a Karatenmon, Dracomon appears to defend him and is his partner from that moment on. Soon they meet Shoji, a boy partnered with a Gazimon, and Shuichon, who lives together with her partner, Lopmon, for years now.
But even after meeting some of the Tamers of the 2001 Generation, strange things keep happening in Tokyo and somehow it seems that strange girl is behind all of it.

:iconcircini: - Digimon: Chrono Crisis
Synopsis: When a strange voice calls, a computer game unexpectedly drags ten strangers into a crazy adventure. with a flair of history and the arts, the ten teenagers bond together to stop a strange epidemic that's affecting the players of the popular game in the outside world, and a danger looming closer to home.

:iconpaperskribbles: - Digimon dosNET
Synopsis: The Digital World is under a Denial of Service attack. The constant flood of information has put a strain on it and has caused parts of it to render incorrectly...or to simply vanish. Against the wishes of the Celestial Digimon, Gennai has crossed the barrier into the Real World to summon their only hope: The Chosen.

:iconsakuyamon: - Digimon: eXodus
Synopsis: Coming soon...

:iconpanda-jenn: - Digimon FDD
Synopsis: Each made up character weather it be DigiDestined or Digimon are called "FDD", which stands for Fictional Digimon and DigiDestined. They write their own fan fiction stories about their characters and the 'real DigiDestined'. Some even create websites about their characters. But they never in their wildest dreams, did they actually think that they would become their character. They each some how mysteriously receive a DigiVice. The next thing they know, they are transported into the animated world of The Digimon (also known as The DigiWorld), in which not only do they become animated, but they each find something surprising when they arrive.....their created Digimon!

:iconkanaloaa::iconvogelfreyh: - :icondigimongalaxy:
Synopsis: The main characters of Digimon Galaxy are the new DigiDestined Noah Grim, coming from Scotland and Chicome Patecatl, coming from Mexico and - of course - their partner Digimon Ailumon and Azumon.
After arriving in the Digiworld by coincidence, they learn about the mission to help
saving the Digiworld with searching for the so called 'Legendary God Digimon', who are the only ones who are able to battle the evil forces in this world.
Noah and Chico start their journey, but they seem to fail finding the legendary god Digimon, until they realize that those 'God Digimon' are in fact their own partner Digimon Ailumon and Azumon, after Digivolving into their mega states.
Azumon's mega state, Aztecatlmon, as the sun god Digimon and Ailumon's mega state, Hakutamon as the moon god Digimon.
With this power Noah, Chico and the seven other DigiDestined manage to beat the evil forces and save the Digiworld, but they don't know, that this wasn't the end yet…

:iconkyubineo::iconsailorsun546: - :icondigimonlostgalaxy01:
Synopsis: After a presence awakens the seven great demon lords, the angel council sends four humans and the four most holy Digimon to fight back. Unfortunately they are consumed by the darkness as their Digimon turn on them. Now six young adults paired up with their own Digimon and Digivice must stop the four evil Digimon from draining the energy of humans and put a stop to their mysterious plans. But is there more to the story that they don't know about?

:iconbluster-squall: - Digimon: Nexus
Synopsis: With the death of the Digital World's 'light' the high ranking Digimon decide it is time to call upon their last line of defense. The Chosen Children.
In the small group, the new generation of DigiDestined must battle against their foes, themselves and those they are inclined to trust. Banding together they could save the Nexus between the Digital World and the Real World.
Refusing, and they risk the destruction of both...

:iconjusticecadet: - Digimon Real World Revolution
Synopsis: Three high school students, Tobi, Nao and Shou, are recruited by the Digital Operators to have their own Digimon companions. With the help of their veteran team leader, Hana, and some of the various recruits they have to keep the wild Digimon from running amok while keeping them a secret too.
The website will also contain some information about the first FDD series I made, and a few other selections too.

:iconh-boogie::iconbluster-squall::iconxuza: - :icondigimonreboot:
Website: Digimon Reboot
Synopsis: One thousand digital years ago, the Digital World was ravaged by a terrible war. The gods, those who were once guardians of the World, were locked in a battle against a parasitic evil which threatened to engulf everything in its path. As a last resort, the gods sacrificed themselves to create one final, massive blow against the plague.
The titanic explosion had a devastating side effect: the Digital World was rebooted.
What none of them expected was that the parasite had shielded itself just enough for a small part to survive the cataclysm. It recovered, and swiftly grew to rule the renewed World. With the gods left as less than memories, it made its thousand-year progress unhindered.
Twenty human years later, the parasite has begun to burrow into the real world.

:iconglitchgoat: - :icondigimonregenesis:
Website: Digimon re:GENESIS
Synopsis: One hundred digital years ago (a scant ten years in real world time), a mysterious man known only as Era invaded the Digital World. In the time since, he has overtaken over three-quarters of the Digital World; nobody seems to know what his plans are, but those who hold out don't want to find out. Only now, while those who remain fighting him lose hope, and fight not to win but to survive, does the Digital World finally resort to its last lines of defense-- Chosen Children from Earth.
Plucked from their daily lives, paired with a Digimon partner apiece, and led by the mysterious Deekamon, it's up to them (whether they like it, and each other, or not) to fight to take the Digital World back from his control, to find out what Era's plans are, and to prevent the possible destruction of the Digital World-- or worse.
You know-- the usual.

:iconjazzyj14: - Digimon Saviors
Synopsis: Years have passed since the war against human and Digimon. A treaty was signed saying that each race would remain in their own world and never bother one another again. But the Digimon break the treaty and begin wreaking havoc in the human world. But all is not what it seems to be. Digimon have been enslaved and upon the Sinful Seven's command, are sent to the digital world to conquer and destroy. It is up to seven kids that are chosen to be the next Digidestined alongside their own one of a kind Digimon. Will they be able to stop the Sinful Seven and stop the war before the humans and Digimon end up destroying one another?

:icongoldfish078: - Digimon: Sortas Project
Synopsis: A story about nine children who get pulled into the Digital World one day and acquire Digimon partners. The reason? They are being called because of a threat in the Digital World. A threat to destroy it all.
Through their travels they meet friends and they meet enemies, good Digimon and bad. The occasional mutated Digimon attacks them and they think nothing of it. But maybe there is more to these mutated Digimon than meets the eye. They seem to all have the same purpose: get rid of the Digidestined.

:iconxuza: - :icondigimonviral:
Website: Digimon VIRAL
Synopsis: Years ago, a tragedy tore the Digital World apart. Those who were thought to be trusted betrayed everyone and left ruins in their wake, before mysteriously vanishing.
An underground organization masked as the Digital Communications Network has been fighting to keep some semblance of control as the World rebuilt itself. However, evil Digimon were all too willing to take advantage of the ruined world, and now hold most of the power, forcing the weak resistance to remain in hiding. But now, they have enlisted the help of those the Digital World thought they would never have to deal with again - the Chosen Children.
Brought to the Digital World by their new found partners, the Children are unprepared for the scale of what awaits them. A sinister dictator Digimon whose sole mission appears to be to wipe out the DCN. A grander scheme which releases a wild monster into the Digital Gate. A deadly BioVirus which threatens to wipe out all both sides hold dear...

:iconwingeddream: - Eyes of a Digimon
Synopsis: An online manga about a boy named Zi and his trip into the Digital World after being in an accident, which led him to being in a coma. He comes across his partner, an animal-human hybrid Digimon that is unlike any other Digimon that Zi has ever witnessed. Her name is Raimon...

(To add your Series to this list, send the club a Note with the title, a link, and a synopsis! You can send both a DeviantART group and a website, if you have both.)




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