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Side Mission Set 5 - Beta Testers

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 8, 2020, 9:26 AM
You are casually browsing the website, chatting with your fellow tamer compatriots in the chatroom while looking for any requests for assistance. Suddenly, a notification comes up from William Fieldrunner - one of the scientists responsible for research and development at the DMCU.  After tinkering with some D-ark digivices, he’s developed new technology in need of field testing, a set of cards capable of modifying your digimon’s abilities.

You’re given a base set of cards to test out on some of the currently available missions!

Base Set:

Power Card - Increases a digimon’s base power

Speed Card - Increases a digimon’s base speed

Fire Fists - Boxing gloves covered in a raging fire

Digmon's Drill - Gives the digimon a large drill capable of tunneling within the earth

Aquatic Upgrade - Changes a digimon’s structure to be able to swim and breathe underwater

Hyper Wings - Gives your digimon a set of wings granting the ability of flight

SM 13 - One With the Welders

Hurricane season is coming!  To help protect the small town of civilians on the island, you’ll be asked to help build iron plates to reinforce their homes.  

SM 14- A Break Through

Within the mountains of Ascension Island there is a small village that houses some refugee digimon.  There was a cave in after a small earthquake and now they’ve been trapped inside and need your help in getting out.

**Digimon: Jijimon, Babamon, Bearmon, Goblimon and lots of baby digimon

SM 15 - Clean up on Aisle Ascension

Off the coast of Ascension Island a garbage patch has begun to drift further inwards threatening the digimon who live there but the wildlife as well.  We need your help in cleaning it up! Utilize the Aquatic Upgrade

**Digimon: Dolphmon, Mantaraymon, Tylomon, Crabmon, Otamamon and Numemon (Within the trash)

SM 16 - Get my Best Side

Digimon relations can always be improved, take some scenic shots of life around the island to be used on the website.  Focus on digimon and tamers doing cool things around the island.  
-If you want to use other characters for cameos make sure to ask first!

It is encouraged to use multiple cards to create cool concepts!

Once all your hard work testing is complete, production on full lines of digimodify cards compatible with all digivice types will be made!  You’ll now be able to spend bits on card packs.  When making your purchase comment with which cards you’d like to unlock on the Currency Journal.  You can create your own custom ones.  Please tell us the name and what the card will do in your comment.  Each card will be subject to approval and can be denied if deemed too op.  

15 bits for 1

30 bits for 3

50 bits for 6



For art, you can post a minimum of 1 splash page/comic/drawing to a maximum of 4.
If you collab with someone you can add up to 4 pages per person participating.


And for writing, the minimum is 800 words, and the maximum is 2500 words.
If you roleplay with others you can add up to 2000 words per person participating.  

If you need a way to find out how many words you have, you can use this hand word counter [HERE]
We know you had some issues with minimum/maximums, but rest assured these are for these sets alone.

While there is a limit on how much you can post for one mission, you're not limited to only one.  You can do them all if you so desire! They also have no deadlines and will be open whenever you want to do them.

If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below!

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