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Fanfic Commissions!
I will be doing fanfic commissions. Meaning, I'm willing to write about any shipping as long as I know what that shipping is and if I don't like a certain shipping, I may turn it down.

I will write: OC x Canon, Canon (as long as it's a pairing that I like), Friendship fanfics,
Family fanfics.

I can write a six-page fanfic on the pairing of your choosing, but if it's too complicated, I won't write about it.

I can also write a lemon or a Rated M story about your shipping.

I need points to commission others. I'm really struggling.

Type Of Commissions


Change of FateDisclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh, or the characters within. I only own Stacey.
Change of Fate
Aboard the cool metallic Kaiba Corp. airship, Stacey Muto made her way to the dueling choosing arena to find out who was to be her next opponent in the Battle City finals. As she strode toward the chamber room, her mind was both annoyed and upset.
'I've gotten this far on my own and I'll go even further without them.' The brunette duelist thought to herself. 'Who needs him anyway?'
She stopped herself briefly, realizing that she had said 'him' this time. Him as in Joey Wheeler, another participant of the tournament and a good duelist to boot. In the last match, he had been struck down when the Egyptian god monster went berserk and fried both him and Odion, who was thought to have been Marik, who was thought to have been Marik at the time. It had been declared that whoever made it to their feet first would be declared the winner. It seemed as if Odion would win, but he had

One shot is 20 Points for every one shot



Best I Ever Had:A sad Jacey story.This story is about how Joey and Stacey were happy together,doing normal couple things, like hanging out at the local mall,taking romantic walks on the beach and so on.but,there was one thing that Joey did to Stacey that made her upset:HE CHEATED ON HER WITH A GIRL!but not just any girl.he cheated on her with her nemesis,Mai Valentine.and she had everything a guy could ever want in a girl.looks,beauty and the body of a Victoria's Secret model.and one day,she did the most horrible thing that made Joey hate her.she ran over Stacey with her car,WHILE,she was walking home from school.after that little scene, everyone,including Joey,gathered around her,and were in shock.but no one was more shocked than soon as he saw his girlfriend's lifeless body,his eyes were filled with tears."Joey.everything's going to be okay dude". Tristan Taylor reassured him.Joey looked at Tristan with more tears coming down,and yelling in anger:"NO IT'S NOT!STUPID MAI RAN OVER HER!"then the ambulance drove a
90 Points for six consecutive chapters

Note me with details and if I accept, donate on the donation widget to send the points.

Package Deal

12 one-shots
150 Points

Short Story

Short story with 10 or more chapters

250 Points

Do's and Dont's

What I do write:
  • Original Stories on OCs
  • Fanfiction on existing stories, with or without your own OCs
  • Romance (e.g. hetero)
  • (Insert genres here) (e.g. Fantasy, Adventure, Drama, Mature Content)
  • Canon x OC Pairings
  • Lemons

What I don't write:

  • Yaoi/Yuri Pairings
  • Pairings that I don't like (e.g. Polarshipping, Wishshipping, Dragonshipping, Puppyshipping, Whatever shipping name Joey x Valon are)

Newest Deviations

Mature content
Not Quite What I Expected - A Rocket Power Fanfic! :icondigidestinedgirl09:digidestinedgirl09 1 6
Ashleigh And Her Pokemon Team by digidestinedgirl09 Ashleigh And Her Pokemon Team :icondigidestinedgirl09:digidestinedgirl09 2 0
Mature content
Goten x Anastasia - Wet and Wild :icondigidestinedgirl09:digidestinedgirl09 0 0
Mature content
Joey Wheeler x Stacey Muto - Another Day :icondigidestinedgirl09:digidestinedgirl09 0 0
Simply Beautiful - A Rocket Power fanfic!
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot and Riley, since I own him and may create him from one of those dress up games that a fellow deviant has made and I kind of have a mental image in my head of what he'll look like. and I'm so sorry that I haven't been writing in a while. I was up north over the weekend with my family in which I've gotten an injury on my third left finger from an Applebee's that we've gone to eat dinner at and I've never gotten my free dessert from them, which is kind of stupid to be honest.
Anyway, I hope you guys will enjoy this fic that's been long overdue. Comment and fave please. Oh and I also own Rosita and my other OCs.
Chapter 1 - Simply Beautiful
The day was going to be rough for sixteen-year-old Rosita Jiménez, who was also known as Rosie by Otto and the gang and
'Chola Girl' by Twister and her family. Today was the twelve year anniversary of her grandmother's death, who had died of brain cancer
when Rosita was only three years old and her older broth
:icondigidestinedgirl09:digidestinedgirl09 1 1
Stacey Muto In Danny Phantom!! by digidestinedgirl09 Stacey Muto In Danny Phantom!! :icondigidestinedgirl09:digidestinedgirl09 1 0 Hirutani Kadoya - Evil Ex-Boyfriend Of Stacey!!! by digidestinedgirl09 Hirutani Kadoya - Evil Ex-Boyfriend Of Stacey!!! :icondigidestinedgirl09:digidestinedgirl09 2 0 Stacey Muto - Badly Bruised And Beaten!!! by digidestinedgirl09 Stacey Muto - Badly Bruised And Beaten!!! :icondigidestinedgirl09:digidestinedgirl09 5 16 My Top Ten Characters I Support Dating My OCs! by digidestinedgirl09 My Top Ten Characters I Support Dating My OCs! :icondigidestinedgirl09:digidestinedgirl09 9 3 My Top 10 Shippings That I Hate by digidestinedgirl09 My Top 10 Shippings That I Hate :icondigidestinedgirl09:digidestinedgirl09 6 20
I'm a Saiyan, but how? (A Goten Love Story)
Chapter 1 - I'm a Saiyan, but how?
Goten's P.O.V.
It's been over four years since Anastasia died and it's also been those same four years since we found all the dragon balls,
we are now just waiting for the right time to call her back. Let's just hope she didn't change that much over those years.
We now placed 7 dragon balls in the center and we all surrounded them.
My dad smiled at us and we all smiled at him too,well except for me anyways.
"Let's bring her back guys." Gohan said, standing straight up. We all did the same and nodded our heads and backed up a bit.
Anastasia's P.O.V.
"What is it that you want, monkey man?" I asked him, looking slightly irritated.
"My name isn't monkey man! It's King Kai!" He shouted at me. I just looked at him blankly.
"Are you done with your senseless and annoying yelling, King Kai?" I asked him, still keeping a blank face.
He cleared his throat and stood up straight.
"Sorry about that. the only reason I called you here, is because everyone's ready to
:icondigidestinedgirl09:digidestinedgirl09 1 0
Natalia Suarez in her Spring Outfit: Re-Do! by digidestinedgirl09 Natalia Suarez in her Spring Outfit: Re-Do! :icondigidestinedgirl09:digidestinedgirl09 1 0 Rosita Jimenez in her Spring Outfit - Re-do! by digidestinedgirl09 Rosita Jimenez in her Spring Outfit - Re-do! :icondigidestinedgirl09:digidestinedgirl09 1 0 Rosita Jimenez in her Spring Outfit!! by digidestinedgirl09 Rosita Jimenez in her Spring Outfit!! :icondigidestinedgirl09:digidestinedgirl09 1 8
DragonBall GT- Legacy
Okay guys. I'm going to be taking a break from my Rocket Power fanfic to write something totally different and isn't
'Rocket Power-related'. Now, the title of this came from a good friend of mine and she gave me a really good idea about how the story should be. And yes. there will be villains, allies, crushes, love interests and other things that Dragon Ball GT left out or got wrong.
And also, Goku won't be a kid in this, he will be a fully grown adult and will stay that way in order to prevent awkwardness from his family and friends. And, also, this will be where Anastasia is pregnant with the twins, Tatsuo and Tatsuya and also where Momo is currently 16 and in high school. Okay, so with no further ado, let's get on with the story.
DragonBall GT- Legacy
Disclaimer- The following is a non-profit fan-fiction. I don't own Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT or D
:icondigidestinedgirl09:digidestinedgirl09 0 2
So Much More - A Rocket Power fanfic
Disclaimer: I don't own them, except the ones that I make up (like Rosita and Ramón).
Chapter 4: Wild Waves
Rosita walked on to the beach and saw Twister sitting by the ocean. He had his feet in the ocean whenever the tide came in.
She walked up to Twister and hugged him from behind. "Hola (Hey there.)"
Twister looked up at her as she sat next to him. He put his hand softly on her cheek and kissed her.
"Te ves bien hoy Chola Girl (You look nice today Chola Girl.)"
Rosita smiled. "Me veo como lo hago normalmente Maurice (I look like I normally do Maurice.)"
"Eso es lo que te hace ver tan hermosa (That's what makes you look so beautiful.)"
"Eres tan dulce (You're so sweet.)"
"¿Quieres nadar? Supongo que estás usando tu traje de baño debajo de tu ropa.
(You want to swim? I'm guessing that you're wearing your swimsuit under your clothes.)"
"Si ... totalmente (Yeah, totally)." She pulled off her top and shorts, so that she was just wearing her red swimsuit bikini top and
:icondigidestinedgirl09:digidestinedgirl09 2 6
These are drawings that I made from dA muro!and I also have fanfics too.



:iconstyleshipping: :iconapprovalshipping: :iconjoeyandstacey:


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Author's Note: Hey. It's been a while since I wrote a fanfic and this is my thirty-sixth Rocket Power multi-shot.

Disclaimer: I don't own in any way, shape, or form, own anything from Rocket Power, except my characters. Thanks. :)

Beep! Beep! Beep! With a groan, twenty-year-old Rosita Jiménez rolled over and glanced at her alarm clock. 5:00. Ordinarily, she'd roll over and go back to sleep for another hour or two. But this morning, she had a sunrise surf shoot at Rocket Beach and a 7:00 class at
Ocean Shores Community College (OSCC).
Since rising to surfing stardom a few years before she won the Ocean Shores Open Surfing Competition for the first time,
beating the best surfers from all over the country, including
Ramón, Rosita had to squeeze in classes between photo shoots, interviews,
and surf competitions.

Rosita reluctantly got out of her warm, king-sized bed and headed to her master bathroom to take a shower. Since she only had half an hour before she had to be at the beach, she showered quickly. After stepping out of the shower,
Rosita toweled herself off and put on her favorite string bikini which was a Yandy Red Classic Thong String Bikini under her Sexy Blue Camoflage Print Low Rise Shorts and a Sexy Black Bandage Strapless Dressy Crop Top.
It didn't really matter what she had on, since they had a different outfit for her at the shoot anyway.

Rosita tried to walk down the hallway without waking up Ramón. But as she walked past his door, she heard him already up and moving around inside. A second later, her twenty-one-year-old brother stepped out into the hallway. Ramón had grown several inches over the last few years. His lean, six-foot frame towered over Rosita's perfect 5'6 body, making her the same height as Reggie.
That morning Ramón had thrown on a pair of jean shorts and a black hoodie. Rosita was sure that her older brother wasn't wearing a shirt under his hoodie because Ramón rarely missed a chance to show off his deep tan and the six pack he had developed from so many years of playing every imaginable, even though Reggie was the only other woman besides Rosita, who was able to see his incredible body.

"Hola, Ro. ¿A dónde vas tan temprano? (Hey, Ro. Where are you going so early?)"

"Tengo una sesión de fotos en la playa esta mañana. Tengo que estar allí en diez minutos. ¿Que pasa contigo?
(I've got a photo shoot down at the beach this morning. I have to be there in ten minutes. What about you?)"

"I usually take Mariposa for a run while it's still cool." Mariposa was their huge female German Shepherd.

"Okay. Bueno, diviértanse (Well, have fun.)," Rosita said, heading toward the steps.

"Igualmente. Podríamos pasar y verte y Regina (You too. We might stop by and see you and Regina.)"

"Ah, y no olvides que tienes clase conmigo esta mañana, Ramón José. Papá se volverá loco si vuelves a rescatar. Y se supone que debes llevar a Maurice y Otto a la clase. Empieza a las siete (Oh, and don't forget that you have class with me this morning, Ramon Jose.
Dad will totally freak if you bail again. And you're supposed to give Maurice and Otto a ride to class. It starts at seven.)"

"Sí, recuerdo Rosita. ¡Hasta luego! (Yeah, I remember Rosita. See you later)," he said as Rosita started down the steps.

Rosita headed out to her car, a red Escalade. Ordinarily, she would walk to the beach, but she didn't know how long the shoot would last
and she couldn't afford to be late to class, knowing how disappointed her father would be if he found out that she was skipping class.
She had bought the car with her competition winnings and money she got from her sponsors. She slid into the smooth black leather seat and started the car. Moments later, she was at the cul-de-sac and honking the horn.

"REGINA, HURRY UP! WE GOTTA GO, CHICA!" Rosita yelled through the window of the driver's seat. Rosita could hear the shower running in the Rockets' hallway. Apparently, Reggie was trying to take a quick shower and change her clothes, so that she could meet up with Rosita and drive to the beach together. and then, Twister apparently heard someone honking their horn from outside his room since he was asleep and got up to investigate. He was currently shirtless and deeply tanned so that his six-pack abs were on full display.

"Damn it! Who the hell is honking their horn so much? HEY!, I'M TRYING TO SL-!" Twister stopped mid-sentence when he saw Rosita sitting in her car, looking very beautiful in her outfit and totally knew that she was wearing her sexy red bikini underneath.
Rosita had noticed Twister looking at her and she turned her head, smiled seductively and crooked her finger at him, signaling him to come outside for a moment. and Twister signaled back by using one finger to tell her to wait so that he could get ready, but Rosita shook her head no and used her same finger to make an O shape and used her other finger to go in and out, telling him that she wanted a quick fuck from him before Reggie was done, since apparently the hot water had caused her to get so wet and horny.

And Twister had rolled his eyes and closed his window, shut his light off, closed his door while shirtless and ran outside to meet Rosita in her car. As soon as he opened the door, he found Rosita lying on her back in the back seat with her legs spread apart and her bikini top completely off and her bottoms and shorts down to her legs. Then, Rosita turned off the car without setting off the alarm and settled back in the back seat. Twister looked around to make sure that no one was looking and climbed in the back seat to meet Rosita.

Twister excitedly began to unbutton his cargo shorts and boxers and groaned when Rosita had rubbed his dick since he was starting to get a boner from seeing her half-naked. Then he began to wrap her legs around his waist while she wrapped her arms around his neck and started fucking her until she began to get an orgasm. then he began to kiss her everywhere. her neck, her breasts and finally her lips, in which they began to have a heated French make-out session until he had to leave and go change so that he could go to class.
But he had promised her that they would have sex right after school at her house, since her bedroom was bigger as well as her bed.

Then she began to re-dress herself and re-do her make-up and hair. and then, Reggie came out and saw that Twister still wasn't wearing his shirt and rolled her eyes. She knew that he and Rosita were having sex in her car and didn't want to say anything.

"Hey, Ro. what were you and Twist up to?" She asked, as soon as she opened the passenger door, climbed in, buckled up and closed it.
She had noticed that Rosita's car was completely clean, so that way, Rosita wouldn't have the smell of sex or Twister's scent on her.

"Were you and Twister at least protected? Because your parents are gonna freak if they found out that you've been bailing on school to have sex with him." Reggie asked, suspiciously. Rosita rolled her eyes and told her.

"Yes, Regina. we were. and besides, I've been having a stressful morning anyway. so that's why I needed this quickie from Maurice."

"Really? what happened?" Reggie asked. Rosita had started the car and began to explain everything to Reggie. Minutes later, they were at the beach.

The sun was just beginning to turn a lighter shade of blue when the girls got out of the car at the beach. She walked across the beach, with Reggie next to her, her feet sinking deep into the smooth, cool sand.
The beach was deserted, except for the people working on the photo shoot. Rosita knew that later in the day, the beach would be filled with people surfing and sunbathing. Since it was only April, Ocean Shores hadn't been swamped with tourists yet.

Rosita walked over to a tent that had been set up for the shoot. She saw several people walking around,
with steaming cups of coffee in their hands. One of them spotted her and Reggie and waved them over.

"Rosita, you're here," a tall, slender woman said, reaching out to shake Rosita's hand and then Reggie's.

"Please, call me Rosie," she said, returning the woman's handshake as did Reggie.

"Rosie, I am Melinda Gaines, director of photography at Surfer's Monthly. Charlotte! Take Rosie and Reggie to wardrobe to get them bathing suits. Then take them to see Josie."

"Yes, ma'am. Right away." Charlotte turned to Rosita and Reggie with a smile. "Please, Ms. Jiménez and Ms. Rocket, follow me ladies."

Rosita decided against correcting her as did Reggie and simply followed her to where a mass of bathing suits were sitting on a table.

"What size bikini bottoms do you wear, Ms. Jiménez and Ms. Rocket?"

"Please call us Rosie and Reggie. We wear a small. Right, Regina?" Reggie nodded in agreement.

"Okay, Rosie, Reggie, and what size bra do you both wear?"

"32D." Rosita replied, while Charlotte looked surprised. Rosita did have a bigger bust than Reggie.

"32C." Reggie replied, while she rolled her eyes and informed her that Rosita had large breasts. Reggie sighed.
No wonder Twister wanted to have sex with her so early in the morning. but she figured that he liked her for more than just her body.

"Okay." Charlotte looked at the bathing suits for several minutes before finally picking up a black and red halter bikini top and a pair of black boy shorts for Rosita and a navy, baby blue, and white halter bikini top and navy boy shorts for Reggie.
"Here you go, Rosie, Reggie. If you two will go into that tent," Charlotte pointed to a nearby tent, "to change, no one will disturb you.
I'll wait here to take you two to see Josie."

"Okay," Rosita said and she and Reggie headed into the tent that Charlotte pointed to. She was surprised to find that there was actually
another curtain right inside the door so that no one could walk in on them changing. There was also a full-length mirror.

Rosita had changed quickly, while Reggie had also got undressed and quickly put on her two-piece.
At 110 pounds and five foot five, Rosita was skinny. But with her measurements being 35, 21 and 34, Rosita was no longer the same kind of skinny she used to be. She knew that she had an amazing body and wasn't afraid to show it off with tight or cropped shirts, ultra low rise jeans where she also wore G-Strings or Thongs or even a sexy and skimpy bikini and halter dresses which made her breasts look good, since she was incredibly curvy. But she usually refrained, because she hated having perverts like Lars hit on her.

But Rosita knew how to defend herself and usually punched him or kicked him in the groin, since Reggie and Otto were the first witness that when she wore a skimpy dress one time and Lars' hand went up her dress and he tried to touch her breasts.
So, instead of screaming for help, she got pissed and decided to kick him in the groin, which caused him to groan in pain and Otto to laugh and Reggie to call him a pervert.

"Oh, so Twister can touch her, but I can't? That's not fair, Rocket Dork." Lars said in anger, one afternoon.
"Of course he can. they're "Friends With Benefits" right now. So that means that they can fool around whenever they want. and Rosie also said that he's better at sex than you are, Lars." Otto replied, while he noticed Rosita standing up against a tree with her skirt and G-String halfway down as well as Twister's cargo shorts and boxers and smiled when he saw Twister slamming into her and Rosita's face looking like a Hentai face with drool coming out of her mouth and the next minute, they were making out while fucking each other,
causing him to smile and Lars to growl in anger and leave, sulking.

Rosita walked out of the tent and back over to Charlotte with Reggie. Charlotte eyed her and gave a smile of approval as well as Reggie.

"Follow me you two and you will get to meet Josie."

"Who is Josie?" Rosita couldn't help but ask, knowing that Reggie had asked the same question.

Charlotte gave her a smile before answering. "We call her the Makeup Magician. She is the best makeup artist I have ever seen."
She eyed Rosita's long hair. "Josie also does hair. But she knows that we want a beachy, surfer look. so she'll probably do some waves or something."

"Okay." By that time, Rosita, Reggie and Charlotte had all made it to the other tent. "Rosie, Reggie, meet Josie," Charlotte said,
referring to a petite blonde standing next to a lighted area.

"Reggie, would you mind waiting outside while I get started on Rosie?" she asked with a smile. "Sure. good luck, Ro. I can't wait to see you when you're finished." Reggie said, while she went outside the tent and waited.

"Rosie, please have a seat," Josie said. Rosita sat in the seat that Josie was standing behind. Josie looked at Rosita in a large, lighted mirror for a minute before turning and grabbing a makeup case. Within minutes, Rosita was wearing a surprisingly small amount of makeup,
yet she looked like a model from a magazine. Josie had sprayed the makeup with something so that it was waterproof.

"Okay, Rosie. Now to do something with all of your beautiful hair. Ah, I know. It's a very beachy look." Josie carefully styled Rosita's
semi-straight hair into soft waves. "Perfect!"

Rosita looked in the mirror, surprised to see that a little bit of makeup and the wavy hair had made her look totally different.

"Josie! Are you done with Rosie?" Rosita recognized Melinda's voice. "Yeah. Is she done? Because I want to see her too!"
Rosita also recognized Reggie's impatient voice.

"Yes, I am. She looks marvelous."

"Marvelous? Are you kidding? She looks hot." Reggie said incredulously. "I can't wait to take some selfies of you when we're done.
Twist won't recognize you at all when you see him today." she winked. Rosita giggled at Reggie's enthusiasm.

"I should say the same to you. You look gorgeous yourself, chica." she said, complimenting Reggie.

"Another great job, Josie. Rosie, Reggie, come with me and we will get you set up for your first few pictures and then Reggie."

Rosita and Reggie followed Melinda across the beach to where a few surfboards were located.
They were surprised to see that the sun was beginning to come up over the ocean. Reggie had hung back to watch Rosita work the camera since she was next. Melinda positioned Rosita in front of the sun and snapped a few pictures.
Before turning her to face into the sun with the surfboards behind her.

Rosita heard a noise behind her while Melinda was trying to get the surfboards in the perfect position. Glancing over her shoulder,
Rosita saw Ramón, Otto and Mariposa all standing at the edge of one of the tents.

"Melinda, may we be excused for a minute?" Melinda mumbled an answer that Rosita and Reggie took as a yes.
She and Reggie walked over to where Ramón and Otto were standing, careful not to let Mariposa jump on them.

"Hola, hermano mayor, y Otto, ¿Ustedes dos deciden pasar y ver a sus hermanas trabajando duro?
(Hey, big brother and Otto, you two decide to stop by and see your sisters hard at work?)"

"Sí, si realmente llamas a eso trabajo (Yeah, if you actually call that work.)"

"Hey, Rosie, hey Reg. how's the photo shoot coming along?" Otto asked, while he gave Rosita and Reggie each a hug, while they bent down to pet Mariposa, who wagged her tail in greeting.

"It's going great. and check out these selfies of Rosie. Twister's going to love them." Reggie replied happily, while she took out her phone from her board shorts pocket, turned it on, unlocked her code and went to her photos and tapped on the ones that she took today and
swiped through, which made Otto's mouth fall open in shock.

"Whoa. I've never seen Rosie look this hot before." Otto commented. "That's what I said." Reggie replied, while she decided to post the pictures to Twister's Facebook and Instagram pages, so that he'll have something hot to look at when he gets bored at school.

After Reggie successfully posted the pics, she turned her phone off and put it back in her pocket. Rosita, Reggie, Ramón and Otto all talked for a few more minutes, until Melinda called for Rosita and Reggie. The photo shoots lasted until the sun was completely up.
Rosita glanced at a clock sitting on a table that read, 6:30. Melinda saw her look.

"Do you have another appointment this morning?"

"We have a class that starts at seven." Rosita replied, referring to herself and Reggie.

"We won't keep you two then. I think we have all the shots that we need anyway, except for the actual surfing ones.
Could you girls come back this afternoon for some surfing shots?"

"Sure. How about one thirty?"

"Of course. One thirty sounds great. Have a good day Rosie, Reggie."

"You too."

Rosita and Reggie walked back to the tent together and changed back into their clothes before walking out to Rosita's car.
She slid into the driver's seat while Reggie took the passenger's seat and they both buckled up and went to the cul-de-sac first to drop Reggie off so that she could change and drive in her own car and then Rosita drove off in her Escalade to head home to change as well.
Five minutes later, she walked into the master kitchen, this time wearing a tight Sexy Butterfly Sequins Crop Top in Red and a pair of
Sexy Light Blue Stretchy Distressed High Waist Shorts. she completed her look, wearing a pair of Sexy Black Lace Up Mid Calf Chunky High Heel Faux Suede Booties and had minimal make up and accessories. Rosita ran out the door without grabbing breakfast.

Meanwhile, at the Rocket home in the cul-de-sac, Reggie had just finished up getting ready and five minutes later, she had walked into the kitchen, this time wearing a tight pale blue Shore Shack t-shirt and a pair of ripped and faded low rise jeans.
She ran out the door without grabbing a bite to eat as well. She and Rosita would probably go to the Shore Shack together after class anyway.

Rosita got to class ten minutes early as well as Reggie and was reviewing her notes when she heard familiar voices and looked up to see
Ramón, Otto, Twister and Sam walk in. Sam and Twister stopped and stared when they saw that Rosita was wearing makeup and actually styled her hair as well as Reggie, who giggled when she saw them staring at her.

Rosita looked up to see them staring at her. "¿Qué? Ustedes dos me miran como si yo fuera un extraterrestre o algo así.
(What? You two are staring at me like I'm an alien or something.)"

Twister was the first to regain his voice. "Te ves genial, Chola Girl. (You look great, Chola Girl.)"

"Gracias, Maurice. ¿Eso significa que me veo mal el resto del tiempo? (Thanks, Maurice. Does that mean I look bad the rest of the time?)"

"No. Solo significa que te ves realmente, um, bien hoy (No. It just means that you look really, um, good today)."
Who am I kidding? She looks so damn sexy.

"Um, gracias, Maurice. Do you all want to head to the Shack after class?"

"¿Por qué? Hambriento ya, hermana? ¿No acabas de tener desayuno? (Why? Hungry already sister? Didn't you just have breakfast?)"

"No. I skipped breakfast because I thought I was going to be late with Regina, fool," Rosita said, switching to English.
"Besides, when was the last time we ate breakfast at the Shore Shack?"

"Like, three weeks ago," was Twister's answer.  "Exactamente. So another trip to the Shore Shack is overdue," Rosita said with a smile.

"Totalmente (Totally)," Ramón said, as the teacher walked to the front of the classroom to begin teaching.

Two hours later, Ramón, Otto and Twister all ran out of the classroom door, followed closely by Rosita, Reggie and Sam.
It had been an interesting class, to say the least. The professor had grabbed the wrong slides for the projector on his way to class.
They were supposed to be learning about marine animals, but the slides he brought were from a slideshow made as a good luck thing for Rosita by an art class the previous semester. So all the slides were of Rosita and her friends surfing. In a few slides, Rosita was wearing a tiny bikini that showed off her large bouncing breasts.
When these came up, all the guys except Twister, Ramón, Otto and Sam started whistling and making comments about Rosita's body.
Rosita just sank lower into her seat while mumbling, "¡Ay, Dios mío!" over and over again in Spanish, while Reggie looked at her concerned. Ramón, Otto, Sam and Twister had all started glaring at any guy who looked at Rosita, while Reggie glared as well and called them sick ass pervs for viewing her best friend as a sex object.

Twister's jaw dropped when he saw the picture. He didn't remember Rosita's bikini showing that much skin.
He knew exactly when the picture was taken and he recognized it as one that he had taken.
It had been a perfect California day a little over three years ago. It was the day after Rosita's seventeenth birthday
(since Ramón was eighteen at the time and he was currently twenty-one). The surf had been perfect.
Rosita had looked awesome in her little red bikini that she had worn as a present from Reggie,
(since she and Ramón were shopping in the Ocean Bluffs' mall and were trying to find something sexy for Rosita to wear to go surfing in.)

Twister had been depressed after losing a roller hockey game to Lars the weekend before.
"Vamonos, Maurice. We're going surfing before the fiesta at the Shack. It won't feel right if you're not there."
Twister had let Rosita drag him to the beach, where Ramón, Sam, Amalia, Ramón's girlfriend at the time, Reggie and Keoni, Tito's nephew,
were waiting. Twister had slowly just come out of his mood, only to return to it when he saw Rosita and Keoni kissing later at her party.
It was the day that Twister had realized that Rosita was more than one of his friends. She was special.
He knew that he would marry her one day.

Twister shook his head, coming back to reality. Nothing had changed between him and Rosita. They were still best friends and though she
had dated several guys since Keoni, Twister had never been one of them.

Ramón was incredibly pissed off. Every guy in the class was staring at Rosita. He started to glare at anybody who dared to say anything about his little sister.

Sam and Otto sat on either side of Ramón in amazement. They had seen Rosita in several bikinis, but they didn't remember that one.
It really showed off everything. Damn, we have a friend that looks like that and we've never noticed? What the hell is wrong with us?
They thought in surprised unison.

Class couldn't end soon enough. As soon as the bell rang, the six friends took off for their cars at a run.
Rosita was trying to avoid any guys that had been in the class. Ramón was trying to get to his car as fast as possible. Twister and Otto
were racing Ramón, and Sam and Reggie were running on either side of Rosita.
They made it to their cars without a problem and Rosita quickly jumped in the driver's seat of her car. Twister jumped in the passenger seat. Ramón jumped into the driver's seat of his Octane Blue Metallic Eclipse and Reggie, Sam and Otto quickly got in the passenger and back seats. Both cars took off towards the Jiménez's house.

Rosita glanced at Twister in the passenger seat of her car. "No puedo creer que haya pasado. ¿De dónde sacó esa diapositiva?
¿De dónde vino esa imagen? (I can't believe that happened. Where did he get that slide from? Where did that picture even come from?)"

"Actualmente, Ro, esa foto es la que tomé. Fue el día de tu decimoséptimo cumpleaños.
(Actually, Ro, that picture is the one I took. It was the day of your seventeenth birthday party.) I was bummed, so you convinced me to come surfing." Twister commented and switching to English after saying the first part in Spanish.

"I remember. I felt so bad, because it was my fault that we lost the match against Lars. And you've been depressed for a couple of days.
So I decided to get you to come surfing with everybody. It really seemed to cheer you up." Rosita pulled her car into her driveway right behind Ramón. Everybody got out of the cars and headed off to grab their skateboards, but Twister and Rosita had decided to sneak in another way, since Twister did promise Rosita sex and she had kept his promise ever since they were inside the school.

And with that said, Rosita climbed up the side of the house since that was where her bedroom was, opened the window and got in.
Then Twister looked to make sure that no one caught him sneaking inside her room and climbed in after her and locked the window shut behind him and he and Rosita began to hurriedly take off their clothes until they were down to their boxers and Low Rise G-String in Red.
Then Twister and Rosita began to make out in a heat of passion until they reached the king-sized bed, which Twister had laid Rosita on.
And then, Twister stood back to admire Rosita's perfect body, in which she didn't bother to wear a bra today and smiled devilishly.

"Why didn't you tell me that you weren't wearing a bra under your clothes at school?" Twister asked, while he put Rosita's arms behind her and started peppering her body with sexy kisses. "Because, I didn't want to ruin my breasts, that's why." Rosita said breathlessly.
"Well then, good. because I never get to touch them when they're caged in that thing." Twister said seductively, while he leaned in and started making out with her again, until he felt one of her hands go down and remove his boxers in one swipe and saw his huge member twitch and moaned when she began rubbing it. Then Twister began to do the same to Rosita's g-string and place a finger in her pussy and go in and out until she moaned as well.

"OKAY, ENOUGH TEASING! LET'S GET THIS OVER WITH!" Twister yelled, while he positioned himself in front of Rosita and thrusted himself inside her, causing her to scream and moan in delight until their precum and pool of moisture flowed out. Twister then picked up Rosita and set her on his lap where his member was and thrust in and out again so that he could see her huge breasts bouncing up and down,
while a chorus of moans escaped from their lips.

And after a few moments of fucking each other and getting an orgasm together, they were out of breath and satisfied.
Then they began to change back into their clothes where they each had a fresh pair of boxers and sexy underwear to put on and then left to go downstairs to meet the gang, who were unaware of the sexual activity that happened upstairs earlier.

What did you think? Good, awful? Let me know. and what did you think of the heated sexual moment between Twister and Rosita? Because I'm terrible at sex scenes.

Not Quite What I Expected - A Rocket Power Fanfic!
Rosita is now 20 and a semipro surfer. When some events take place that she never expected, who will be there to help her? Actually about the whole gang. Many surprises. M for language and sex.

Rosita J., Ramón J., Mariposa, Amalia (c) :icondigidestinedgirl09:

Otto Roc., Reggie Roc., Sam D., Twister Rod. (c) Klasky Csupo, Nickelodeon

Hope you like this and tell me what you think. because I spent about three months and six weeks writing this.


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