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Published: October 30, 2006
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Finshed, I am happy with the trees but I am not so happy with my coloring latly I want my work to become more dynamic, but i will have to work on it. Anyways I leave the story here up for you to figure out, hehe

comments cc and favs are loved!
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NotYourGinaHobbyist Photographer
Wonderful concept, great color use, and very nice skills. Thank you for sharing your work.
DarkestNekoGirl's avatar
Beautiful piece of work, I think it's lovely in color and design. I also like the Little Red Riding Hood feel of it- enchanting~

Long ago, an evil demon was sealed inside a tree. This tree was so deep in the dark woods, nobody feared to ever come upon him again. Hundreds of years later, a village girl came across the heart of that forest. She had been sent to another town, but the quickest way to get there was through the woods.
The Demon saw this girl, and took the opportunity to seduce her. Was it possible that the innocent femme could free him? He beckoned her closer, ready to find out.

The ending would be either: In her trance-like state, she placed a gentle kiss upon the Demon's lips. Thus, she freed his spirit from the tree, and...?

or: Although he received a warm kiss from the girl, nothing happened. If he couldn't be free, who was he to deny the pleasure of some company? Using what powers he had saved over the years, her body transformed into another tree. And...?

I suppose it should be something like 'and they lived Happily Ever After'. But, that doesn't suit the picture, nor the tale.
DigiAvalon's avatar
I like those ideas
DarkestNekoGirl's avatar
Aha...I kinda got carried away.
It's a really inspiring picture~
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ladyarahHobbyist General Artist
Awesome job! I just wanted to let you know that I featured this in "Realms of Fantasy and Myth: Week 11 - Dryad", you can find it here: [link]
DigiAvalon's avatar
thanks for the feature :)
ladyarah's avatar
ladyarahHobbyist General Artist
You're welcome! :hug:
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I'm so in love with that glow and the tree's hands.
THERSK's avatar
i must disagree with you, the coloring is awesome!
JigensMobsterGirl88's avatar
I feel attracted to the night version more, it feels enchanted.
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sifie14Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ya say we can make a story out of it eh???
i say that this lady was walking through the woods al by herslef till a faint and strange voice called to her,
following the sound she came to a tree that took the form of a female human.
set under it's spell she walks right in the tree Nymth's trap and becomes one with it and the tree devours her beauty and life force.....

is that good enough maybe???^^;
DigiAvalon's avatar
ya thats a cool one, the tree in the pic is male when I drew it but I love your idea of it, a vain female nymth who steals youg girls youth and beauty for herself XD very nice ^^ I think I might draw a nymth based on that idea in the future XD
sifie14's avatar
sifie14Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i knew it!! i just knew it was no female...but rly?
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Osho-ZenaStudent Digital Artist
wow! this is amazing :D love it :heart:
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I love this! As I was flipping through your gallery this piece really caught my eye. Your details and color choices are all exceptional. I'm especially drawn to her dress and your fantastic trees. I think the one thing that seems a little off to me is the level of definition in the bushes. In comparison to the trees they just seem... too blurry. That's a minor detail though, overall it's really amazing work.
DigiAvalon's avatar
thanks ya my organics can use some work XP
nidhi-rathish's avatar
love the colors its so vibrant though its a night scene good job!
AKuwaNeKo's avatar
I think the coloring is fantastic and quite dynamic- especially the shadows! And the lightsource is my absolute favorite color in the whole world. Oh...and I know a fairytale that is like this...but it's old and in German and...

I totally forgot WHAT it was! But it was in an old book called The Dreamweaver and...and...

*gives up*

It's really nice. :D
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Oh, I love it! Especially the glowing effects!
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