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Mad-Eye Moody was a DD awhile back,
Here is a list of other pixel art DD's for those who are curious…

List of characters I already drew
1.Severus Snape
2.Harry Potter
3.Ron Weasley
4.Hermoine Granger
5.Draco Malfoy
6.Vincent Crabbe
7.Ginny Weasley
8.Gregory Goyle
9.Rubeus Hagrid
10.Albus Dumbledore
11.Minerva McGonagall
12.Vernon Dursley
13.Petunia Dursley
14.Alastor Moody
15.Argus Filch
16.Neville Longbottom
17.Madame Hooch
18.Professor Quirrell
19.Voldemort (parasite)
20.Sirius Black
21.Fleur Delacour
22.Viktor Krum
23.Professor Gilderoy Lockhart
24.Oliver Wood
25.Aunt Marge (Marjorie Dursley)
26.Cedric Diggory
27.Cho Chang
28.Professor Sybill Trelawney
29.Luna Lovegood
30.Remus Lupin
31.Moaning Myrtle

Dolls to do next (not necessarily in the order specified):
1.Nymphadora Tonks
2.Bellatrix Lestrange
3.Lucius Malfoy
4.Fred and George Weasley
6.Dudley Dursley
7.Dolores Umbridge
8.Lilly Potter
9.James Potter
10.Parvati Patil
11.Seamus Finnigan
12.Lavender Brown
13.Dean Thomas
14.Tom Marvolo Riddle
15.Walburga Black (portrait)
16.Colin Creevy
17.Lee Jordan
18.Peter Pettigrew
19.Arthur Weasley
20.Amos Diggory
21.Cornelius Fudge
22.Bartemius "Barty" Crouch junior
23.Bartemius Crouch
24.Percy Weasley
25.Molly Weasley
26.Arthur Weasley

there are also an additional characters I am sure that I missed that I will add to the list as I get them done.

* - Means the character is drawn but has not been added my harry potter doll maker…
Yes, they put back my gallery.

I still don't know what happened for sure!
A wave of relief.

Now I will be off to sleep in peace, my name finally cleared

I am cleared of copyright infringement on my own artwork :)
I think I may now understand what is going on.
BTW I have not yet received any emails back from the support desk.

The most likely reason for removing my dolls can only be this
FAQ #502 :
Can I submit 'Dolls' or 'Characters' which I made on certain websites?

Here is the section that I think they would have used.
"As many of the original owners of these websites prohibit this activity, and since the resulting 'dolls' are not original works and require no effort at all to assemble, we do not allow these pre-fabricated pieces of pixelart to be submitted to deviantART, nor may you use isolated pieces from them to assemble your own customized or 'edited' creations for submission."

1 - They are my artwork, not a third party (very obvious if they just look at a few pages)
2 - They are ORIGINAL creations. They capture the Harry Potter characters in way no other artwork out there.
3 - Because I choose to make my artwork available to people in a creative and engaging manner I will be penalized for this?

If I assume they did their due diligence then number 3 is the only explanation as why they removed my dolls.

If the argument is made that this is not the reason why the dolls were deleted then Incompetence would be the kindest tag I could apply to the devart's activity.

Points to consider when judging how incompetent this particular sysadmin was.

1) He must have covered up his eyes so as not to see the turtwig image as he deleted it. This was a collab piece I did for Momogirl (turtwig)…. Not a doll at all. An original sprite that she drew that I then went ahead and animated it into a deviantart icon. For them to miss it they would have had to be blind. Try as I might, squinting and glancing, a doll I did not see. So blind they must have been. If they are blind then what the hell are they doing deleting artwork for copyright infringement.

2) If he was following the rule that all elements of the dollmaker should not be posted, then the owls must also be deleted. I think nothing more than a cursory glance at the dollmaker was made. The two owls were skipped over. Maybe they are keeping me on edge and in a couple of days will be back to delete the owls

3) If they actually looked at each character/doll that I had they would have found that quite a few characters are impossible to make using that doll maker since those characters were not exported to the doll maker yet.

4) If they had doubts about who the original artist was, check my site ( I link back to my gallery and journal. Or just check my journal. A few clicks at most should have made it abundantly clear that the artwork was mine. You really have to be covering your eyes while deleting the artwork not to notice who the artwork belongs to.

It seems that the deviantart rule regarding doll makers is such that if you see a doll maker generator than any artwork resembling that doll maker generator should now be deleted. *shakes head

However the FAQ does not say that. But people seem to think it implies that.

Another argument that was made that on hindsight that I really disliked. That each character is not unique and the variations are easily created. That just the dollmaker itself should be submitted and not each character that I create individually.

A false statement.

The artwork is created BEFORE I placed them in the dollmaker.
This comment actually degrades the artists efforts and his artwork. I don't think it was implied as such, but that is essentially what it implies. It comes across as saying this particular style is not worthy to be called artwork. I am sure that is not what is meant, but it is a subtle snub that should not be ignored. Creating a caricature is one of the trickiest thing that you can do as an artist. And given that I restricted myself to a fixed base made it doubly difficult on myself. The effort needed to create these pieces is high indeed, these aren't POOR imitations, they are high quality caricatures that at a glance is immediately recognizable for who they represent. This is no small feat and not by chance did this happen.

Maybe I should email help desk with these points. But I have not received any acknowledgment from them, so trying to guess and  make arguments would be a futile operation. Communication is a 2-way street. Right now I am putting messages in a bottle and throwing them out to sea.

Just my 2 cents.
I cannot believe the incompetence (harsh as this word is, incompetence is still the only way I can describe it) of the devart administrator who removed my images as copyright violations.

Based on what, I can only surmise it was because of my signature that had the harry potter doll maker link.

I am still in disbelief about all of this.
I feel so soiled and violated at the moment. It is so hurtful when you are wrongly accused in this manner and in a public forum that it is difficult to describe. I have described their process similar to the way Salem witch trails were held. Neighbors could safely accuse someone of being a witch while remaining anonymous in the process. The burden of proof then fell to the 'witches' to prove they werent witches. Damage is already done, they have publicly been called witches, and they are already termed guilty in the eyes of the community. This process MUST change. It is so wrong, I was about to upload an updated fleur delacour character but I don't want it to be deleted.

When the work is clearly mine and a paper trail so easy to see (see my journal for some of the work I did to prepare the images and create them,, indicates a level of laziness that really has very little regard to the artist and their works.

Okay, maybe they have some doubts, please ask me and I can easily show them the process.

Maybe the base was always the same, and they did not like that, but doing caricatures with those restrictions and getting them to look exactly like their real life counterpart takes a LOT of work. This is not a simple process by any means.

I was furious, now I am just depressed and upset. Violated best describes what I am feeling right now

They even removed animated turtwig O_O!!!
I had received permission to animate the drawing by Momogirl? Why was that removed.

Amazed and shocked I am.

[edited my journal to remove 'insulting' elements in it and explain a few points more clearly]
Make a suggestion!

Tell me which Harry Potter characters you would like to see next so I will get these done first.
I already have a rough list, but I am willing to reorder this list based on what people would like to see next.

Here is the short list: (Inga's modified list from
edit(updated the order of characters I will work on next)
Completed Dolls:
1.Severus Snape
2.Harry Potter
3.Ron Weasley
4.Hermoine Granger
5.Draco Malfoy
6.Vincent Crabbe
7.Ginny Weasley
8.Gregory Goyle
9.Rubeus Hagrid
10.Albus Dumbledore
11.Minerva McGonagall
12.Vernon Dursley
13.Petunia Dursley
14.Alastor Moody
15.Argus Filch
16.Neville Longbottom
17.Madame Hooch
18.Professor Quirrell
19.Voldemort (parasite)
20.Sirius Black
21.Fleur Delacour…
22.Viktor Krum:…

Dolls to work on next:
1. Luna Lovegood:…
2. Professor Sybill Trelawney:…
3. Professor Gilderoy Lockhart:…
4. Professor Remus Lupin:…
5. Nymphadora Tonks:…
6. Bellatrix Lestrange:…
7. Lucius Malfoy:…
8. Aunt Marge
9. Fred and George Weasley:…
10. Voldemort:…
11. Moaning Myrtle:…
12.Dudley Dursley:…
13.Dolores Umbridge:…
14.Cedric Diggory:…
15.Lilly Potter:…
16.James Potter:…
17.Parvati Patil:…
18.Seamus Finnigan:…
19.Lavender Brown:…
20.Dean Thomas:…
21.Cho Chang:…
22.Tom Marvolo Riddle:…
23.Walburga Black (portrait):
24.Colin Creevy:…
25.Lee Jordan:…
26.Peter Pettigrew:…
27.Arthur Weasley:…

Please feel free to add your favorite characters and a link to a picture of them with more information.
I will reorder my list based on which characters people would like to see next.…
As you can see in the gallery I will pretty much be adding Harry Potter images. These will eventually be part of my dollmaker, which I will post when I am finished
This is my first journal entry, more of a 'hello world', to see what happens when I click that 'Add' button.
Well here goes ...