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Fanfic Commissions!
I will be doing fanfic commissions. Meaning, I'm willing to write about any shipping as long as I know what that shipping is and if I don't like a certain shipping, I may turn it down.

I will write: OC x Canon, Canon (as long as it's a pairing that I like), Friendship fanfics,
Family fanfics.

I can write a six-page fanfic on the pairing of your choosing, but if it's too complicated, I won't write about it.

I can also write a lemon or a Rated M story about your shipping.

I need points to commission others. I'm really struggling.

Type Of Commissions


Change of FateDisclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh, or the characters within. I only own Stacey.
Change of Fate
Aboard the cool metallic Kaiba Corp. airship, Stacey Muto made her way to the dueling choosing arena to find out who was to be her next opponent in the Battle City finals. As she strode toward the chamber room, her mind was both annoyed and upset.
'I've gotten this far on my own and I'll go even further without them.' The brunette duelist thought to herself. 'Who needs him anyway?'
She stopped herself briefly, realizing that she had said 'him' this time. Him as in Joey Wheeler, another participant of the tournament and a good duelist to boot. In the last match, he had been struck down when the Egyptian god monster went berserk and fried both him and Odion, who was thought to have been Marik, who was thought to have been Marik at the time. It had been declared that whoever made it to their feet first would be declared the winner. It seemed as if Odion would win, but he had

One shot is 20 Points for every one shot



Best I Ever Had:A sad Jacey story.This story is about how Joey and Stacey were happy together,doing normal couple things, like hanging out at the local mall,taking romantic walks on the beach and so on.but,there was one thing that Joey did to Stacey that made her upset:HE CHEATED ON HER WITH A GIRL!but not just any girl.he cheated on her with her nemesis,Mai Valentine.and she had everything a guy could ever want in a girl.looks,beauty and the body of a Victoria's Secret model.and one day,she did the most horrible thing that made Joey hate her.she ran over Stacey with her car,WHILE,she was walking home from school.after that little scene, everyone,including Joey,gathered around her,and were in shock.but no one was more shocked than soon as he saw his girlfriend's lifeless body,his eyes were filled with tears."Joey.everything's going to be okay dude". Tristan Taylor reassured him.Joey looked at Tristan with more tears coming down,and yelling in anger:"NO IT'S NOT!STUPID MAI RAN OVER HER!"then the ambulance drove a
90 Points for six consecutive chapters

Note me with details and if I accept, donate on the donation widget to send the points.

Package Deal

12 one-shots
150 Points

Short Story

Short story with 10 or more chapters

250 Points

Do's and Dont's

What I do write:
  • Original Stories on OCs
  • Fanfiction on existing stories, with or without your own OCs
  • Romance (e.g. hetero)
  • (Insert genres here) (e.g. Fantasy, Adventure, Drama, Mature Content)
  • Canon x OC Pairings
  • Lemons

What I don't write:

  • Yaoi/Yuri Pairings
  • Pairings that I don't like (e.g. Polarshipping, Wishshipping, Dragonshipping, Puppyshipping, Whatever shipping name Joey x Valon are)

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Mature content
Candy Corn Secrets - A Digimon Taiora fanfic :icondigidestinedgirl09:digidestinedgirl09 2 0
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Mature content
Joey Wheeler x Stacey Muto - Another Day :icondigidestinedgirl09:digidestinedgirl09 0 0
Simply Beautiful - A Rocket Power fanfic!
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot and Riley, since I own him and may create him from one of those dress up games that a fellow deviant has made and I kind of have a mental image in my head of what he'll look like. and I'm so sorry that I haven't been writing in a while. I was up north over the weekend with my family in which I've gotten an injury on my third left finger from an Applebee's that we've gone to eat dinner at and I've never gotten my free dessert from them, which is kind of stupid to be honest.
Anyway, I hope you guys will enjoy this fic that's been long overdue. Comment and fave please. Oh and I also own Rosita and my other OCs.
Chapter 1 - Simply Beautiful
The day was going to be rough for sixteen-year-old Rosita Jiménez, who was also known as Rosie by Otto and the gang and
'Chola Girl' by Twister and her family. Today was the twelve year anniversary of her grandmother's death, who had died of brain cancer
when Rosita was only three years old and her older broth
:icondigidestinedgirl09:digidestinedgirl09 1 1
Stacey Muto In Danny Phantom!! by digidestinedgirl09 Stacey Muto In Danny Phantom!! :icondigidestinedgirl09:digidestinedgirl09 1 0 Hirutani Kadoya - Evil Ex-Boyfriend Of Stacey!!! by digidestinedgirl09 Hirutani Kadoya - Evil Ex-Boyfriend Of Stacey!!! :icondigidestinedgirl09:digidestinedgirl09 3 0 Stacey Muto - Badly Bruised And Beaten!!! by digidestinedgirl09 Stacey Muto - Badly Bruised And Beaten!!! :icondigidestinedgirl09:digidestinedgirl09 6 16 My Top Ten Characters I Support Dating My OCs! by digidestinedgirl09 My Top Ten Characters I Support Dating My OCs! :icondigidestinedgirl09:digidestinedgirl09 9 3 My Top 10 Shippings That I Hate by digidestinedgirl09 My Top 10 Shippings That I Hate :icondigidestinedgirl09:digidestinedgirl09 6 20
I'm a Saiyan, but how? (A Goten Love Story)
Chapter 1 - I'm a Saiyan, but how?
Goten's P.O.V.
It's been over four years since Anastasia died and it's also been those same four years since we found all the dragon balls,
we are now just waiting for the right time to call her back. Let's just hope she didn't change that much over those years.
We now placed 7 dragon balls in the center and we all surrounded them.
My dad smiled at us and we all smiled at him too,well except for me anyways.
"Let's bring her back guys." Gohan said, standing straight up. We all did the same and nodded our heads and backed up a bit.
Anastasia's P.O.V.
"What is it that you want, monkey man?" I asked him, looking slightly irritated.
"My name isn't monkey man! It's King Kai!" He shouted at me. I just looked at him blankly.
"Are you done with your senseless and annoying yelling, King Kai?" I asked him, still keeping a blank face.
He cleared his throat and stood up straight.
"Sorry about that. the only reason I called you here, is because everyone's ready to
:icondigidestinedgirl09:digidestinedgirl09 1 0
Natalia Suarez in her Spring Outfit: Re-Do! by digidestinedgirl09 Natalia Suarez in her Spring Outfit: Re-Do! :icondigidestinedgirl09:digidestinedgirl09 1 0 Rosita Jimenez in her Spring Outfit - Re-do! by digidestinedgirl09 Rosita Jimenez in her Spring Outfit - Re-do! :icondigidestinedgirl09:digidestinedgirl09 1 0 Rosita Jimenez in her Spring Outfit!! by digidestinedgirl09 Rosita Jimenez in her Spring Outfit!! :icondigidestinedgirl09:digidestinedgirl09 1 8
DragonBall GT- Legacy
Okay guys. I'm going to be taking a break from my Rocket Power fanfic to write something totally different and isn't
'Rocket Power-related'. Now, the title of this came from a good friend of mine and she gave me a really good idea about how the story should be. And yes. there will be villains, allies, crushes, love interests and other things that Dragon Ball GT left out or got wrong.
And also, Goku won't be a kid in this, he will be a fully grown adult and will stay that way in order to prevent awkwardness from his family and friends. And, also, this will be where Anastasia is pregnant with the twins, Tatsuo and Tatsuya and also where Momo is currently 16 and in high school. Okay, so with no further ado, let's get on with the story.
DragonBall GT- Legacy
Disclaimer- The following is a non-profit fan-fiction. I don't own Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT or D
:icondigidestinedgirl09:digidestinedgirl09 0 2
These are drawings that I made from dA muro!and I also have fanfics too.



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A/N: Hey everybody, digidestinedgirl09 here. and this will be my first ever Taiora Halloween one-shot since Halloween is two weeks away.
So to celebrate, I've decided to take a break from my Rocket Power fanfics and start back up on my Digimon one-shots and multi-shots.
And as usual, the twins will be in here since they're just as important to the fic as the DD (DigiDestined) So, enjoy this pre-Halloween fic.

Candy Corn Secrets

Prologue: Journal Entry

Entry # 44

October 18

So I haven't updated for a long time now, so sue me. Anyway, a lot of things have changed in the real world since the new kids beat MaloMyotismon. First of all, a bunch more Digimon are coming over from the Digital World and finding human partners, second,
most of us original Digidestined are now on our senior year of high school, third, the confusion surrounding Christmas all those years ago
was cleared up. You see, I asked Sora to Matt's concert and she said she wanted to be free in case Matt was after the concert.
Being who I am, I assumed the worst and apparently, so did Daisy; that she'd fallen for Matt, when I brought it up to her...well,
it was our biggest fight since the Hair Clip fiasco...
Anyway, after thinking I was turned down once, I haven't talked to her about my feelings again. That's all about to change though. The thing is, Matt is Mr. Popularity at school and he's throwing a Halloween party at his place, as his dad would be at another party with his co-workers and he told Matt it was okay.
Matt has a reputation of throwing great parties as well as the twins, Daisy and Brittany, and there's bound to be a ton of people there.
Anyway, that's when I'm going to make my move. I'm working on a plan, don't quite have all the kinks worked out, but when do I ever?



Candy Corn Secrets

Chapter 1: Thirteen Days Left (More Days, More Fun!)

Tai Kamiya closed his private journal and tucked it back into his hiding spot. The ex-goggle head ran out the door and off to school,
at this rate he was going to be late. Fortunately for him, years of playing soccer had conditioned his body to peak performance.
He got to school with time to spare. However it wasn't much time, just enough to grab his books, say hello to his friends and go to class.
The rest of the day progressed as usual. Tai paying little to no attention in class as the teacher droned on about World War II, or whatever... When Tai finally escaped, he went to the Salvation Army and bought some stuff for his Halloween costume.
He already had a white dress shirt, a black tie, and dress shoes, so he bought a navy trench coat and slacks.
Then he went to Ken's house because he had informed Tai that he would make the last four parts for the costume.

When Tai arrived, he knocked on the door and Ken's mother answered.

"Oh hello, you must be Tai. Ken told us that you would be coming over today." She said and motioned for him to come inside.

Tai nodded his thanks and said, "Ken said that he'd make some things for me, and could you tell me what room is his?"

"Oh, yes. His door is at the end of the hall against the back wall." She answered.

"Thanks," Tai said as he walked up to Ken's room and knocked on the door. "Come in!" Tai heard Ken's voice shout from inside.

Tai walked into the room and saw Ken sitting in front of his computer, typing furiously. He stopped and turned to see Tai and said:
"Tai, I'm almost done with what you asked for. I just need a few more minutes, make yourself at home."

Tai thanked him and struck up a conversation with Wormmon while Ken turned his back to his computer and began typing again.
Sure enough, a few minutes later, Ken announced that he was done. Tai was about to walk over to Ken but he was stopped when Ken said: "You're going to want to stay there."

Ken typed a couple of things in and clicked on something on the screen, then retreated to where Tai was standing as his computer began
to glow quite brightly. All the light focused into one beam that pointed on the floor. Then a few items came out slowly and settled on the spot, it looked kind of like a Hollywood-style Alien abduction in reverse. Ken walked over to the five items, picked them up,
set them on his desk and beckoned Tai to come over and look.

When Tai got a clear view of what was on the desk, he was astonished. there was a navy blue fedora,
a mask that looked exactly like skin, and two small plastic spray bottles sitting next to a small metal bump.
"So the mask is artificial skin with illusions over the eyes and mouth so you can still see, eat and breathe,
the hat can hold much more than a normal one that size could, this" he said pointing at the small piece of metal "will change your voice,
and the bottles are to make the mask and voice changer stick. One bottle will fuse it to your skin and the other will release it."

"How did you make all of this?" Tai asked. "The same way I made all of my clothes when I was the Digimon Emperor,
the hard part was taking them out of the Digital World." Ken explained. "You're a genius." Tai said.
"I know." Ken said as he put the small items in a small bag and handed it to Tai.


Candy Corn Secrets

Chapter 2: Twelve Days Left (Tai Takenouchi?)

Sora looked out the window of her fourth period Math class with Daisy (since she was in the same class with her).
She was thinking about a certain Digidestined who had promised he would be at Matt's party and so would Daisy, since she was determined to wear the sexiest costume possible in order to get Matt's attention and win his heart. Sora truly loved him (Tai),
but she had personal reasons for not acting on her feelings. She was of course thinking of Tai Kamiya and Daisy was thinking of Matt Ishida.

Sora vaguely heard the teacher instruct them that they needed to take out their notebooks and take detailed notes about the current lecture. Sora and Daisy took out their notebooks as instructed, but instead of writing notes she held it up so that only she and Daisy could see what she wrote on the paper and began to doodle, while Daisy decided to take notes. At first there were pointless lines,
but in time the lines began to resemble a human face, and from there into Tai's face.
Frustrated, she tore the page out of her notebook and crumpled it up. Sora set down the book and began to look out the window again.

She still didn't have a costume. She had thought long and hard about who she wanted to be, but couldn't decide on anyone.
She let out an exhausted sigh, and slowly her thoughts turned back to Tai. Then she thought of something brilliant.
She would go to the party as Tai, while Daisy would go as a sexy angel (since Matt always called her that since they were kids.)

When school got out, Sora went to a thrift shop and bought a pair of khaki shorts, a Blue and Yellow T-shirt, a pair of boyish tennis shoes and leg warmer socks. She then went to a sports shop and looked over their selection of goggles, but none of them looked like the pair Tai used to wear. Then Sora had another mind flare. She promptly left the shop with Daisy since she didn't find anything that was
'angel-based' and took out her cell phone.

She dialed the number since Daisy was right beside her and waited "Hello Motomiya residence, Jun speaking."

"Hello this is Sora, ma-" Sora began to say but was cut off, which annoyed Daisy. "What do you want?" Jun asked.

"I'm sorry, did I do something to upset you?" Sora asked, wondering why Jun was displaying this sudden distaste towards her.

"Yeah, you did! You stole Matt away from me!" Jun hollered into the phone, which made Daisy annoyed again.

"I what? What makes you think that? and anyway, I didn't steal him, Daisy did. and if you've got something to say, tell her." Sora asked, then also got annoyed when Jun accused her of stealing Matt away from her.

"At his concert, when that crazy monster attacked, he ran right to you!" Jun continued, but was cut off by Daisy's loud angry yell over the phone, which she took from Sora.
"Listen here, you psycho! No one talks to my friends that way, ever!
and Sora was right about Matt running right to me but he had a good reason to. He was trying to get away from your crazy self.
always stalking him and calling him stupid nicknames like hun or whatever! and besides, he should've gotten a restraining order against you in the first place, but apparently, you're too stupid to know what that is. and also, another thing, Matt's having a huge Halloween party at his place, which I'm certain you didn't get an invite to because Matt still doesn't want you and wants me!
Because I'm determined to win that guy's heart the day of the party. and I assure you that we'll certainly be dating by the end of night!
and I'm also determined to sleep with him, because I'm hot, he's hot, it just fits! So, good-bye Jun! Enjoy the single life hun!"

Jun was in total shock over Daisy's long rant, and Sora took the phone back and resumed talking.
"Jun, I'm his friend, he ran to me because I was the closest to him in our group, and no other reason." Sora said, while she looked nervously over at Daisy, who was now seething over Jun accusing Sora of stealing Matt.

"I don't believe you." Jun said after being silent for a moment by Daisy's ranting. "Fine, don't. Now may I speak to Davis?" Sora asked.

Sora and Daisy then heard Jun yell, "Davis! A girl is on the phone for you!" then "Hello? Kari?"

Daisy snatched the phone away from Sora and said, "Kari? Dude, you do know that she's still off-limits right? and anyway, I thought you were into my sister, who you're going to ask to Matt's Halloween party."

"Daisy, give me back my phone. It was fine when you were threatening Jun and all, but you don't have to go threatening Davis too."
Sora stated. "Hell-oo! Didn't you just hear him call you Kari? KARI! Sora." Daisy replied angrily, while she handed the phone back to Sora.

"Sorry about her. she's still upset over your sister accusing me of stealing Matt. It's just me." Sora said.

"Sora? Oh... Um... well..." Davis said, then regained his composure. "It's fine. She's just upset that Matt's into Daisy and not her."
he said, throwing his sister under the bus. "Hey! It's not my fault that Matt's hot!" Jun screamed in the background.
"I know, but you need to get over him. He likes Daisy." Davis replied in an annoyed tone.

"Don't worry about it, anyway, I need a favor from you." Sora said.


"No! No way!" Davis shouted. "Come on, I need to borrow them!" Sora pleaded. "No way, Tai'll kill me if I do!" Davis said.

"Davis, Tai is my best friend, he won't mind." Sora said. "But..." Davis said.

Sora interrupted him, which was a first and said: "and if you don't, I'll tell Kari you mistook me for her."

"So when will you be over?" Davis asked. That worked better than it does with Tai! Sora thought, then said: "A few minutes."

"Okay, bye Sora, bye Daisy." Davis said as he hung up the phone. Sora smiled to herself and walked to Davis's apartment, while Daisy went home to order herself a costume online.


Candy Corn Secrets

Chapter 3: Eleven Days Left (Mimi is Back In Town)

Tai woke up at around 1:00 p.m. on a Saturday. He groggily got out of bed and walked to the kitchen.

"Good afternoon, sleepyhead!" Kari cheered as Tai entered the living room.
Tai only grunted in reply and took out some orange juice from the fridge and drank out of the carton.
Kari rolled her eyes but otherwise said nothing; she had given up trying to get him to stop. Just then,
she remembered something and looked at her watch.

"Hey, Tai, aren't you supposed to meet Mimi in the Digital World in 15 minutes?" Kari asked.
Tai coughed into his drink and threw it back into the fridge while shouting, "Ah man! I forgot all about that!"
Tai ran into his room and quickly got dressed. Within 2 minutes,
he was totally dressed and had all of his equipment and he opened the gate on his computer and went through.

Before long, he found himself standing in front of Digitamamon's diner on the far side of the lake and he could see Mimi's brown hair bobbing up and down as she walked. Tai shouted a greeting across the lake that she happily returned. He ran around the lake and said:
"Glad you could make it Mimi."

"Come on Tai, this is one of Matt's parties that we're talking about here, I wouldn't miss it." Mimi said back. "So why'd you want to be the
one to meet up with me here?"

"I need a favor." Tai said. "I'm not going to Matt's party with you just so you can show off." Mimi said flatly.

"What? No." Tai said, "I need your help with a plan." Mimi crossed her arms and said: "What plan?"

"A plan to tell Sora I like her." Tai said. Mimi's deep frown turned into a girlish grin as she squealed with joy. "Oh that's so cute!
What do you need me to do?"

"I need you to find out if Sora feels the same way, go to her house and get her to tell you who she likes." Tai said.

"That won't be easy Tai. Sora isn't the type to just pass that info around." Mimi said, "not even to good friends like me."

"I have confidence that you can get it out of her." Tai said. Mimi grinned at his compliment and they walked back to the TV that led
to the real world and before long, they were back in Tai's room. Mimi was about to leave, but Tai stopped her and said,
"Mimi, before you go, I need you to promise that you won't tell anyone about Sora, okay?"

"Wait, what about the twins?" Mimi asked. "No way. and besides, they're both going to be busy getting ready for Matt's party."
Tai said. Mimi looked upset but eventually said, "Fine, I promise."


Candy Corn Secrets

Chapter 4: Ten Days Left (Sora's Secret)

Mimi woke much earlier than she normally would have on a Saturday morning, but she was still trying to readjust to Japan time.
She went into the living room of the apartment that belonged to the people who had kindly lent her the guest room: The Kamiya family.
She was astonished to find that even as she walked out her door, the one on the other side of the room opened too,
as Tai stepped out and looking as though he had just woken up too. They exchanged tired grunts and Mimi headed for the bathroom,
and Tai for the kitchen. Mimi went about her usual morning routine: Shower, hair, make-up, etc... when she exited the small bathroom,
she looked like a completely different person than the one who had walked in earlier.

She looked over at Tai and to her dismay, found that the only changes were that he no longer looked tired,
but like a Zombie in front of the TV.

She sighed and said, "Well Tai, I'm going to talk to Sora for you." This snapped Tai out of his zombiefied state and he looked at Mimi with
a mixture of shock and anger. When Mimi realized that she had spilled his secret, she gasped and clapped her hands over her mouth.
For a while, neither said anything and when no one came out of their rooms, they both drew to the conclusion that no one else was home. Tai and Mimi let out relieved sighs and Tai said, "You were lucky no one was home."

Mimi nodded and left without saying anything else. She walked to Sora's apartment and gathered her scattered mind.
When she arrived, she knocked on the door and Sora answered it. Mimi squealed in joy and gave Sora a friendly hug.
Sora returned it but refrained from squealing like Mimi had, she was happy to see her for sure, but that wasn't her style, it was Mimi's.

The two girls talked for some time and Mimi began engineering the conversation to fit into Tai's plan.
She would have to sacrifice a secret of her own, but she trusted Sora to keep it, and she wanted to see Tai and Sora happily together.
Mimi had the topic where she needed it to be then faked a shocked look on her face, cut off her sentence, and looked down.
Mimi kept up the act, hoping Sora would take the bait. She did.

"Mimi, what's wrong?" They had been talking about the couples from school, likely to appear at Matt's party just before Mimi pulled off her Emmy-winning performance.

"It's nothing, I was just thinking about a guy I wanted to ask me..." Mimi said. "Who?" Sora asked.

"If I tell you, you can't tell anyone, not even the twins, and you've got to tell me who you like." Mimi said.

"What? Well what if I don't like anyone right now?" Sora said. Mimi gave her an "oh, yeah right" look, when she saw it, Sora blushed and
said: "Okay, fine I do, but you have to go first and you can't tell anyone, and you have to promise not to breathe a word to this guy."

This is what Mimi was afraid she'd say, now if it was Tai, she couldn't tell him. But she was too far in anyway,
and simple curiosity begged to know who had stolen Sora's heart.
"Okay... I kind of, sort of want Izzy to ask me..." Mimi's face flooded a deep red as she spoke, "Okay now you, and I promise I won't say anything."

Sora trusted that Mimi wouldn't tell anyone, she had a big mouth, but she never broke a promise.
Sora let out a sigh as she felt her stomach churn with the very idea that she was about to admit her feelings for Tai out loud.
Gathering her courage, she said: "I like Tai."

Mimi giggled and congratulated Sora, but thought to herself: 'What am I going to do now?'

Luckily enough for Mimi, Tai had a soccer game that night and he was far too tired to talk when he finally got home.
He merely went to bed, after weakly proclaiming that he was God's gift to soccer.


Candy Corn Secrets

Chapter 5: Nine Days Left (The Problem With Tai and Sora)

Tai woke up groggy as usual, but as soon as he remembered that Mimi had said that she'd talk to Sora yesterday,
he jumped out of bed, filled with energy. He quickly got dressed and walked into the living room.
Mimi was there, sitting on the couch and talking with Kari while watching TV. Tai quickly thought of a plan to talk to Mimi without Kari there.

"Hey Kari, Yolei sent me an e-mail, said she wanted you to come over for something." Tai said.

Kari laughed and said: "I'll leave you alone Tai," then she walked to her room. Tai took Kari's now empty seat and said:
"So, how'd it go yesterday?"

"Well," Mimi began, "She told me, but I can't tell you."

"Why not?" Tai asked. "Because, she made a promise that I wouldn't." Mimi said.

"Can you at least tell me if I should go for it?" Tai asked, but when Mimi shook her head no, Tai slumped over, letting out a sigh.
Suddenly, Tai sat back up and looking as though he had just been electrocuted. "Mimi! I've got an idea!"

Mimi was slightly worried by his overzealous tone, but asked: "What is it?"

"You won't need to tell me.... because Sora will!" Tai exclaimed. "Why would she do that, you have no idea what I had to do to get her to
spill the beans." Mimi said.

"Here's what we're going to do..." Tai said.


Candy Corn Secrets

Chapter 6: Eight Days Left (Daisy's Dilemma)

"Aaaaaah! What the hell?! I have nothing sexy to wear to Matt's party!" Daisy screamed since she was just in a tank top, sexy underwear and boy shorts. She was currently in her huge walk-in closet that was inside her master bedroom at home, while her twin stared in total confusion as she watched Daisy rummage through every provocative outfit that she bought online.

"Will you just relax? I'm sure there's gotta be something hot that you haven't worn yet, sis." Brittany, Daisy's younger twin, reassured her soothingly, seeing as she hadn't heard about her sister's heated argument with Jun Motomiya six days ago, until now.

And Matt was always the topic of conversation as usual with her, seeing as Jun still had an unhealthy obsession with him.

"Relax? RELAX?! Britt, there's going to be a ton of thirsty girls that are going to want to hook up with him. I can't let that happen!"
Daisy screamed incredulously. "And may I remind you that one of those thirsty girls is your future boyfriend's psychotic sister."
She finished, while Brittany nodded. "And you needed me here, for what exactly?" she asked.

"To help me pick out a sexy Halloween costume, duh! In the real world, Halloween is when kids dress up and beg for candy.
But in girl world, Halloween is the one time of year that a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girl can say anything about it."
Daisy said, quoting lines from one of her and Brittany's favorite movies, Mean Girls.

"Oh okay, I get it now." Brittany said, while she heard the door bell ring. "Oooh. that must be the sexy costume I ordered."
Daisy said, running past Brittany and then her parents, who were about to leave the house to get Halloween decorations to put inside and outside. then she opened the door and the mail man smiled warmly and handed her a package that contained her costume.
She took it while writing her signature and handed the clipboard back and the mail man left and she closed the door and ran upstairs to her room, while Brittany left to go get a snack from the master kitchen so that she wouldn't disturb Daisy while she changed.

"SIS, ARE YOU ALMOST DONE?!" Brittany yelled from downstairs, while she ate the last piece of her cosmic brownie and went to throw away the wrapper and came back up to check on Daisy.

Brittany sighed and went to her own room to get her costume ready, seeing as she was dressing up as Black Widow from The Avengers.

With that said, Daisy decided to take a quick shower from inside her master bathroom and turned off the faucet, grabbed a towel to wrap around herself, turned off her bathroom light and exited the bathroom that lead into her bedroom.

Daisy then grabbed her package that was sitting on her king-sized bed, read what it was and excitedly began ripping apart the brown wrapping paper, the white rectangular box and finally the wrapping paper. She considered being careful with it, but decided not to.

There, inside the box, was her Deluxe Heaven Sent Sexy Angel Costume. and it had everything included. She decided to drop her towel to the floor, showcasing her incredible nude body with naturally huge breasts and curves and put on the Low Rise G-String first,
then the burlesque corset with lace ruffle trim, a sweetheart neckline that seductively showed off her cleavage, bow embellishments,
a side hook for easy closure, a lace up backside which she called Brittany for to help tie her up and then left to change into her costume.

Then she put the white lace mini skirt on after (which was daringly short, according to the description that she read online),
zipped up the sides herself, then put the angel wings and halo head band on last.

Finally, she put on natural makeup and red lipstick, so that she stood out from everybody. and then she slipped on some sexy white high heels and then she decided to curl her hair for last. She was now ready to make her entrance at Matt's Halloween party.

"DAISY, CAN I COME IN NOW? I WANT TO SEE YOUR COSTUME!" Brittany yelled from outside Daisy's door.

"YEAH!" Daisy yelled back. Brittany opened the door and was shocked at Daisy's costume. It truly fit her like a glove.

"Wow, sis! you look incredible! Once Matt sees you in that, he won't be able to keep his eyes and hands off of you." Brittany said,
making Daisy giggle. "Duh. that's the point. I want Matt to notice." Daisy replied to her twin sister.

"And speaking of incredible, who knew that my twin looked equally hot." Daisy said, scanning Brittany's Black Widow costume that looked great on her too, seeing as she had an equally hot body as well. Brittany smiled at her sister's compliment.

"And who knows. Maybe Davis might ask you to dance with him there." Daisy teased, causing Brittany to blush bright red.

"Okay, ready to go to Sora's apartment and show her and Mimi our awesome costumes?" Daisy asked, while Brittany nodded happily.
The girls left their home and headed to Sora's apartment where she and Mimi were.


Candy Corn Secrets

Chapter 7: Seven Days Left (Sora and Mimi)

Daisy and Brittany were just walking up the stairs and were now in front of Sora's apartment door, which Brittany knocked three times.
Then Daisy smoothed her short skirt and fixed it so that she wouldn't get a wedgie. then they heard someone yell, "Coming!"
and then they saw the outline of Sora's figure through the window and she unlocked the locks on the door, turned the knob and opened the door. Sora suddenly had the same expression that Brittany had when she saw Daisy in her costume earlier.

"Wow, Daisy. You look amazing! You literally look like an angel." She said in surprise and gestured for the twins to come inside.

"That's the whole point, Sor. I'm trying to impress Matt." Daisy said. "Well, whatever you're doing, it's clearly working." Sora said.

Then, Mimi walked towards Sora and the twins and gasped in surprise at Daisy's costume. "Wow, Daisy. I didn't recognize you with that sexy costume. Did you do something to your hair? Because you look gorgeous." Mimi said, chattering happily.

"Uh, hello! What about me?" Brittany suddenly interrupted. Mimi and Sora both gasped at Brittany's costume.

"Wow, Britt. you pull of the Black Widow costume perfectly. Davis is going to have a hard time figuring you out." Sora teased.

"Ha-ha. now what are we doing here again?" Brittany said sarcastically, while she closed her legs, due to her leather jumpsuit.


Candy Corn Secrets

Chapter 6: Six Days Left  (Davis's Excitement and Jun's Resentment)

"Sweet! I'm so ready for this party!" Davis said in excitement one night as he was getting his costume ready for the party that was happening in six days.

Jun was completely ignoring her little brother as he continued to babble on happily about Matt's Halloween party.
She was thinking back to her phone conversation with Daisy, who completely chewed her out about saying how she was determined to sleep with Matt, even though she really meant that she was going to have sex with him to prove that she and Matt really belonged together.

Ugh! I don't know why Matt would be interested in a little slut like her! I don't know why she said that she was hot. Please!
I'm way hotter than she is! I don't need a stupid invite! I'm so going to crash that party and make him fall for me!
Jun thought wickedly as she giggled quietly and went up to her room and began to execute her plan to get rid of Daisy.

Davis turned to look at Jun, but she was gone. He shook his head in annoyance, knowing that she was planning on getting Daisy out of the picture. Whatever she's planning to do, it's never going to work. Brittany will just bust her, she'll get caught like always and Jun will end up running off! Unless she was planning to kill Daisy at Matt's party! Davis gasped, grabbed his cell phone and sent an SOS text to Tai and the others, letting them know that Daisy was in trouble.


Meanwhile, in Jun's room, Jun was currently mapping out her evil plan to get rid of Daisy. But first, she needed a sexy costume to gain entry into Matt's party. She was currently online, looking for the perfect costume. and then it hit her:
and it was Daisy's favorite website to shop for clothes. and she clicked and browsed through every category and went back to the main menu and found the Halloween section and clicked again.

She began scrolling down the list of costumes, sighed and gasped. She went to the search bar, typed in 'Devil Costumes' and pressed enter. then a full list of different sexy devil costumes popped up until her eyes landed on the perfect one to rival Daisy's angel costume.
It was the 'Devilish Delight' costume. and it had everything included: A red sequin strapless romper with a lace-up back, mini pitchfork
and a devil horn headband. but seeing as her hair was spiky, she needed to have it straightened.

She already had some sexy underwear in her drawers, but she needed to shower first. While Jun got everything she needed for her shower, she decided to head to the bathroom that was down the hall to the left and stripped down until she was naked.
She inspected her body and was disappointed to find out that her breasts weren't huge like Daisy's or her butt, seeing as they were small.

After she got in, she washed her hair with shampoo and conditioner and scrubbed her body until it was clean.

A few minutes later, she got out, turned off the shower thing, grabbed two towels and wrapped them around her head and body.
then she headed to her room and changed into her pjs. Then, the Motomiya's doorbell rang and Davis went to answer it.
It was the mail man and he held a package in his hands. and Davis asked who it was for, and he replied that it was for Jun Motomiya.

"JUN! MAIL'S HERE, SIS!" he yelled, while Jun ran downstairs, fully dressed, signed some things and handed it back to the mail man who handed her her package in return, bid them a good day and left. Then Jun closed the door and rushed back upstairs to try on the costume.

A few minutes later, Jun was now in front of the full length mirror with her hair now straightened that was on the door and smiled at how snug the costume fit. to complete her look, she decided to put on some sexy eye shadow and Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Fiery
and also decided to slip on some sexy red velvet high heels with the bow.

She then decided to call her mom to help her tie up the back of her costume and then left.

Wait til' Matt sees me in this. He won't be able to resist me now. Watch out Daisy! She thought with an evil grin as she changed back into her pajamas.

Meanwhile, in Davis's room, Davis was trying to figure out the perfect costume to wear on the night of Matt's party, since he knew that Kari and Brittany were both going to be there. He had an image of Kari in her Dracula's Bride costume and blushed.
Then he pictured Brittany in her Alluring Assassin Costume with the long red wig and drooled. They were both hot and beautiful girls, but he didn't know who he was going to pick. He started to get frustrated, seeing as he liked both of them.

He finally thought of the perfect costume: a Gorilla. He went to a thrift shop and found one that was on sale. he then paid the cashier,
who kindly put it in a bag and then he headed home to put it on a hanger to save for the party.


Candy Corn Secrets

Chapter Seven: Five Days Left (Davis's Urgent SOS Emergency)

Meanwhile, at Sora's apartment, Daisy was inside her bathroom, trying to think of the perfect selfie to send to Matt to see if her sexy costume got his approval for the party.

She was currently trying out different sexy poses until she finally settled on one of Matt's favorites of hers.
since Sora's bathroom had great lighting, she turned on her phone, typed in her 4-digit password and pressed enter.
Then she went to her menu screen, scrolled down until she found her camera icon. She then tapped on it and proceeded with her plan.

She turned on the light in the bathroom until it illuminated everything around her. then she started to make sure that she looked good.
She checked her teeth to see if they were pearly white and not yellow. she was relieved to see that they weren't, seeing as she brushed twice a day and didn't have a snack anyway since she wasn't hungry. then she checked to see if her makeup looked good, and it did.
then she checked her hair to see if it was frizzy and it wasn't.

Finally, after checking to see if she looked perfect, she now held the camera phone and began tilting her head in different directions
and changed her angles up slightly between each shot and kept her chin down and the camera up and turned her head to the side a little and smiled a little more naturally than her usual smile and pressed the camera button. She continued to try a couple more poses until she got them right, including some belfies (butt selfies).

Then, after she finally achieved the perfect selfie poses, she decided to post them to her Instagram page by using the Valencia filter,
since it made her other photos look dreamier. then, she went to her Instagram page, typed in her Instagram name and password and pressed enter. then, it took her to her page where she had a ton of pictures that she had taken of herself and her friends over the years.
But she was determined to take some with Matt to rub it in Jun's face.

Then, she exited out of her Instagram, and decided to tease Matt by taking some naughty and sexy pics. she exited the bathroom and went to Sora's bedroom with her overnight bag inside since her mother had insisted that she and Brittany stay overnight there, so that they would be ready to go to Matt's party at night. Luckily, she had borrowed one of his buttoned down long sleeve shirts one night,
when she had come over for a sexy sleepover at his apartment and she had kept it ever since.

She had gotten out of her costume and put it on a hanger in Sora's closet, since she didn't care if Daisy kept her costume inside and that she was going to wear it again for the party and slipped on Matt's black buttoned down shirt since it was one of his favorites and that it usually smelled so good. and it was a good thing that Daisy still had on the black low rise g-string since it showed off her ass.

then she decided to unbutton a few of the buttons so that she showed some cleavage. and since her breasts were huge, it wasn't going to be a problem. then, since her sister brought their selfie stick, she decided to set it in front of the bed, turn on the camera and began to take sexy pose after sexy pose. then, she began to get a notification from Instagram and it said: "@Rockstar1478" has commented on your post. and then she tapped on the notification and went to Matt's comment and it said: "I'm really diggin' the angel costume.
Can't wait to see you at my party, babe. ;)

Then she decided to tease him even more by biting her lip and looking seductively at the camera and held the bottom folds of his shirt and she pressed the camera button and moved back and went back into the same pose and she had put on some sexy red lip gloss
and posted it to her Instagram again. and then she got another notification from Instagram and it said: "@Rockstar1478" has commented on your post.

and then she tapped again and it had the eggplant emoji, the peach emoji, the confetti with the hat emoji, the shooting star emoji and the smiley emoji which meant that he wanted to have sex and this got her really excited and sent some sexy emojis to him and said: "I can't wait until after the party." and then she hit send. and then Matt commented back and said: "I know. I can't wait to destroy you.
I'm going to make you feel so good that you won't be able to walk for a week."

Daisy then giggled and exchanged a few more sexy texts until she was done. then on the other side of the hall, Sora was just heading to her room when she heard someone giggling from inside the bathroom and knocked.

"Daisy? Is everything alright in there? I heard you giggling." Sora called from outside. "I'm fine, Sor." Daisy yelled back. "Okay. just checking. oh and you and Brittany are going to sleep in the living room tonight." She said. "Okay. that's fine." Daisy responded.

"Did you and Brittany bring any clothes with you to sleep in by the way?" Sora asked. "Yeah. we brought our overnight bags with our stuff inside." Daisy answered, while she turned off the lights in Sora's bedroom and came out wearing Matt's favorite shirt and her sexy underwear. "Is that Matt's shirt?" Sora asked, while Daisy blushed bright red and mumbled a yes, causing Sora to laugh and tell her that it was fine, since it looked way better on her anyway and that she had the body for it too.

Then, her phone began to vibrate, telling her that she got an urgent S.O.S. text from Davis, saying that Jun was going to crash the party and ruin her night as well as everybody's. But Brittany wasn't going to let that evil red head she-devil get away with everything.
Daisy began to hyperventilate until Sora told her to calm down while they and Mimi (once she came over in three days since she was still staying at Tai's place) thought of a plan to get Jun away from Matt's party.


Candy Corn Secrets

Chapter Eight: Four Days Left (Operation: Save Daisy!!!)

"Jun! I can't let you murder Daisy!" Davis yelled, as he saw Jun get the stuff to kill Daisy with. "So! She deserves it! She took my future husband away from me! We were going to get married and live in a huge, beautiful house with three kids running around!" Jun yelled in anger.
"Jun, I get that you still like Matt, but murdering his future girlfriend isn't the way!" Davis yelled. "So! I'll make it my way!" she yelled, pushing Davis out of the way and running out of the apartment with her things and wearing her regular clothes and headed for Sora's.

Davis growled and took out his cell phone and dialed Sora's number until she picked up again. "Hello! Takenouchi residence. Sora speaking?" Sora said on the other end of the line.

"Sora, it's Davis! Listen, before you say anything, I'm letting you know that Jun is on her way to your apartment to murder Daisy!"
Brittany yelled in the background, while she and Davis heard three loud knocks along with an angry yell of Daisy's name.

"HIRAYAMA! OPEN UP! I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE! YOU CAN'T HIDE FOREVER!" Jun yelled from outside Sora's apartment door.

Then, the door flew open and Jun stood in the doorway with a pissed off expression on her face, a Jason Voorhees hockey mask and a tool that the bad guys used to try and kill people with in the movies. Daisy stood face to face with Jun and screamed when she heard the buzzing sound of the tool. Daisy began to run as Jun ran inside with the power tool and ran inside Sora's bedroom and locked herself inside.

"JUN! PUT THAT DOWN AND GET OUT OF HERE!" Sora yelled from outside of her room where Daisy had barricaded herself in.

"NO! NOT UNTIL MATT SAYS THAT HE LOVES ME AND NOT DAISY!" Jun yelled from through her mask.


While Sora and Brittany were busy dealing with Jun, Daisy's phone began to vibrate again. She picked it up since she had it with her in case of emergencies and apparently this was an emergency, unlocked the phone and saw a video chat message from @Rockstar1478
and quickly tapped it. Matt's handsome face appeared on the screen, seeing as he was currently in a towel and seeing that he had just gotten out of the shower so that he could get ready for Wednesday night.

"Hey babe!" Matt greeted her on the other side of the screen. Daisy bit her bottom lip again, seeing that Matt wasn't wearing anything underneath the towel. Matt smiled at the look on her face and knew that she was getting horny.

"Man, why can't Wednesday night come any sooner? I need you inside me now!" Daisy whined, seeing as her pussy was getting soaked.

"Don't worry, princess. We'll be able to see each other really soon, I promise." Matt reassured her soothingly.

"Okay. Oh and I'm still wearing your favorite shirt that you left behind at home. and I'm also wearing one of your favorite G-String panties
and no bra underneath." Daisy reminded him with a seductive wink.

"I know. and I expect it back by then, Daisy Hirayama." Matt said with a teasing smile and a wink back at her.

God! I love it when he says my name like that. Daisy thought, while she bid Matt good-bye and he did the same and they both turned off their phones at the same time. Daisy smiled to herself as she turned off the light in Sora's room and turned in for the night.

When Daisy returned to the living room, she noticed that Mimi had gone to Tai's for the night and promised to visit again in the morning.

She grabbed her fuzzy and cozy blanket that she brought from home, lied down on the couch, wrapped the blanket around her, curled herself up like a ball and fell asleep.


Candy Corn Secrets

Chapter Nine: Three Days Left (Jun is Finally Caught!)

"JUN MOTOMIYA! THIS IS THE POLICE! COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP!" The Odaiba Police Department blared through their megaphones, while Daisy and Brittany's parents, Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Motomiya, Tai, Kari, the rest of the digidestined and their families were all gathered outside Sora's apartment with their guns and tasers ready.

The door finally unlocked and opened, revealing Jun in her Jason mask (which she had taken off) and one hand covering Daisy's mouth,
in which she had a terrified look on her face and tears streaming down her cheeks and the other hand pushing her forward.

"Now, I'm going to need you to release Miss. Hirayama please." One of the police officers said in a gentle voice.


While Davis and Jun were arguing back and forth, Matt walked through the crowd, gently removed Daisy from Jun's grasp and snuck her out of Sora's apartment complex and took her to his apartment for a little early Halloween fun.

"Matt, wait. my stuff is still at Sora's." Daisy said, while they were walking up to his apartment door and he began unlocking the door with his key and let himself inside first and then Daisy went in after him.

"Call her and tell her if she could drop it off here." Matt suggested, while Daisy took out her cell phone, went to her contacts and saw Sora's name and pressed the button to call her.

"Hello, Daisy? Are you alright? You're not hurt are you?" Sora began to frantically speak from the other side of the line.

"Relax, Sora. I'm fine now. thanks to Matt." Daisy said, smiling sweetly at Matt and then continued talking on the phone.

"Oh, good. Oh, and I forgot to tell you before Matt snuck you away, that the police have taken Jun into custody and she's headed to juvie for attempted murder, possession of a weapon, trespassing and holding you hostage against your will."

Daisy breathed a sigh of relief. "Which means, that she can't attend Matt's party." Sora heard Matt also breathing a sigh of relief in the background. "Anyway, she has a court hearing today and she'll find out her fate." Sora informed her.

"Wait, do we all have to go or just Davis and his parents?" Daisy asked. "You can if you want. that way, you'll be ready to face her."
Sora suggested. Daisy had Sora on hold for a moment and talked to Matt about that. "Matt, are you sure that this is a good idea?
I mean, I freaking almost died today." Daisy asked, getting concerned. "Yeah, totally. and besides, we're going to want to get a restraining order against her anyway." he assured her, while she reminded Sora that her overnight bag was still over there.

And Sora quickly bid Daisy bye and went to get Daisy's stuff and bring it over to Matt's for her.
Then Matt heard the door knock three times and went to answer it. he opened the door and took Daisy's belongings from Sora and closed the door and locked it. then Sora left to go back home, while Matt decided to put Daisy's things in the living room for now.

Then Daisy walked up to Matt and put her arms around his neck and innocently kissed him as a thank you, then it suddenly turned into a heated make-out session as Matt put his arms around her waist and picked her up while they were still kissing and walked backwards,
seeing as Mr. Ishida was currently at a pre-Halloween party with some friends and co-workers from the TV station and they headed towards his bedroom, where he opened his door with one hand while still holding Daisy by the waist with the other hand and went inside and locked the door behind him.

Then, he guided Daisy towards the bed and gently laid her down in the middle and began to quickly straddle her and undress her by unbuttoning his shirt  that she had on and throwing it in a forgotten corner, followed by her g-string and threw that aside and he began to hastily take off his clothes until he stripped down to his boxer briefs where his huge bulge stuck out in excitement.

Daisy began to remove his boxer briefs and stared hungrily at his cock. It was huge. She began to take his whole length in her mouth and began to suck on it, which made Matt gasp in surprise followed by a loud moan, seeing that he loved the sight of Daisy sucking on his cock. He grabbed her hair and pulled her towards him so that she could continue sucking it like a lollipop while he threw his head back in pleasure, and then he reached over and took out a condom from his drawer and wordlessly put it on.

Then after Daisy had her fun, it was Matt's turn to give her the same treatment that she gave him. He hovered above her where he put her arms above her head and began to kiss her body. starting with her lips, neck (where he gave her a hickey), huge breasts where he licked, sucked and squeezed with his tongue and hands, which made Daisy shiver in pleasure and finally her wet pussy where he positioned himself at her entrance. He pushed in slowly, careful not to hurt her.
Once he was fully in, he let her adjust for a moment before she nodded and started to move. He started off slow at first,
and within the first few thrusts, any discomfort she had, slowly melted away as she threw her head back.

He picked up the pace shortly after and her loud moans indicated that she was definitely enjoying the experience.

"M-Matt..." she panted, "harder..." she barely got out. His mouth curved upward in an evil smile before he held her hips in place
and pulled back, rolling his hips sharply back into her and grunting. her moan was caught in her throat, but it wasn't because it hurt.
on the contrary, he'd managed to hit something inside her that made her feel amazing.
He continued to thrust in even harder, deliberate and with increasing speed. She could feel herself getting close as her face flushed and her breath short.

"M-Matt, I'm close." she managed to get out between moans. "Go ahead, cum for me angel." his voice was strained, out of breath, husky and very sexy to her. "But. what. about. after. the. party. on. Wednesday?" She said in between moans. "Don't worry, this is only the beginning, baby." he said.

That phrase alone almost sent her over the edge because she hadn't expected it at all, not from him anyway.
She gripped the sheets, arching her back and with a few more thrusts, she came and her body shivering from the overwhelming pleasure.
He continued to thrust in while she came down from her high and finished shortly after. The smile he gave her along with how out of breath he was, gave her all the indication she needed that he enjoyed that just as much as her. He pulled out, discarded the condom in the waste basket in his room and returned to her, she leaned over and kissed him as he held her close in his arms while they were now covered in Matt's comforter.

"No matter what Jun says to you, I'll always choose you over her any day. I love you Daisy Hirayama. will you officially be my girlfriend?"
Matt asked, while she smiled.

"Absolutely. I love you too Matt Ishida." she said lovingly, as she finally felt content and safe and drifted off to sleep peacefully in his strong embrace.


The next morning, Daisy woke up while still wrapped up in Matt's arms, while she gently removed his arm which was currently wrapped around her nude waist and carefully got up while she was still naked and went to retrieve her overnight bag, bent down, unzipped it and got a fresh pair of underwear and his shirt and went to take a quick morning shower in his bathroom and wake him up when she was done.

While Daisy was busy, her phone began to vibrate loudly, immediately waking him up while he was still half-asleep.

He looked at the number on her phone and saw that it was Sora, wondering why Daisy didn't come to the apartment last night.

"Hello?" Matt said sleepily into the phone, wanting so badly to go back to sleep. "Matt? Where is she? She didn't come back to the apartment last night." Sora began to holler over the phone. "Damn it Sora, will you relax? Daisy's fine. she's with me. she's currently in the shower right now." he said in annoyance. "Why? Who's asking?" he asked.

"Oh, no one important. except that her parents are asking for her." Sora said, while she heard Matt gulp in horror on the other line.

"H-her parents?" he asked. "Yes, Matt. Mr. and Mrs. Hirayama." Sora informed him. "Oh man. they don't know that we had sex last night, do they?" Matt asked. then he heard Mr. Hirayama's loud angry voice in the background: "HE TOOK MY DAUGHTER'S VIRGINITY?

"Does that answer your question?" Sora asked, while Daisy's mother and Brittany attempted to calm him down.

"Y-yeah. but he's got to understand that I love Daisy and would never do anything to hurt her. and besides, we used protection."
Matt said. "I know you guys did. but he still doesn't trust you." Matt sighed and ran his fingers through his hair.

"And I haven't met him yet, so she's basically off the hook for now." he said, while he heard the water turn off in the bathroom.

"Listen Sora, I gotta go. Daisy just got out and she's going to make breakfast for us." Matt concluded as he prepared to hang up.

"Fine. just make sure that she comes to the apartment after breakfast. she has to go back and get ready for the party." Sora said.

"Bye, Sora. I'll see you Wednesday night." Matt said as he finally hung up and went to check on his new girlfriend.

"Daisy, are you okay in there, b-" he stopped mid-sentence as the bathroom door opened, letting the steam out.

Daisy was currently in nothing but a towel, which made her body even more enticing to him seeing as droplets of water flowed down her skin and on to her breasts as she removed the towel from her body, letting more water flow down and causing him to get a boner.

"Yeah, will you leave for minute though? I need to change my clothes first." she asked as he nodded and went back to his room to wait for her. then she closed the door again and locked it. she dried herself off and began to put on another low rise g-string in red and a
loose tank dress, unlocked the door, turned off the bathroom light and came back inside to find a very horny and hungry Matt laying across his bed in a lewd pose and making her go crazy with lust and want.

She began to walk towards him to inform him that breakfast will be ready in an hour. but he wasn't hungry for breakfast. he was hungry for her. he then began to sit up and crawl towards her and tease her for a while until she gave in by inserting a finger inside her g-string
and began to wriggle it around, causing her to moan. then he continued to insert another finger inside for added pressure.

"Matt, you know that I can't stay here another night. I have to get home and get ready for your party." Daisy said breathlessly,
while Matt was kissing her neck and pinching and squeezing her breasts, teasing her even more. then he decided to remove her underwear and spread her legs and teased her clit with his tongue and kissed the tip and licked the inside of her vagina and causing her to scream and get an orgasm.

Then after he was done and satisfied, she began to pack up her things and leave, but not before Matt grabbed her waist and kissed her.


Candy Corn Secrets

Chapter Ten: Two Days Left (The Day Before The Party)

The next day (Now there was one more day until the party), Mimi went to Sora's apartment since Daisy and Brittany were there.
and after being let in, they all began talking again. Mimi was being uncharacteristically crafty, turning most of what Sora said into references about her liking Tai. Eventually, she said...

"Jeez Sora, you don't just like him, you love him don't you?" Mimi teased, while Daisy and Brittany giggled, agreeing with her.

Sora blushed and said: "Well I..."

"Listen Sor, you've got to talk to someone about this." Mimi said.

"I'm talking to you and the twins about it, aren't I?" Sora said.

"I mean someone else. I've got a friend who is studying Psychology, he's really great at this kind of thing." Mimi said.
"He's going to be at Matt's Halloween party and came through Tai's computer from the Digital World at the same time I did."

"How will I know who he is?" Sora said. "He will be dressed up like that comic book guy 'The Question' " Mimi said.

"Who's that?" Sora said. "I don't know." Mimi giggled. "That's what he told me."

They all laughed and Sora eventually agreed to talk to him.


Candy Corn Secrets

Chapter Eleven: No Days Left (Tai's Question)

It was the night of the party and Sora was in her Tai costume and the twins were in their Deluxe Heaven Sent Sexy Angel costume and Alluring Assassin costume, all just walking up to Matt's apartment again. She knocked on the door and Matt answered.
He did a double take and started laughing hysterically, which caused Daisy to growl in annoyance and Brittany to smirk.

"Man Sora, for a second there I thought you were Tai. great costume." Matt said still chuckling slightly.

"Uh-huh! quit laughing and let's go." Daisy said taking Matt's hand and leading him inside while Sora and Brittany followed.

Sora sat down on Matt's couch while the twins decided to stand and look at all the people, most of them she didn't recognize,
but a few she did. T.K. dressed up as a Ninja, Kari as Dracula's Bride and Davis as a Gorilla. and speaking of Davis, he suddenly spotted Brittany in her costume and walked over to her, while taking off his gorilla mask for a moment.

"Hey, miss Assassin, wanna dance?" he whispered in her ear, which sent shivers of pleasure to run down Brittany's spine as she bit her red lip and nodded. then Davis happily led her to the dance floor.

Then she saw Mimi, who was dressed up as Lillymon, walking up to her with Izzy, who was dressed up as a Jedi from Star Wars on one side and he complimented Daisy on her costume in which she smiled and returned the gesture and someone Sora didn't recognize on her other side. The man was wearing a Blue trench coat with a matching fedora, slacks, a dress shirt and tie, and dress shoes.
However most noticeable was his face, or in his case, the lack there of.
He had no noticeable facial features, it was obviously a mask for that reason, but it looked so real. The man walked up to Sora and the twins and extended his hand towards her and said something in English that Sora and the twins couldn't understand.
Mimi tapped him on the shoulder and said something else in English. The man retracted his hand and said "Sorry."
Then he bowed and said "My name is Vic Sage." The man's voice was smooth and natural, but with a thick American accent.

Sora smiled and said "Nice to meet you." Then Sora noticed how close Mimi and Brittany were standing to Izzy and Davis and even in the poorly lit room, she could see both sides blushing. Then Daisy muttered in a low voice to Sora that she was going to sneak off to find Matt and she said okay, have fun. Luckily, she happened to find him in the kitchen, leaning against the counter and waiting for her.

"Babe, you finally came." Matt chirped happily as he took in her voluptuous figure which was hidden underneath her sexy costume and licked his lips. "I know I did. I told you that I didn't want to wait any longer." Daisy said with lust in her eyes as she scanned his sexy body in which he was dressed up as a sexy werewolf without a shirt. then, she hoisted herself on to the counter and spread her legs apart for him and crooked her finger, signaling him to come closer to her and he happily obliged, wrapping her legs around his waist.

They started off with light, innocent kisses, then things began to heat up as they kissed heatedly and passionately. with Daisy's arms wrapped around his neck and Matt's arms wrapped around her waist as he picked up the pace and moaned into the kiss as did she.
Good thing the music was on blast, otherwise T.K. would've walked in on his brother and Daisy and things would have been awkward.
but he was too busy dancing with Kari to notice. then one of Daisy's hands went south and landed where Matt's private area was and stroked it gently, causing Matt to moan again but she silenced him with another heated kiss, so that his moan was vibrating in her mouth.
and then, Matt followed her lead by having one of his hands on her thigh and then travel up to where her special spot was and inserted a finger inside her pussy, making her extremely wet. and then there was smoke spraying inside the living room from the smoke machine.

and that got them even more excited as there was a flurry of activity happening around them as Matt began to kiss her neck and Daisy moaned and threw her head back as he buried his head in between her breasts and worked his way down until he removed her sexy underwear down to her legs and stuck his tongue in her pussy and began eating her out until she screamed out his name.

While Matt and Daisy were currently on round two of their crazy sex romp, Sora looked at Mimi in the living room and said "So?"

"What?" Mimi asked. "What is going on with you two?" she said, motioning to Izzy as she spoke.

"Oh! Izzy asked me to the party!" Mimi said. "Congratulations." Sora said to both Izzy and Mimi, she had known how much they liked each other for some time now.

"Thanks." Izzy said. "Well, you still owe me a dance." Mimi said to him. "What?" Izzy said. "You asked me, so you owe me a dance." Mimi said.

"But I can't dance unless it's Just Dance or Dance Dance Revolution." Izzy protested.

"Then now's a good time to learn." Mimi said, hooking her arm around his and dragging him to the dance floor, stopping only to turn back to Sora and say "Now you two talk about Sora's problem, we'll be back after a couple of songs."

Sora sighed as Vic sat down next to her. "So Mimi tells me you've got a major issue."

"I wouldn't say major." Sora said. then she noticed that Matt and Daisy decided to sneak off to his bedroom to continue where they left off in the kitchen.

Candy Corn Secrets - A Digimon Taiora fanfic
Tai has a master plan to win Sora's heart at Matt's Halloween party. Taiora mainly, with Deijato on the side.

Taichi Y./Tai K., Sora T., Yamato I./Matt, Izzy I., Mimi T., Takeru T./TK, Hikari Y./Kari K., Daisuke M./Davis, Ken I., Jun M. (c) Toei Animation, Saban and others

Deijii H./Daisy, Buritanii H./Brittany (c) :icondigidestinedgirl09:

Sorry for the expansive steamy sex scenes between Matt and Daisy. I needed to add more on here. Happy Halloween everyone.

And I would include the costumes that the twins were wearing in the description, but I'd rather not.

Oh and I also started on this three weeks ago.


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