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Three revised
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Published: April 26, 2005
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EDIT- I almost forgot there will be a print of this, and if you notice there is a little bit of un erased color in the large guys hair, i fixed that for the print ^^

Few editing power of three took a lot more time then I thought, I lvoed this image when i first did it but it has some major probelm I feel I fixed most of them! I made it into a spiffy wallpaper "sence my last one did so well ^^" which I almost like better then the main image!! Anyways hers the old image:
Anyways I deleted the old image on DA to start a new, and I am super happy, its all spiffy and...well better! All you comments cc, and favs 'because I lost the old XD" are loved and please tell me what you think of the changes! :hug: 's to all my sweetys I love you guys XD

Oh ya my characters, Misty, ...um the boy is being renames >< it was max, then mace, I want something with an m.
And avalon my sig character, there are more characters to this story but I am talking to much lol ask me any question you wish to know about them here ^^
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I really love the one in the front and the theme of her with all the ring and piercings.
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LovelyLadyGrayProfessional Artisan Crafter
Stunning but I'm still learning to use my Photoshop CS2.

I've just posted my latest work-in-progress & please take a look at it; I need some pointers on what works & what doesn't work for the digital painting,
"Taking Aim: WIP".
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i normaly don't do that but i did take a quick look and you need more colore and valuem this sort of think you won';t get so much from digital but by looking at the human fourm, look at loks of photos of people and antomy books.
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LovelyLadyGrayProfessional Artisan Crafter
I know but I'm still pretty new at doing digital paintings and thank you so very much for taking the time to look at it. I need MORE COLOR & VALUE; I've got tons of books on the Human form, drawn from models and thank you for the tips. It's very much appreciated. =D
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ppgrainbowHobbyist General Artist
This drawing looks wonderful. Very nicely detailed and colourful. :heart::D
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mries would be an intersting name
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holy mothercrap, I wish I had your patience, priceless
You make the lines in the same color as the clothe, hair or whatever you draw, how do you do that? Draw black lines and then color or do you make a colorscheme first and then draw the lines after that scheme? tell me! :D

Anyhow, amazing details! Love the sword. You're really talented
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I draw black line, click button called lock transparent pixels, and after I am done the whole picture go in a colorise them with the paint brush its a bit of work if the drawing is busy like this one but i like the effect 6^
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do you use photoshop for that? I've gotta find that button :P
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yes its in the layers menu its a little poxe with white and grey checkers.
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thank you! :D I'll go look at it
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MokoniProfessional Artist
The elf's face kind-of reminds me of Emily in Corpse Bride...I wonder if Gaia got their new stealth boots from this...all in all the brunette is gorgeous =D
DigiAvalon's avatar
maybe, and I drew this long befor corpse bride lol
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Your artwork has such vibrant, brilliant colors!

*stares for days at the swords*
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LoreenProfessional Digital Artist
amazing!!I love colours=]]
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Like the info said. You have many beautiful talents. Keep up the good work.
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Wow, this is just awesome... and beautifully detailed... and so intense! Never have I met someone who could capture the spirit of adventure and the power of three so completely!

I grovel before you and your amazing skills!
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lol no groveling I am far from grovel worthy I have a ways to go ^^ but thanks :hug:
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JMOAHobbyist Digital Artist
:salute: Nice coloring!
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JMOAHobbyist Digital Artist
No prob ;p
I think that this piece is so cool would you mind if I skin it in logon xp i will put a credit for you art on the skin and a link to your gallery on the submit! giving you full credit for your work!

have a good one maverick!
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